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  1. And a tough red zone run. If he can start checking that box more often....
  2. Oh, no doubt. He seems more himself lately.
  3. They have. And pulling it off against the Lions shows an entirely new level of choking mastery.
  4. I’m thinking in terms of dynasty, so one of the top rookie WRs (e.g. Lamb or Claypool) or a young WR in that range. In redraft I don’t know though I probably wouldn’t move him there bc I think too many people will still ding him for this season bc of Bell.
  5. Good post. I think the advantage of being strong at WR is watered down right now if having a top WR group is your main strategy (e.g. taking WRs in early consecutive rounds of a startup). That said, in the leagues I play in (ppr/flex) having strong WRs is a minimum necessary condition for competing. So I still find it important to prioritize them. Because the guys in my leagues still place high value on the position, you have to spend early rookie picks and allocate a good bit of FAAB to build a strong core, and trading for them is costly.
  6. This. We might add a 4th (related to your closing). It’s probably best if you’re going to give a RB a lucrative contract extension (again: you shouldn’t) to lengthen his years of production as much as possible. So they may have good reasons to still mix in Davis. But who knows. It wouldn’t surprise me if they go back to being dumb and work him to death. That is, if he comes back healthy enough.
  7. I have him in one dynasty league and I could (might) consider moving him for a similarly valued WR or adding to him to go after an upper tier WR. But this is context- and philosophy-specific for me. I have taken a boring, middle of the road position on CEH: I think he has a future as a solid RB1 with a somewhat capped weekly ceiling unless he establishes the kind of receiving volume projected for him this offseason. I think he is being underrated as a runner by his critics, but he does have some limitations there (esp. power and long speed) so explosive scoring may be hit and miss. Last night served as a good reminder of how he can compile yardage in chunks, which is pretty valuable. All of that said, my leagues are ppr/flex and TE premium, so I almost always try to build around WR and trade for top TEs. I understand the scarcity argument on RBs and there probably aren't many young dynasty RBs I prefer over CEH. He's really valuable considering the turnover coming among the elite guys on their second contracts (CMC, Kamara, Zeke, Cook, Henry and so on); that's the main argument for not moving him Imo. But my parameters for must-hold at RB are pretty narrow (picked in the top half of the NFL draft?; record of elite college production?). I know that approach won't be agreeable to everyone.
  8. The Lions' track record of spending draft capital on TEs and RBs and then never featuring them is impressive.
  9. I agree that Anderson looks like the safer weekly play in ppr, especially if Moore continues to struggle with efficiency/drops. That said, I could also see this becoming a situation where they are essentially the WR1a/1b and one marginally outproduces the other in any given week. They've been converging around that the past few weeks (obviously very small sample size). That's not what people (like me) who were really high on Moore had in mind. But maybe not the doom and gloom scenario that the fist few weeks looked like. Anderson week 6: 4-77-0 on 5 targets week 5: 8-112-0 on 12 targets week 4: 8-99-0 on 11 targets Moore: week 6: 5-93-0 on 11 targets week 5: 4-93-1 on 5 targets week 4: 4-49-0 on 6 targets
  10. I’m a little more encouraged after consecutive good games. He’s not the clear top target I was expecting and I’m really surprised by the continued drops. If you’re selling in redraft I could see trying to move him though I’m not sure how you can get more than a lateral move (but I don’t play in redraft any more). In dynasty I still have a high value on him. I think this season may continue to be uneven and I remain a little concerned about his ceiling with Bridgewater. But he’s young, has a track record of production, and his athleticism still jumps out to me. Maybe he’s just pressing.
  11. This is how I see it, too. And I have CEH in a dynasty league.
  12. I'm not praising the Chargers. Just comparing them to Cincy.
  13. This is spot on. I only have Moore in one league and I'm holding because I can't see getting fair value for him, but I'm not too hopeful for the remainder of the season. He broke a long TD to put up good numbers this week, and he has a high-target game, but I don't see him being fed with the current approach. In fairness what CAR is doing right now is working so why change it? It seems like Bridgewater will be more than a short term solution at QB (especially with the team surprising/not looking at a top pick). Maybe they change things next year or injuries cause some reshuffling sooner. But he feels a little stuck to me right now.