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  1. Good call, both on Hurney and especially Tepper. Going to be the most interesting offseason in a while for the franchise.
  2. If Gettleman was still here he’d cut Cam because he didn’t like his hats. Hurney will get at least a 4th rounder.
  3. Good question. All 3 arguably have long term QB questions. Even if Ben comes back next year we have to ask what life after his career is like for JuJu. I still have JuJu above Chark and Sutton but I’m guessing his value will vary widely based on how individuals in our leagues view his talent. Recency probably means you’d have to offer JuJu almost straight up for guys in the Chark/Sutton tier; at least that’s what I’d expect in my leagues. I don’t feel comfortable selling at that price.
  4. A lot of the chatter on Twitter yesterday was that a sprained MCL would be the best case scenario so if Rapoport's report holds up I guess that's decent news. But you're right that they have nothing to play for, so I wonder if they delay his return until he's 100%.
  5. Been wondering about Hooper myself. Reading low hit and maybe a knee on Twitter. Apparently he’s back on the sideline but out of the game?
  6. I said a bit about this above but I think you’re right; it’s not as bad a situation as it’s been in the recent past. It’s pretty rare (at least for the cases that come to mind) for a WR projected to go in the top 5 like Jeudy to land in a good offense. Julio-type situations are the exception. In that same draft AJG seems more the norm (or Calvin to a bad QB situation in DET early on etc). I’m hoping for something more like the Giants bc Jones/Barkley plus Engram is a pretty solid situation. But I’m probably betting on Jeudy wherever.
  7. He still looks like the best player on the field to me when they involve him. And he deserves a lot of credit for keeping his %#*t together in this situation (I know, I know — ticking time bomb and so on). But if Kitchens is fired I wonder how that affects or doesn’t affect him for the next couple seasons. The Browns will try to salvage Mayfield under a new coach (and should try). But whether that can be done is a big question.
  8. Honestly, I’d probably still take him unless Lamb lands in a spot that evens up their value; I already have them fairly close together. This is a long game and I’m looking at production over career. I think Jeudy is good enough to take even if he goes to a limiting situation short term. I also think the Bills have a pretty good organization in place so Allen isn’t the decisive factor he might be otherwise for me. Still lighting candles though.
  9. I'm not in your league yet 😄. I did, however, join the 5 first rounders club yesterday in a rebuild. Is there a decoder ring? Do we have cookies? Right now I have picks 1-3 and then one mid first and one late first (16 team league) but those top picks might change a bit down the stretch. The guy I remain the most excited about in this class is Jeudy, and the WRs in general (I have Lamb as 1b to Jeudy's 1a). I play in ppr leagues so I typically try to build around WR given their relative longevity and the fact that my league mates value WRs highly in trades. @Dr. Dan makes a good point about the number of projected RBs in the first round of the NFL Draft. I have a feeling that position will sort even more than WR and QB around landing spot. Also, I'm lighting a candle every night to start the "please don't draft Jeudy, Buffalo Bills" vigil.
  10. Yeah as a Goedert owner I want to believe this is a changing of the guard but we don’t have strong evidence for that right now. Neither guy is getting a significant target share and the passing game isn’t functioning well overall.
  11. Oh yeah, I agree. The fact that other teams were interested means they have a valuable player under an inexpensive contract. We also don’t know what offers they were getting. Still frustrating; it costs them little to keep him and not use him as a receiver. Part of the article I cited uses DeSean Jackson as an example of the GM’s approach. They refused his trade requests at the deadline last year and then got almost nothing for him in the Philly trade. So it’s also a sign of a weak/uncoordinated front office perhaps.
  12. Bucs Turn Down Offers for OJ Howard Jealously guarding toys that you really don't want to play with is understandable. When you're a 4-year-old.
  13. LaCanfora tweeted a "hunch" about Howard to the Patriots. The first response pretty much nails the value of a LaCanfora hunch. But, since we're tracking rumors....
  14. Didn’t realize my post was that subtle.
  15. They're everything that's wrong with fantasy football: their owners got a little bit lucky having them, and I don't have them on any of my teams.
  16. More speculation that Howard sitting this week might have to do with trade possibilities (though this writer also guesses at Brate being showcased for a trade which seems random). Why do these writers keep rekindling my false hopes?
  17. Curious about your thinking on his long term value if he remains with TB. I’m asking bc I’m invested in 2 TE premium leagues. I also think he remains a long term value based on talent but I wonder how he recovers that value in TB. Maybe he plays better and justifies more touches? Or Arians is pressured to include him more?
  18. Ugh. I’d rather not know.
  19. This part intrigues me because of the expansion of legal sports gambling in 2018. I wonder what pressures exist now in addition to fan backlash. I don’t really know the gambling world very well though. I suspect my exposure to mob movies doesn’t count as expert training.
  20. I’ll be curious to see if this builds a case for a greater share going forward. I don’t think it’ll be 50% but I do agree he’s earned more touches. He’s looked good all season. Plus the coaches talked him up as more than a cop guy in the offseason.
  21. I wish they would move him but I don’t see any motivation to. Howard’s underuse is specific to receiving but everything I’ve read indicates that TB has him on the field for a ton of plays so they’re “using” him just not as a receiver. Is that a waste of his talent? I think so but my interests are for ff. TB has him on his rookie contract so if they want to just throw his body in front of defensive ends for the next two years they can do so on the cheap.
  22. Given the ppr, the fact that you’re strong at WR, and that you’re a competitor now I like DJ.