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  1. How much will I ruin myself if I do a pretty hard HM on Monday and then a slow one (11:00+ pace) with the wife on Tuesday?
  2. Monday it is, unless this system breaks up and provides an unexpected reprieve tomorrow.
  3. Suck, my 2-3 hour window of not raining this morning is not going to happen. I may have a chance this afternoon if it holds off and I can move some things around. Tomorrow looks like rain all day, so if this afternoon doesn't work, I'm pushed out to Monday
  4. 8 the night before 4 the morning of 2 during
  5. I haven't read the last few pages as I've been MIA with work stuff. Hope everyone is doing well and staying heealthy. I've not been feeling 100% which has shown a bit in some recent runs... but I'm still planning to make the @ChiefD HM Cassic my ##### tomorrow