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  1. Biotech companies are looking for cures for diseases not just treatments.
  2. NOLA brewing with a spot on CNBC
  3. Wow. What kind of th mix for the war?
  4. I think I mentioned Breckenridge earlier, curious on other thoughts? At $40-$45 I don't think you can beat it.
  5. Is the healer nerf confirmed for this update?
  6. All the usual subjects have been mentioned, but if you can find Breckenridge it is great for the price IMO.
  7. Set up a tourney. Check chat for details
  8. Not off the top of my head but I'll do some research on it after my vacation.
  9. Thanks. Lucky it was so quick but I know that industry pretty well.
  10. No guarantee, but the changes they asked for were minor, probably to clarify the pretreatment with chemo since the deaths were after an additional drug was added. They said they will respond to the fda within a week and then they have 30 days to respond. But just because they resume doesn't mean the deaths weren't due to the CAR-T cells although Novartis hasn't seen it with theirs and they are further along.
  11. Got a small position in Juno on the drop today. Reaction is way overblown imo.
  12. Don't worry I have friends who sit in there every morning for breakfast to defend it. I think they purposely make sure everything on the menu has pork on it.
  13. I have a bunch of friends and family in the Toms River area and they are hearing about the holdouts being threatened that their houses will be burned down. This is overflow from Lakewood as mentioned. Hyland Park also (next to Rutgers) has the same issue in NJ.
  14. Let me know ASAP so I can drop them soon. I don't raid nearly as much as I used to so gold still take a while to pile up.