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  1. Respect a man like that who gives so much to one city. RIP.
  2. Yeah, she sucks at commercials too.
  3. I've never had this much fun watching/reading/tweeting about politics. Every day there's something/someone awesome to make fun of and/or laugh at. x 1,000,000,000
  4. As long as some of them keep coming to OSU, I don't give a #### where they're from.
  5. And then barring an opening week upset, could have 2v3 matchup the next weekend... ODDS TO WIN 2018 CFB TITLE TEAMODDS Alabama3/1 Florida State7/1 Oklahoma8/1 Ohio State8/1
  6. Nice response by Clemson there.
  7. "How the #### did my mutant ### spawn something as hot as Ivanka?'
  8. Additions of Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day will help. But that OL ... .
  9. That was as pathetic a performance I've seen in a long while from this team. OL was the main culprit. Oh well. On to 2017!
  10. I don't recall deleting it. Perhaps I was .
  11. Saw this on Twitter... Well known Serial Killers... Ted Bundy Jeffrey Dahmer Charles Manson Two Thousand Sixteen