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  1. 3 openings left.
  2. I am running a live redraft league for $105 via leaguesafe on MFL We will draft Aug 30 at 8 pm est. No kickers and Defenses. Start 9 roster 18 (which is good considering we are not going to have Ks and Ds on them) 1 PPR flexible lineups. Payouts for 1st-4th spots. We have 3 spots open. If you can make the draft date and have interest reach out to me.
  3. Collecting fees via leaguesafe. We draft end of August so your players wont be injured for the start of your season. Only one spot open Thank you
  4. All owners are paid and we have one opening. The league is on MFL and this will be our 9th season. If you are looking for a competitive larger league with good owners and owners who do not eat up alot of clock during the draft this could be for you. Link: to rules Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. is the auction league filled

  6. i would like to join the auction league if position still open.

    1. elitzer


      i can pay asap once you send invite.thanks

  7. Here are the openings I have for redraft so far this year. Criminal Minds $206 League Fee Evil Ground Auction $105 League Fee
  8. Please send me your email address for the invite to the draftmaster Project 6

    1. miklia



  9. Please send me your email address via PM please.
  10. Looking to fill a 2nd league if anyone has interest let me know.
  11. Thanks for your interest I think we will start next week. This will be the 2nd league. I filled the first one and we began drafting already.
  12. 4 spots left.
  13. Here are the rules! I will likely run 5-10 of these types of leagues throughout the summer until the season begins. I will have different price points but the first one will be $20. Leaguesafe will hold money and I keep nothing for commish set up. Project 6 Draftmaster (x2) League! Weekly best ball starters: 9 Roster size: 22 League size: 12 teams Start: 1QB 1/5 RBs 1/5 WRs 1/3 TE 1Def See Scoring here: As in all draftmaster leagues you will draft and go. No weekly committment. Some call these leagues best ball leagues. Once the draft is complete MFL will set your best weekly lineup based on the roster you drafted on draft day. This will be a total points league, no weekly matchups. At the end of 16 weeks the team with the highest total points will be the leagues DRAFTMASTER! League fee: $20 (20 x 12 = $240) Payouts per league: 1st thru 6th spots double your money Win $40 Teams 7-12 win zero. League fees will be kept in Leaguesafe.
  14. All 6 DMs will run one week apart for the most part. The draft dates are Mondays and two are in Mid July and one late July The other four are each Monday in August with the last one beginning Aug 28 Draft order is created by a randomizer.
  15. I have one opening in this league. It is a one time payment and enters you into 6 draftmaster leagues. It has a progressive pot payout to the highest scoring team out of the entire 6 DMs. It also has payouts for each DM individually as well. Collecting through LeagueSafe. $20 each DM which equals $120 total for all 6 DMs.