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  1. Gradowski to IR
  2. rotoworld: 6/4/2014: Signed a seven-year, $126.97 million contract. The deal contains $61 million guaranteed, although only $13.073 was guaranteed at signing -- a $12,328,766 signing bonus, Kaepernick's 2014 base salary, and a $100,000 first-year workout bonus. Kaepernick's 2015-2017 base salaries are guaranteed only for injury. Kaepernick is eligible for annual $2 million per-game roster bonuses and offseason workout bonuses of $400,000 in years two through seven. 2016: $13.9 million, 2017: $16.5 million, 2018: $17 million, 2019: $18.8 million, 2020: $21 million, 2021: Free Agent
  3. counter for a 2nd rounder...if he declines then stand pat and hope his value increases.
  4. I tend to agree but same thing was said about Vick at one point
  5. good point. Not a Vikes fan, but am a Bridgewater fan, Feel bad for him.
  6. I wouldn't say he "sacrificed his career". He has already made an incredible amount of money and (should be) set for life. If he was a 1st year player doing this, then I would say he sacrificed his career.
  7. new nickname? "Fractured Fred"
  8. :SEHORN:
  9. i have him on my watch list, but read an ESPN article that Kruger will play DE
  10. looks like there are multiple lines per team Washington Jamison Crowder WR Rashad Ross WR Washington Will Blackmon S Chris Thompson RB Washington Rashad Ross WR Keith Marshall RB
  11. check out the thread for cutting cable + I search for Kodi, someone made a thread Unless you are being facetious, then carry on