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  1. It may hit 90 degrees here this weekend. Prolly hit the beach, make lemonade amirite?
  2. It hurts to say this...but can we shoot 2019 FSU football to the moon already?! ####### #### #### ####. Happy New Year.
  3. Well we know Jaboo will be throwing that 1st drive INT so i'm watching to see if he can get to 30. 30/30 club of anything is pretty cool.
  4. Penn State/LSU/Clemson ML parlay pays 2:1. LETS GO Fighting Dabos!
  5. Just got this email: Hi Big Pimping Spendin' Cheese, We sincerely appreciate your patience as we have been experiencing technical issues on our platform over the past few days. Although most have been fixed already, we are working continuously to improve the service overall. Thank you very much for your understanding. As a token of our appreciation, we’ve issued you Rewards Points and a bonus. If you haven’t done so already, claim the offer from your dashboard by Monday, December 9th. Another $60 bonus! Check your accounts ladies.
  6. I grew up in an area in the swamplands of south Florida where I was the only guy that didn't like country music. Never got into it. I've listened Sound and Fury perhaps fifty times, watched the Netflix 'movie' another 10 and i'm not big into anime, either. What a fantastic record. My go to in the gym is usually Rage Against the Machine. That cool Toadies record from the way back works too.
  7. Now imagine that, instead of drafting OJ Howard to pair with an already productive Cameron Brate, Tampa reunited Dalvin Cook and Jameis Winston. I think he's the best RB doing work today. Also, incredibly biased in this regard.
  8. Bovada had an outage this weekend and gave my account $25. Check your account, you may have gotten it, too...I think the bonus expires if you don't redeem.
  9. So there was a thing in KC today, something definitely happened.
  10. My 2 girls forced me to drive them to the outlet shops and then to another shopping complex. THEEEEE worst