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  1. DAG

    Aaron Jones - Green Bay RB

    Yeah, this seems like a pretty important factor. Good call. I know @Dr. Dan has mentioned this several times before as well.
  2. DAG

    Aaron Jones - Green Bay RB

    In two dynasties I have Jones as a RB3/bench type player and in circumstances like that I think he’s a hold just due to upside *if he’s clearly the guy under the new regime. In a situation where you need him as a regular starter I feel more uneasy. I think his talent is pretty clear and he’s been efficient and very effective with his touches. But he doesn’t have the kind of high draft pedigree that automatically transfers between staffs and he only gained the clear starting role this year and for a relatively brief time. It’s also difficult to tell what NFL folks think of him. He was a sleeper darling in FF circles in the 2018 offseason. There were several pieces during the season about how GB needed to give him more touches. But did he establish himself in a way that provides anything presumptive going into 2019?
  3. Depending on landing spot I could see Bell sneaking into the top 3 in ppr next year. Or as a dark horse candidate based on a HC change (esp to an offensive background coach) David Johnson...but he’d need stupid passing game volume.
  4. DAG

    What do you need on MNF

    Down 40. I have Cam, Brees, CMC. He has Kamara and Lutz (in ppr). So a modest night from Kamara and good performances by my guys. All my best players are flopping so not feeling great
  5. DAG

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    My season is over. My best dynasty team (top seed in the regular season by a mile) has Hill, Thielen among other laying eggs. My other dynasty team in the playoffs lost Allen and A Jones, had Dak flexed as QB2, Barkley, Chubb.
  6. I have Allen in what looks like a very even matchup so I'm worried but won't alter my current lineup. I can see making changes at the margins -- DST, a call between similar TEs, a call at WR3 between a safe floor and higher ceiling guy -- but at this time of year I'm a believer in plugging in the guys at primary slots who I think are my most talented players and/or the guys that got me here (often the same thing).
  7. DAG

    Tyreek Hill

    So glad I had tuned out by then. Have Hill going in one semi and Allen in the other. Rough night.
  8. DAG

    Giants vs Skins - Week 14

    Yeah that’s how I figured it’d go.
  9. DAG

    Giants vs Skins - Week 14

    Agree. I do wonder about how many touches he gets in the 2nd half though. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. It’d be slightly more interesting if either team threw the ball further than 3 yards downfield.