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  1. Intellicast has been my forecaster of choice for awhile now
  2. In August of that year, I attended their concert at the NY State Pavilion in World's Fair Park. Elbows on stage, tripping wonderfully and amazed with Page playing on seemingly disintegrating guitar strings. This was weeks after Woodstock. Life was good.
  3. Did a nice Louisville - St.Louis-KC- Omaha run a couple years ago (from Asheville). 4 nites in St.Loo Great time. Hotel was in old Union Station. Good metro. Couple Cards games "The Hill" for Italian Lots to see and do. Would go again
  4. Have been using Lee here and there and would like to use him this week. Should I be concerned about the weather? (20MPH wind with a chill in the 20's) Would Lee's effectiveness also be hampered by the fact that he's the only WR threat or does volume rule here? Cheers.
  5. When Fitzpatrick hits Brate for a TD Sunday would this be the 1st Harvard to Harvard alum connection?
  6. Sorry I'm so late on this but I'd be locking in Davis
  7. My first confusion of the season Ertz gets a soft vs TE Giant team but they do have some D and Have to circle the wagons for this one. Wentz not a deep thrower yet. The Beast will get his vs a soft Skin run D and will he get more usage here as the Skin O might make it a back and forth game. The goal line opportunities have me leaning Beast. TIA for your comments
  8. Perhaps Geronimo after the Pack's injury dust settles
  9. "So shines a bright light in a weary world"