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  1. Yeah, this seems like a pretty important factor. Good call. I know @Dr. Dan has mentioned this several times before as well.
  2. In two dynasties I have Jones as a RB3/bench type player and in circumstances like that I think he’s a hold just due to upside *if he’s clearly the guy under the new regime. In a situation where you need him as a regular starter I feel more uneasy. I think his talent is pretty clear and he’s been efficient and very effective with his touches. But he doesn’t have the kind of high draft pedigree that automatically transfers between staffs and he only gained the clear starting role this year and for a relatively brief time. It’s also difficult to tell what NFL folks think of him. He was a sleeper darling in FF circles in the 2018 offseason. There were several pieces during the season about how GB needed to give him more touches. But did he establish himself in a way that provides anything presumptive going into 2019?
  3. Depending on landing spot I could see Bell sneaking into the top 3 in ppr next year. Or as a dark horse candidate based on a HC change (esp to an offensive background coach) David Johnson...but he’d need stupid passing game volume.
  4. Down 40. I have Cam, Brees, CMC. He has Kamara and Lutz (in ppr). So a modest night from Kamara and good performances by my guys. All my best players are flopping so not feeling great
  5. My season is over. My best dynasty team (top seed in the regular season by a mile) has Hill, Thielen among other laying eggs. My other dynasty team in the playoffs lost Allen and A Jones, had Dak flexed as QB2, Barkley, Chubb.
  6. I have Allen in what looks like a very even matchup so I'm worried but won't alter my current lineup. I can see making changes at the margins -- DST, a call between similar TEs, a call at WR3 between a safe floor and higher ceiling guy -- but at this time of year I'm a believer in plugging in the guys at primary slots who I think are my most talented players and/or the guys that got me here (often the same thing).
  7. So glad I had tuned out by then. Have Hill going in one semi and Allen in the other. Rough night.
  8. Yeah that’s how I figured it’d go.
  9. Agree. I do wonder about how many touches he gets in the 2nd half though. Hope I’m wrong.
  10. It’d be slightly more interesting if either team threw the ball further than 3 yards downfield.
  11. Great example of how unpredictable all of this can be. Write this for last year and you have to flip the names.
  12. I watch the Panthers play every week and he looks special after the catch to me. The only other long term target hog I see on the team currently is McCaffrey. I wish I had made some offers on Moore before his recent big game.
  13. This one is easy for me. Both my dumbest move and worst luck in more than 20 years of FF. During the 2017 rookie draft in my 16-team dynasty I traded away my 2018 1st rounder for a late 2017 first rounder. My target? Jamaal Williams.🤢 This was when he had started creeping up into the late first/early second (partly due to Waldman/RSP evaluations) and I was pretty high on him myself. I was looking to build out depth for a team that had won 2 consecutive titles and had won 3 out of the last 4 championships. I recall discussing the deal with a friend before pulling the trigger and we agreed it would take a disaster for my 2018 pick to be high, so it seemed like a late first now in exchange for a late first the next year. That seemed like an asset I could easily recover. I almost never trade away future firsts, but I broke my own rule here. Disaster hit: I lost DJ, Beckham, and Olsen for the season (TE premium), plus several of my other players got hurt at different times, to the point where I struggled to field a starting lineup. That 2018 first turned into the 1.1 and I lost out on the Chosen One, who will now terrorize me the rest of my days.
  14. Traded up in dynasty startup drafts to get Chris Johnson in his rookie season and Odell Beckham Jr. in his rookie season, both "early" per adp at the time. Both were/have been the foundations for several championship teams. Now I'm obliged to post my worst in the other thread ....
  15. This was arguably the most important knock on his college game. @FreeBaGeL posted some really telling numbers on his inside run stats at PSU several times over the summer. I do agree he’s likely to improve here. Plus he should be a safe RB1 going forward since he’ll likeky demand volume based on talent/pedigree. But this also isn’t a new problem for Barkley and may be worth factoring in for a guy who is seemingly the consensus # 1 startup dynasty player in the hobby.
  16. Does Jones's 2nd TD mean he's finally broken through or earned a full game on the bench? I'm trying to learn the rules of this staff's reality.
  17. He throws high so some lucky fans in the first few rows might get some footballs that blow out of play.
  18. I don't follow AZ very closely so I didn't realize Leftwich was a holdover from Arians's staff. This from Arizona Sports is interesting:
  19. Woohoo!: McCoy fired Leftwich is here now. It's all going to be OK....