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  1. i was curious so did a chat with BB (US) and they will not ship to Canada. Walmart Canada
  2. I think this TV is
  4. yep just bought the first one yesterday. Pro Tip: use the Roku app for your remote
  5. just bought this TV
  6. not sure if this is a Honda but this is a cool tool
  7. JoeSteeler

    Pats @ Steelers

    those last 3 throws looked high
  8. JoeSteeler

    Pats @ Steelers

    Maybe is is the Zach Snyder cut
  9. JoeSteeler

    Pats @ Steelers

    18-17 final score in regulation
  10. JoeSteeler

    Pats @ Steelers

    GO FOR 4th idiot KICK THE FG!
  11. JoeSteeler

    Pats @ Steelers

    4 down territory
  12. JoeSteeler

    Pats @ Steelers

    Hold On to the damn ball
  13. JoeSteeler

    Pats @ Steelers

    Is there any way this doesn't end up 17-14 Pats?