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  1. probably will not survive my final cuts...16 team IDP league with 50 roster spots + 7 on the PS.
  2. I can find several sources from the last week saying "NFLPA to file grievance" but not anything that they actually filed it.
  3. Shows move networks these days and still go on
  4. got 404 errors on each link. RB link loaded at first now it doesn't edit - working now
  5. maybe this will work for you? My Best Buy Student Members: HP Laptop: 14", i3-7100U, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD
  6. Preston Williams: From Waiver Wire Pickup to WR1
  7. The Conversation is also available via Kanopy (free service available through some libraries) and PlutoTv for those that may not have prime. Pluto TV will probably have ads I would think
  8. one of my favorite current many good roles One of my favorite roles is Dean Ziegler in Cedar Rapids. very under rated/under watched movie. Reed from Boogie Nights is also great Have to go with Step Brothers as sig role though
  9. I took Murray at 1.05 where I only had Big Ben (16 team)
  10. Just took him at pick 44 in a 16 team IDP rookie draft (PPR - TE premium, start 0-3 TE) Wasn't necessarily targeting him but saw he was out there and traded up to get him. Looking forward to what he can do. TE get 1.25 PPR and .15/10 yards receiving