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  1. You betcha; those yoopers at the stop and go lights sure do tick me off, cripes.
  2. I get what you’re saying, but the coaches expectations for the season was to redshirt. If their plan was to redshirt, it’s 100% on them to be aware of how many games he’s played.
  3. What’s he supposed to do, refuse to go in when the coach tells him to? That’s not a good look.
  4. Son of a friend of mine graduated with Asa Martin. To say Asa ain’t real happy with this #### up is an understatement
  5. Lose tomorrow and there will be.
  6. Fat Drunk and Stupid

    Worst food ever?

    BBQ you have to give away under interstate overpasses
  7. Chris Sabo isn’t walking through that door.
  8. Fat Drunk and Stupid

    Manifest TV Show

  9. Fat Drunk and Stupid

    Visiting Nashville - Things to do?

    If you're a big breakfast eater, go to Monell's. Three locations around town.