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  1. what do you mean by the links page?
  2. This place just opened near my house. Dr. V & G's Sauce Shack
  3. Original Tabasco is 30-35mg per serving
  4. Like the Simpsons but LOVE Family Guy
  5. I think you mean 1d4 +12
  6. what type of clinic? Why didn't she go to emergency room at a real Hospital?
  7. why the delay? In 2015 I was hit by a drunk driver who had State Farm and my car was fixed and back to me in 5-6 days
  8. did this really happen? Was is $16.9 guaranteed?
  9. you should always notify your insurance agent immediatly when you are in an accident
  10. I am an Independent and have voted both republican and democrat in the past but Paul Ryan is such a jackwad. I don't know how anyone stands that idiot.
  11. Pat Sajak seemed partial to Kevin’s response. “And although you got the right answer, I’d rather see Kevin’s play,” he joked.
  12. same here for the Steelers
  13. is it Robert Nkemdiche time with CC leaving?
  14. IIRC the whole season comes on in September
  15. bingo! “We developed a plan for Cam to take a period of rest, a period of rehabilitation and treatment, and then start a gradual throwing program the first part of March,” Vermillion said. “Cam started his program, and the early parts of his rehab had been going well. However, as we worked to advance him into the next stage – the strengthening stage, the throwing stage – he started to have an increase in his pain level and started having pain while throwing.”