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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I picked up a bottle at my local liquor store last night and it was excellent. I hate just randomly picking a bottle in that price range to hope its good.
  2. Right, the range of prices from the outside panel was $400k-$750k using the $800k for stem cell transplantation as the rationale. I thought about it a little more today, and my new gut theory is that Novartis priced at the low end of the range to put pressure on Kite to price similarly. Novartis makes a ton of $$$ and has economies of scale when it comes to administration and shared services. Before the GILD buy, Kite had none of this and was going to be 100% dependent on CAR-T for income and a lower price has a direct impact on the bottom line. Novartis could directly hinder future R&D of companies like Kite and Juno who don't have additional income streams with this pricing. Also, Novartis is working with insurance companies to develop an "outcome based" reimbursement plan. Basically if you aren't cured after a month then insurance doesn't pay. Insurance companies should be on board with this I think and if it becomes standard for CAR-T reimbursement, it is going to put a higher barrier to entry if someone can make it cheaper but slightly less effective it may not be worth pursuing if you only get paid if it works. This can also hurt the smaller players and change the cost/benefit calculation for trying to determine whether to invest in an early stage treatment that will cost a ton to bring to market. Just my random thoughts on this approval.
  3. Personally think they overpaid for a product which as of today will be the second CAR-T on the market. Novartis announced their approval a couple of minutes ago. The reimbursement for cell therapies is far from hashed out too. They're really betting on Kite's pipeline in which they are behind on BCMA and haven't shown much on other targets. This space is going to get real crowded very quickly and these processes are very expensive. The next generation of products will include much more automation and bring these costs down. Maybe Kite is the first to do this but maybe not.
  4. So the words all sound the same in this sentence Merry Christmas! Did you hear your Aunt (ant) Mary got married lat week?
  5. Really? Those sound the same to some people?
  6. Nailed NJ for me. Combo of mischief night and sneakers were the strongest answers.
  7. I keep coming back to wondering what happened 1000 years ago the last time the walkers were seen? I assume the books discuss this? How did humans survive that long night? I just keep picturing it as a matrix-esque world where a reset is needed and the walkers come and there is a prince who was promised to ensure survival of the race. With characters like the NK and three eyed raven as part of the flat circle knowing this is happening.
  8. No. Had a limit offer I kept lowering over the last 10ish days. There were points where my bid was over the next executed trade and no idea why. This one was a limit at 6.50 and somehow filled at 6.38. So shuked with how it went.
  9. My CBLLF order finally filled at 6.37!
  10. Looks like its up on ETrade.
  11. Agree. Two episodes left and this will probably go down as the worst season for me unless its an awesome ending.
  12. Biotech companies are looking for cures for diseases not just treatments.
  13. NOLA brewing with a spot on CNBC
  14. Wow. What kind of th mix for the war?