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  1. Bruce Arians: OJ Howard’s Eyes Should Light Up I want to believe (I still have trust issues, but want to believe)
  2. I'm wondering where the balance between these possibilities is going to be. I can't imagine Brady going to TB without some level of reassurance from the team that he'd have input, but I'm also not assuming that Arians will just overhaul his system. I remain a big believer in Howard's talent. He played like crap last season, but the hype heading into the year was tied to elite efficiency numbers. I have him in 2 dynasty leagues (both TE premium) and I view him as a likely hold, though it might be worth putting him otb if we get a lot of offseason fluff pieces like this (and I think we will).
  3. This is where I am right now. I want to wait to see landing spots/draft capital both to determine my own value for what I consider the top tier guys, and to see how my league mates might value specific players after the draft. If someone who I am already very high on becomes solidified as my top guy then I would be more disposed to keep the pick. If the top tier remains clustered together after the draft I might consider moving down for the right deal. For me the top guys really haven't sorted out yet. I agree with @-OZ- that the value of the pick is unlikely to decrease, and could stand to increase or at least remain the same post-draft. The main thing is, I don't feel like I have all the info I need to make a call yet.
  4. There seem to be somewhat separate communities of support for Taylor and Swift as the top RB (with Dobbins getting support here and there as well). That’s my purely anecdotal impression. I’ve been listening to podcasts like Dynasty Blueprint thank you to @miqws for posting those), Breakout Finder — and the hosts and several of their guests (e.g. some writers for PFF) have Taylor as the clear 1.1, in the same prospect category as Zeke, Gurley. The division seems to be film guys for Swift and analytics guys for Taylor? I don’t know. I’m not a flag-planting type. I want to see combine and more importantly draft capital/landing spot before I sort out Taylor/Swift/Dobbins. I like all 3 a lot.
  5. Based on the polls @Biabreakable is doing it looks like Swift has pulled away as the 1.1 in most formats. I have him there too, though I have Dobbins right on his heels (I play in ppr so that’s where I’m evaluating). They’re close enough for me that landing spot is going to be a major factor.
  6. In fairness, the Bengals can save money on scouting and plane tickets to the Combine by just waiting until Burrow comes home to visit family, then setting a meet-up at a Waffle House.
  7. Bengals trying to avoid the cost of a hotel room for Burrow. In Alabama.
  8. I’m worried about this too. Herbert would be a huge mistake imo. Hoping they look to build at the lines (especially LT) unless Okudah is available.
  9. I'm really happy for Kuechly. Sorry to see him go as a fan, but it's a smart decision.
  10. As an LSU fan and a Panthers fan I'm .... torn. We've suffered long enough with an archaic offense at LSU so my lean is: hands off, Rhule!
  11. Yeah this is my top 6 as well and I agree they’re very difficult to separate out. Right now I have Taylor as my solid #6 guy so that leaves a clustered top 5 for me in ppr. I have 3 picks in the top 6 in a rebuild so it’ll be fun to figure this out.
  12. Many reporters are assuming Rhule will be given a lot of control. ESPN is suggesting: This obviously can't be much more than speculation right now, but the Panthers were apparently in a direct bidding war with the Giants, so it would make some sense. If he does have this much control the draft is going to be really interesting to watch, as is the decision with Cam.
  13. I share @pantherclub's mindset about treating this as a rebuild; like he writes, what's the point of having a 6 or 7 win team next season? The only way I could see a different outcome is if Cam comes back fully health and still has his his legs, which seems unlikely given the current injury plus the accumulation of injuries. The practicalities of doing a rebuild are a little tough because there are some good pieces in place, but it would seem to begin with moving on from Cam (as much as I hate to write that). If reports on Cam are more positive, then I could see the team going with him for another year and then re-evaluating. As for the draft, I'd love to see a LT though if Tua being in the draft drops a top DB to 7 I could wee going that route. I prefer LT overall. On Tua, it seems I'm higher on him than most. When healthy he's very mobile in the pocket and he has good wheels. He wasn't very mobile this year because of the injuries (especially the ankle before his major hip injury). Obviously the medical evaluation is key and there's a lot of risk. I could see passing on him if he fell to their pick (I don't think he will). But I really like him as an NFL prospect.
  14. Agreed. Good decision. I’m happy he got positive reports on his follow up with the doctors.
  15. The moment looked too big for him but I’d still be pretty optimistic if I was a Bills fan. Allen is really young and came into the league raw. He has a lot of room to grow.
  16. Some of you may have seen this already but ESPN did a feature on Swift doing workouts after midnight at UGA.
  17. Can you explain a bit as to why? I'm sincerely asking, as I have the 1.1 and am trying to evaluate Swift. This is a strong stance, so curious as to your reasoning.
  18. It seems like an upper tier of about 6 guys may be emerging (Swift, Taylor, Etienne, Dobbins, Jeudy, Lamb in so specific order) with a candidate or two (e.g. Higgins, Ruggs) who could get into the top half of rd 1. Shenault’s lower/uneven production and continued durability issues could discount him, which makes him seem like a nice risk/reward guy for already good teams picking later in rd 1.
  19. According to Laura Rutledge at ESPN if he returns to school it will be for family reasons — his brother is on the team, his family lives in Tuscaloosa. And Dylan Moses (LB projected as a first rounder) is coming back to be part of a national title run so Tua may want to get on board as well. I hope whatever he decides turns out well for him. He seems like a great kid. Going back just seems like such a huge risk given his injury history.
  20. I agree. But there might be different ways to handle it. Just seems like a pattern w Arians.
  21. I do think Howard has struggled and played below his potential this year, but Arians’s postmortem on the season seems to be focused on throwing various players under the bus.
  22. I'm honestly overwhelmed by the number of "good" choices. I was talking to my father the other say about how nice it would be if there was a mechanism for replacing bad owners. It's not very feasible, but still.... Anyway, I voted Browns #1 though that could change. If they hit on the next GM/HC combo they could take a jump. But on the level of turnover and losing right now, I have them as the remaining leaders. I voted Jacksonville #2. So many good candidates. Snyder gives Washington a perpetually high ceiling for awfulness, but the combination of firing Allen and hiring Rivera looks pretty good. Mike Brown makes Cincy a perennial member of this list. Since this is an update, however, I'm giving Jax a boost for retaining Marrone.
  23. They bought software guys. Software. Everyone needs to back off.
  24. Lamb and Jeudy are both a bit non-ideal in terms of body type but where Jeudy is clearly skinny Lamb looks kind of thin but much more muscular to me. I haven’t looked a lot at who is stronger in practical terms (coming off of jams etc) but I don’t look at Lamb and worry he doesn’t have an NFL body. Jeudy is a little tougher to figure. I worry less about Jeudy breaking bc he moves so well in the open field I don’t think he’ll take brutal hits consistently. I do worry a bit about his playing strength though. If he succeeds it’ll be on a technician level imo and that’s where I really like him. I prefer Lamb bc of point of catch skills and he’s just nasty.
  25. Yes to all of the above and to your placement of McCarthy. Im a little iffy on McDaniels... I’m glad to see the reports that we’ll be interviewing Bieniemy. I hope he gets a serious look.