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  1. Based on the polls @Biabreakable is doing it looks like Swift has pulled away as the 1.1 in most formats. I have him there too, though I have Dobbins right on his heels (I play in ppr so that’s where I’m evaluating). They’re close enough for me that landing spot is going to be a major factor.
  2. In fairness, the Bengals can save money on scouting and plane tickets to the Combine by just waiting until Burrow comes home to visit family, then setting a meet-up at a Waffle House.
  3. Bengals trying to avoid the cost of a hotel room for Burrow. In Alabama.
  4. I’m worried about this too. Herbert would be a huge mistake imo. Hoping they look to build at the lines (especially LT) unless Okudah is available.
  5. I'm really happy for Kuechly. Sorry to see him go as a fan, but it's a smart decision.
  6. As an LSU fan and a Panthers fan I'm .... torn. We've suffered long enough with an archaic offense at LSU so my lean is: hands off, Rhule!
  7. Yeah this is my top 6 as well and I agree they’re very difficult to separate out. Right now I have Taylor as my solid #6 guy so that leaves a clustered top 5 for me in ppr. I have 3 picks in the top 6 in a rebuild so it’ll be fun to figure this out.
  8. Many reporters are assuming Rhule will be given a lot of control. ESPN is suggesting: This obviously can't be much more than speculation right now, but the Panthers were apparently in a direct bidding war with the Giants, so it would make some sense. If he does have this much control the draft is going to be really interesting to watch, as is the decision with Cam.
  9. I share @pantherclub's mindset about treating this as a rebuild; like he writes, what's the point of having a 6 or 7 win team next season? The only way I could see a different outcome is if Cam comes back fully health and still has his his legs, which seems unlikely given the current injury plus the accumulation of injuries. The practicalities of doing a rebuild are a little tough because there are some good pieces in place, but it would seem to begin with moving on from Cam (as much as I hate to write that). If reports on Cam are more positive, then I could see the team going with him for another year and then re-evaluating. As for the draft, I'd love to see a LT though if Tua being in the draft drops a top DB to 7 I could wee going that route. I prefer LT overall. On Tua, it seems I'm higher on him than most. When healthy he's very mobile in the pocket and he has good wheels. He wasn't very mobile this year because of the injuries (especially the ankle before his major hip injury). Obviously the medical evaluation is key and there's a lot of risk. I could see passing on him if he fell to their pick (I don't think he will). But I really like him as an NFL prospect.
  10. Agreed. Good decision. I’m happy he got positive reports on his follow up with the doctors.
  11. The moment looked too big for him but I’d still be pretty optimistic if I was a Bills fan. Allen is really young and came into the league raw. He has a lot of room to grow.
  12. Some of you may have seen this already but ESPN did a feature on Swift doing workouts after midnight at UGA.
  13. Can you explain a bit as to why? I'm sincerely asking, as I have the 1.1 and am trying to evaluate Swift. This is a strong stance, so curious as to your reasoning.
  14. It seems like an upper tier of about 6 guys may be emerging (Swift, Taylor, Etienne, Dobbins, Jeudy, Lamb in so specific order) with a candidate or two (e.g. Higgins, Ruggs) who could get into the top half of rd 1. Shenault’s lower/uneven production and continued durability issues could discount him, which makes him seem like a nice risk/reward guy for already good teams picking later in rd 1.
  15. According to Laura Rutledge at ESPN if he returns to school it will be for family reasons — his brother is on the team, his family lives in Tuscaloosa. And Dylan Moses (LB projected as a first rounder) is coming back to be part of a national title run so Tua may want to get on board as well. I hope whatever he decides turns out well for him. He seems like a great kid. Going back just seems like such a huge risk given his injury history.