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  1. Completely agree. I understand you may not like him but not in the top 40?
  2. So I realize this may not be the thread for this but I would love to hear how you guys got this many assets. I'm in pretty good shape to load up on a deep 2020 draft so I'm interested in getting some blue prints from you.
  3. In relation to the leader aspect, did you see his interaction with Wilkins late in the game? If a senior DT appreciates a true freshman Qb, that tells me everything I need to know about how his teammates view him. Certainly a 1st round pick right now. If he stays at the same level skills wise for 2 years he is the #1 pick in 2021. With development, there will be a discussion about whether or not he is the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck.
  4. I picked Jones up on the waiver wire in our league. We have limited roster space and the guy that drafted him was making a playoff push. Minimum transaction fee was well worth it. Almost certain to be a new staff in Tampa so I think he gets another shot, but has to take advantage of it
  5. So is Jones worth taking a flier in a limited roster Franchise League. I picked up Ito Smith recently for my last spot but another guy trying to get in the playoffs cut Jones. Thinking Jones has to be given another shot in Tampa next season, right?
  6. And they are unstoppable in tempo but haven't seen that in a while.
  7. Some one let Payton know that # 41 is a pretty nice player. Might get him the ball.
  8. Our league rules limit roster spaces for our Franchise League and every year some teams cut low tier players to make a playoff push. Standard scoring, .5 pt PPR league Some of the RBs currently available are: Gus Edwards - Small sample size but has been really productive of late. Alex Collins in the mix, not sure of contract year. Ronald Jones - I didn't like him much coming out of SC, passing on him to take Guice with the 1.10 in our rookie draft. That said, I don't see a long term solution in Tampa and they use some draft capital on him. Ito Smith - I believe Coleman is free after this year so will they increase his chances. Love any RB that gets work in this offense. Thoughts on who I could claim this week?
  9. So is there a good answer why Edmonds is getting the red zone work? Or just the way things have gone for those of us that have DJ? I can't play him going forward.
  10. So this group had a total of 2 career TDs prior to tonight! You just can't predict ball sometimes.
  11. A lot of us will be. Kamara is going to get outscored by Vernon Freakin Davis of all people! The bigger question is what is Peyton up to?
  12. So 4 TD passes from Brees to Arnold, Lewis, Carr, and Kirkwood. Which of you benefited from those scores?