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  1. All 4 seasons also available on Hulu
  2. Shoot me a PM if you still need someone
  3. did you see Infinity Baby? It was interesting to say the least. Available on Amazon prime video
  4. When your door bell rang 20 yrs ago vs Now
  5. AS a kid In the summer we would leave the house early after breakfast and just have to be home for dinner...would head out again after and would have to be home "when the street lights came on" Trick or treat would start at dark and last until after Midnight where I grew up. None of this 3-5pm crap
  6. did anyone mention "The George Michael Sports Machine"?
  7. too bad Chuck Barris isn't still around, he would know for sure
  8. Thanks guys.
  9. Nice...subtract another 10% for S&S $24.29 + no tax where I live
  10. what will be forgotten?
  11. 16 team salary cap IDP dynasty league. This year's cap is at $187,000,000 Currently I have Stafford as my QB ($23.75M salary) but he is a FA and I can only franchise him for this year then he becomes a FA. Another team that is cap-strapped has offered me Brady ($24M salary) for my 4.13 pick. He doesn't have a lot of options and either needs to trade Brady or let him hit free agency. If I trade for Brady I can lock him up with a 1-5 year contract. My team is geared to win now (won the title in 2016 and finished 3rd last year). My options: 1. Trade for Brady and let Stafford become a FA ( I can't afford them both) 2. Keep Stafford for this year and then have to find a new QB next year. Thoughts or advice?Thanks.
  12. Not to hijack, but... What are my options with a neighbor's tree that has several large branches handing over the fence onto my property?
  13. Not the "biggest" but worth watching... Pats RB usage Colts starting RB Bills QB Lions RB Chargers #2 WR