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  1. Looking into mesh as well. Does anyone know if these would be compatible with the Verizon FIOS router? I know it doesn't always play well with others.TIA
  2. Just got a 4k firestick and installed Kodi. What's the go to for TV streams? Just looking for Netflix shows right now.
  3. Currently at 3.5% on a 30. Hoping to move in around 4-5 years, so I don't think going to a 15 makes sense? Would a 7/1 make sense in this scenario? Has anyone seen rates for these lately? I'm in NJ if that matters.
  4. Thanks! Going to start researching but the hard hat tour sounds awesome.
  5. Big fan of Four Roses Single Barrel. I’ll need to pick up small batch next time. I thought there was a separate thread but I couldn’t find it so I’ll ask here. I’m going to Louisville for a bachelor party in July and we want to do at least a distillery or two. What does everyone recommend for a group of about 10 of mostly novice to intermediate bourbon drinkers?
  6. Thanks. If you receive cash in the deal, you report that amount to the IRS as a gain; but if the total gain from the deal – in cash as well as stock – was less than the cash you received, you report the lesser amount. I'm going to need a CPA just to figure this piece out. It does sound like capital gains though and not income at all.
  7. Maybe I wasn't 100% clear. I'll just use the real deal. BMS is buying CELG for $50 cash plus one share of BMS for each share of CELG. I'm trying to figure out how the $50 is treated for tax reasons. TIA.
  8. ooooof. That would be terrible. So if I sell a day before the deal closes its capital gains, but the day after its income? I have some serious math to do.
  9. Mostly a tax question but I'm sure people in this thread have been through this before. I hold stock in a company that is being bought out. The agreement states that at closing, each share will convert to a share of the new company, plus cash. My question is that cash considered income? Logic says its more of a change in cost basis due to the difference in stock price between the companies but I can't seem to find any information online confirming it.
  10. You'll be fine. It might take some time but they'll recover.
  11. I think they way overpaid for Kite. A ton of competition coming to that space and they are having trouble with their supply chain to take advantage of being first to market.
  12. Quick procedure: 1- Purpose- The purpose of this SOP is to define how products will be quarantined. 2- Scope- This SOP is limited to fully licensed medical devices 3- Procedure- Any expired products will be labeled with a yellow sticker on a dedicated shelf until properly disposed. Any recalled products will be on a dedicated shelf with a red sticker until disposition is decided. 4- References- CFR1234.89 5- Version 1.0 New Document effective 08JAN2018
  13. This. I've written/ reviewed a ton of them. Keep it short and sweet but make sure boxes are checked. I'd create a basic template like this: 1. Purpose- State the purpose of the procedure 2. Scope- This one may be important to you as the requirements of Rx drugs and devices may be different. State which it covers 3. Procedure- Doesn't have to be long but everything you say here you are on the hook for. 4. References- I would reference the CFR or guideline here that the procedure covers. Inspectors like it because even if you aren't doing something 100% perfect, they know you at least read the correct regulation even if your interpretation isn't what they expected. 5- Consider keeping a version history- if an inspector asks you to change something, and then comes back the following year it is good housekeeping to show what changes you made to the document. This is coming from a larger company perspective but just some thoughts.
  14. So this is a weed ETF? Etrade still seems to have it as a real estate one.