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  1. Absolutely something IDP people should try out
  2. Filled thanks.
  3. We pay 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners $15 via leaguesafe
  4. If you like IDP and all year round activity try this forum out. Go to the thread "Front Porch" and see if you are a good match.
  5. Roster Wars Main League has been around for years and getting in has always been tough given the limited owners allowed. In the past you might become a member of the site and wait a year or more for a spot because the only way in was to assume a team from an owner leaving. That has changed for 2017! We are now offering a component with nearly the same rules as the Main league only you do not need to assume a team from a leaving team ---you get to DRAFT YOUR OWN from scratch and make the team yours 100%. The component acts like a minor league or pre season league of the MAIN league. There are yearly dues and payouts as it will act as a separate league for the most part. We have activity requirements in the main league but the minor league has less and although we want you active, you can decide how active you want to be. You can stay in the minor league forever if you like and still reap the benefits of such a great group of dedicated fantasy owners providing a true all year round experience. Andy is our President and provides the best fantasy experience, I am his right hand assistant when it comes to the minor league. Anyone that knows Andy knows he gives 100% all year to the success of Roster Wars. Check us out. Visit here and sign up. I would suggest going to "THE FRONT PORCH" thread and start by reading that followed by the RULES. If you decide you want to join in on the forum only and not play in the league you are welcome to do that as well. I am available for questions as will all on the forum provide help. Check us out! We would love to see you stop by!
  6. One opening $15. We begin drafting Aug 1. Funds collected via leaguesafe.
  7. We have only a few spots left in a 24 team (2 separate conferences that stand alone until finals.) If you are looking for a brother or sisterhood of football this is the league for you. Activity will not disappoint. 2-4 spots remain only. Draft target date Aug 1.
  8. FIlled .....thank you.
  9. Everyone is paid but the payment deadline passed last night at midnight. We have opening. $108.50 via paypal if you keep the mini banner there or one other I have available. If you want your own mini banner we can make the happen as well for a small fee to the graphics guy. Redraft league been around since 2009 where 7 of us were there from the start. Pretty amazing for a redraft league. PM or post here if interested.
  10. We are getting closer to finalizing our owners. If you want a chance to play against various levels of talent sign up soon. We have new to IDP owners, owners with some experience, and owners who have played several years. A great way to learn if IDP is something you have wanted to try.
  11. Highly recommend this league if you are looking for a redraft IDP league.
  12. I think I would pass on that offer and keep the 1.07
  13. Feels wierd that Dennis isnt running any leagues at all. I could see cutting back but zero seems low LOL I am not sure if any of the former Addicts owners are interested but I am running a $250 league (redraft) also will be using Leaguesafe for the funds. If anyone is interested hit me up via PM. 12 teamer TE premium (1.5 PPR) Pretty close to Dennis' scoring Will miss ya Dennis wish you the best of luck.
  14. We have 20 committed so far. Need 4 more to fill the first 24. (we would like to expand and add an additional 24)
  15. If you are looking for a very active IDP league for an affordable price of $25, Roster Wars has a redraft component going into its 2nd year. You may have heard of Roster Wars Dynasty but this is as much fun without the year after year commitment. It is a redraft league! The message forum is an added benefit where you can talk football with folks as diehard as you. Given that offer, you also can be quiet and say little to nothing in the message forum as well. We had 24 teams last year in TWO 12 team conferences. The conferences do not intermix until the final playoff game. We are almost full with our first 24 but are very willing to open it to 48 teams. I am a co-commish and help recruit. If you are interested let me know. Here is a link to our forum, which is where you can sign up for the IDP league. Hope to see some of you jump on board.