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  1. He was allowed with the team and at the facilities.
  2. Watched it...awesome stuff.
  3. Didn't have the balls to do it at the end of last year. Threw away this year b/c of it.
  4. Remember it well. Was still in college. Horrible news about Fernandez. RIP.
  5. Who gives a #### who's ranked where right now...only poll that matters doesn't come out for another 6+ weeks...sit back and enjoy some football.
  6. Just your basic ### kicking.
  7. ND making it a game.
  8. This was Ohio State last year.
  9. Feeling a bit better now...if still a little uneasy about how the starting pitching has been of late. Pretty shaky after Kluber right now.
  10. You've obviously never watched a Browns game.