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  1. This is a start any player up to 2 times per season. Leaguesafe. If we do not get 20 teams we will run with the number we do have.
  2. Let's try a SUNDAY bump...........who wants a spot?
  3. This draft has a fast timer but it does shut off for a period throughout the night to help with timezones and sleeping hours. 5 spots remain.
  4. Bumping this....openings remain.
  5. You basically pick 2 weeks you want to play any player. Once you have they no longer can enter your lineups. Full rules below with link: 20 Teams (you may own only 1 team) Regular season will be 13 weeks Lineup Each team will have access to all players in MFL database This league does not have a draft Teams submit a weekly lineup of (8) players Starting Lineup: (1) Quarterback, (1) Running Backs, (1) Wide Receivers, (1) Tight End, (4)Flex 2QBs max rest RB, WR, or TE qualify as the Flex NFL players can be started twice per season, per team as allowed. Standings will be overall win % (wins vs loss records) Tiebreaker to determine playoff seedings: Total Points (first tie breaker) Highest scoring QB from final week of the season (2nd tie breaker) Highest scoring RB from final week of the season (3rd tie breaker) Highest scoring WR from final week of the season (4th tie breaker) Playoffs Begin week 14 and last for 3 weeks Top 6 teams will be in the championship bracket. Top two teams will earn a bye S3 vs. S6 and S4 vs. S5 Reseeding will occur after each round of the playoffs highest vs. lowest Next 6 will be in the consolation bracket - teams will be seeded once no reseeding League scoring and rules under Reports, Rules, League scoring No trading If teams tie in a playoff matchup, tiebreaker will be highest individual scoring player. Tiebreaker continues until tie is broke Dues/Payouts: Leaguesafe $35 yearly MFL Fees $60 Top 2 Teams $25 Ea. 1st $300 2nd $150 3rd $50 CBowl Winner $40
  6. I have two openings in the one auction league I run on MFL. Cost $105.00 via paypal. Going into our 11th season. Please reach out with questions.
  7. Filled
  8. If you might be looking for something a little different and not a dynasty but a hybrid DFS sorta style here are the rules to a league I am running this year. Payment via Leaguesafe.
  9. Last open team is looking up. New players have new homes. AB, Cpatterson, Humphries, D Parker signed 2 additional years with Miami, Gore Ajayi soon to get a new home.
  10. We are down to 1 team left here.
  11. Team 2 and 4 still available (2 taken)
  12. All Leagues are $56 plus a $25 deposit applied toward league fees in 2021. Team 1 TAKEN Team 2 TAKEN Team 3 Taken Team 4 Open Vipers All draft picks in tact beginning with the 1.07 Flexible lineups-----can start 0 QBs if you like, you can start all reign very little restrictions Rules:
  13. We actually might be full. I will reach out to you should someone not pay.
  14. The league will have rookie spacers so the draft will begin sometime in Feb. A draft date will be chosen once the graphics are complete and MFL moves leagues to 2019. There are some decently long rules to share (I wanted to be thorough) with 2 nice twists that are not used in any league I have seen. Fee will be under $100 but more than $60. Working on that figure currently. Basics are: (already have 7 teams committed Update: 10 teams committed) 12 teams 100% payouts 2 Divisions Lineup: 9 starters No Kickers No Def. Likely superflex so you can start 1 or 2 QBs. Rest of lineup is start at least 1 QB, RB, WR, TE and 5 Flex Blind Bidding VP Scoring 6 Make the Playoffs 6 defer down to Consolation Bowl (there is a small payout should you win) If you have other questions let me know. Happy to send full rules to those interested, naturally. Dont mind collecting through leaguesafe but paypal has been a common option through all my leagues.
  15. Me and a good friend are looking for a live draft on MFL if anyone is looking for a couple aces to join your league. Several dates will work for us but not Labor Day weekend.
  16. Paymet due today or very soon...we need one owner. League safe - Great group no slow drafters. FILLED
  17. 1 opening in an auction that drafts yearly. This is not a dynasty. If you are interested let me know. $105 league fee