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  1. Thanks guys - I pulled the trigger. I also got Von Miller but didn't mention above as I thought the trade without him included was good enough to accept.
  2. If you can provide IDP scoring for solos, asst, sack, int, FF/FR, PD + any bonuses that should be a good starting point
  3. What are the IDP starters and scoring? This one is a hard pass for me, IMO could get a lot more. Other trade offer I received: Ndamukong Suh, Rob Gronkowski, Allen Robinson II, Kareem Hunt, 2021 second, 2021 fifth, 2021 sixth for Christian McCaffrey (Hard to downgrade at RB when McCaffrey is all I have
  5. My issue seems not knowing when to sell. I am up 120% on DKNG and part of me feels like I should sell some but part of me feels like it could go much higher and wants to hold.
  6. Was he baked when he put in the new part?
  7. Yep...couple years ago I changed mine this way
  8. Would give John Brown and 2021 3rd for Hayden Hurst...16 team PPR dynasty,TE premium Thanks for any feedback. My WR are: ODB, Brown, Gallup, Diontae Johnson, DJ Moore, Ju-Ju My TE: Kittle, Vance, Warring
  9. up 11% today - thanks for the head's up on this one!
  10. Horrible Boses and Bridesmaids both great...but 2011 This Is The End probably my favorite comedy since 2012.