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  1. Bump...for tonight's season finale, and unfortunately, probably the series finale. This episode jumps ahead 5 months from last week's episode where it looks like they are sending Seracen, Lyla, and Riggins away to college. I just think it's gonna be the last episode ever b/c they haven't rwally developed any new characters, beside JD McCoy. Hoping this isn't the end, but not optimistic.
  2. I thought it was the best hour of TV I've seen in the new season. It was the first show that at the end I said, "Wow. I can't wait until next week.' All I know is Tyra owes Landry at least one romp in the hay. By far, the best show on tv and the show can go in so many different directions. Can't wait for more.
  3. Good news... according to, the show HAS been renewed for season 2, the official announcement comes on Monday when the networks begin to roll out their fall schedules. It will probably have a new night and time, the show needs to find a bigger audience.
  4. Agree 100%, too dang predictable IMOI actually thought they were going to lose (book, movie)I thought so, too, with Smash being stopped at the 1 yard line - a la Mike Jones/Kevin Dyson in the Super Bowl.Me too. Show should be picked up. Not sure if they'll keep it on Wednesday's though.I hope they move it. When they put it on Wed at 8, they probably lost some viewers who were already hooked on Jericho. I know that I have the Tivo set for Jericho and either watch FNL when Im home or check it out on the Webisodes. I think if push came to shove I would watch Jericho over FNL. I love both shows but I was already invested in Jericho when they made the switch which killed me. I thought Tuesday was perfect for it since nothing else is on anyway. I dont think there would be too much of a crossover effect from the Idol crowd and FNL crowdI watch both FNL and Jericho as well, though I do the opposite. I always watch FNL and Tivo Jericho. I'm now 3 weeks behind on Jericho, but will be able to catch up now that FNL is over for the year. If they do move it, it will be interesting to see what they put it up against.
  5. Agree 100%, too dang predictable IMO Thirded. As good as the show has been, that was too much by the book. Let's hope that the show doesn't end on that note.I agree that it was a little anti-climatic.There is good news though. According to, NBC has ordered 6 episoeds of FNL for next year, with the probability of ordering more soon. NBC acknowledges that it hasn't received great ratings, but it has a hard core fan base. It will be interesting to see how things start next year with Riggins and Tyra graduating and Coach still taking the job. I think Lyla was only a junior this year. When she was throwing her cheerleading jersey away, she said she needed a change and Tyra asked why she wasn't doing it anymore. If you're graduating, it wouldn't even be an issue, so I think she still has her senior year left.
  6. Don't have a link, but read in EW that NBC will pick it up for next year..... I've read the same thing in a couple of different places that it's looking good that it will be picked up for next year. Hopefully the final 4 episodes of the year will do well now that there's no Idol on at 8 against it, though Survivor is on tonight. This show is one of the best on TV right now, I really hope it gets renewed for another year.
  7. I totally agree. This is a great TV show, but it is up against American Idol and has little chance in that timeslot. It's also up against Jericho, which I love too. I hope that they give it another year, maybe in another timeslot.