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  1. The story on yahoo said he was disabled and walked with a cane. Not sure how he got in the water.
  2. according to this, it is Feb 2018
  3. would have liked to get him in my rookie drafts but just not a big believer. he went late 4th in both of my IDP drafts. I would have taken him at 5.10 if he was there I think.
  4. I got him at 2.14 in my 16 team IDP which i consider a steal
  5. pick 46 in my IDP league...he was the 31st offensive player taken
  6. How much were they on prime day?
  7. well, it happened. This guy has been after Watkins since I drafted him at 1.02 in 2014. In this league you can start 0-3 RB
  8. Hero Dog's Rescue Of Drowning Baby Deer In Long Island Sound
  9. George Kittle probably won't get many votes but I love his upside
  10. I had this awesome transaction Green Machine Waiver acquired Williams, Carnell STL RB dropped Cruz, Victor NYG WR Wed Sep 14 11:30:03 p.m. ET 2011
  11. Great movie...have you seen the series at all?
  12. how sweet was it? seems like a lot of brown sugar
  13. watched The Void and liked it, have not seen The Mouth of Madness but have added to it to my watch list on Hulu.