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  1. 1. Hopkins. I think the current dip is temporary and he has the rare situation of being a proven stud paired with an elite QB 2. 1.01 - I'm mentally plugging in Jeudy here with the ppr and the WR-to-WR comparison in the question. I could also see, depending on landing spot, Lamb, Taylor, or Swift all fitting in as similar values here. 3. Godwin. I'm not sure I buy in 100% on Godwin over OBJ (my next ranking) but I perceive Godwin's market value to be higher right now given age and current season production. Plus people worry about OBJ's head, which isn't a concern for me personally. I do think Beckham gets a ding for durability. I'm not sure how to account for Evans. So far Godwin had been targeted 43 times to Evans's 27, and he's been more efficient. But Evans is still very good and signed through 2023 I believe. 4. OBJ. More of a 3b to Godwin at 3a for me. I have him in one league and can't say I feel that the future is as bright as the past was, but he still looks like a ridiculous talent to me. I think Mayfield will improve (enough anyway). The main question for me is durability. 5. Cooper. Tied to Dak perhaps for the long term? They've had some chemistry and he's good, but somebody has to go at 5.
  2. I agree. So much of dynasty evaluation has shifted toward young/on the rise players and projections of remaining production (all valid considerations to be sure) that 26-ish year old players — at positions like WR with typically good longevity — seem considered declining assets in more trade discussions than I remember in the past.
  3. Piggybacking off of @Zyphros question about OBJ, how are people with rebuilding teams viewing him? If you have him, do you see him as a key piece of your rebuild (assuming, say a 2-year window on the rebuild)? Or is he a sell for a top 15-ish younger WR plus an additional piece (just as an example)? I have him on a rebuilding team that places a premium on WRs and I've had a variety of reactions to him: his best days are behind him vs. he's still a foundation-type WR1 (or something in between).
  4. Yes. I mean, I suppose Arians could start making Howard inactive. Or convert him to Center. Right now I'd take the small ray of hope that almost any other team would represent. Again, I don't see any credible rumors as far as I can tell, so this is all academic right now.
  5. There are some rumors and speculation circulating about Howard being traded but it doesn't seem like anything beyond speculation (based largely it seems on Matt Miller from Bleacher Report's tweet over the weekend). The Pats are being brought up. I'd love to see something reliable (though I don't know much about Miller - maybe I'm not giving him enough credit).
  6. I would love for TB to trade him but not sure why they would. I hope like crazy that the trade chatter becomes something real but it feels like sports reporters thinking in fantasy terms.
  7. Yup. And to compound things Arians is quoted in that article and elsewhere suggesting that Howard is running plenty of routes and just not getting open, which this article demonstrates isn’t really the case (specifically in terms of opportunities — if you buy into PFF grades Howard hasn’t been playing as well overall this year). So he may be legitimately struggling and (more important I think for ff) Arians seems uninterested in getting him more involved.
  8. The Tampa Bay Times has a helpful (and also depressing and unsurprising) breakdown of Howard's use this season. It includes the following:
  9. Good question. I could see giving an aging but still productive player; I like to make these kinds of moves in rebuilds because my draft pick gets higher for this year and I get exit value from a veteran. As far as draft picks I don't know....mid to late 2nd/early 3rd? I have no sense of what's realistic. I guess if the owner is really down on him long term he may be looking to get what he can.
  10. I like him as a rebuild target if he comes at an appropriate discount. I’m still 100% in on his talent. I do worry about the uncertainty w Arians: is it actually his system vs is Howard not playing well.
  11. Exactly. Beckham is in good company this year with guys like Hopkins and Evans. And I’ve seen posts in other forums (e.g. DLF) about whether Hopkins is starting to decline. It’s worth constantly evaluating guys in dynasty but sometimes you have to wait things out on young talented players, especially ones with proven track records. I’m awful about looking forward, constantly peeking over exit value ledges. So I get it. But some deep breathing is good policy here.
  12. Looking forward to brighter days for Samuel as long as the 49ers don't spend a high pick on WR again in 2020. There really isn't anybody blocking him on the current roster. They just don't really need to involve their WRs right now.
  13. In Chase Edmonds news.....David Johnson is having some back troubles. I doubt it's long term but there is some discussion that he could miss this week.
  14. I think it depends on whether you're looking to acquire for the longer term and if his current owner is worried and willing to sell at a discount. For this season I don't think he'll produce well apart from a game here and there. The offense is a shambles and I think Kitchens is in over his head. Mayfield is brutal. And so on. I'll admit to being a Beckham truther (obviously - my avatar) and I have to say I'm a bit worried, but within a reasonable range -- it could be that his days as a top 4 dynasty WR are behind him, but I'm not ready to assume that just yet. He still looks special out there to me: fluid, fast, explosive. He's obviously struggling along with the rest of the offense. But Mayfield could come around, Kitchens could be replaced or could grow into the HC role more (I do think he wasn't ready and should be replaced but I wonder if the Browns pull the trigger after one year). Things change fast and Beckham is still young. I think he's being subjected to our tendency in dynasty to start throwing dirt over players after they reach the ripe old age of 26, and you have to add concerns about his head/personal dislike into the equation. Again, I'm not going to say I'm unconcerned. He hasn't produced elite numbers for a stretch now and that can't be ignored. But I could certainly see buying from a concerned owner as long as you're not expecting great numbers this year and can get him at a decent price.
  15. That actually cheers me up 😄. I hadn't checked when his contract was up. 2022 is going to be amazing.