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  1. Downsizing looks interesting
  2. Have CJ Anderson and Shelby Harris going in my 16 team IDP league
  3. Need Brady to stay under 40 pts. So no 400 and 4 or 300 and 5 game please
  4. His deep passes looked very good tonight
  5. Love Low Men in Yellow Coats audiobook. William Hutt was perfect
  6. Interview with Chandler Riggs...obviously could be spoilers
  7. Possibly. Sure layed there a long time though
  8. Ben is first QB to throw for 500+yards in a game 3 times
  9. at the time I thought he was hurt.
  10. 3-10-BAL 39(:16) (Shotgun) J.Flacco sacked at BAL 31 for -8 yards (T.Watt). FUMBLES (T.Watt) [T.Watt], ball out of bounds at BAL 36.
  11. Listed as injured in the play play FWIW
  12. Sack and a fumble
  13. After the two-minute warning of a half, the following shall apply: a) If a team has not used its three charged team timeouts, the team of the injured player will be charged a team timeout, unless: 1) the injury is the result of a foul by an opponent; 2) the injury occurs during a down in which there is a change of possession, a successful field goal, or an attempted try
  14. Boswell bailed them put but JFC horrible play calling