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  1. geez, you really rammed that joke down our throats
  2. Cruz visited over the weekend
  3. early favorite for TOTY
  4. This really is a great facility and they have not even met half of their goal. If you guys could donate even a few bucks and/or pass this along to other animal lovers I would appreciate it!!!
  5. hey guys and girls...just want to post about a great place that is looking for donations. It is called the Goathouse Refuge in NC. I am not affiliated with them, other then monetary support. Help Us Reach Our $50k Goal Posted October 18, 2016 There are a few magical places left in this world. The Goathouse Refuge is one of them – a unique, no-kill sanctuary that takes in cats and kittens (and the occasional dog or goat)when there is no other place or hope left. If there was not a Goathouse Refuge, these animals would be killed, or suffer because their medical needs could not be met, or wander the streets, abandoned or injured. This has been a tough year for the Refuge and we are appealing to you to make a donation today. We aim to raise $50,000 to cover our operating costs for the remainder of the year. Even with over 250 adoptions this year so far, we are stretched to our upper capacity on kitty guests, and they are eating us out of house and home. Cats arrive needing medical care – from initial testing to vaccinations and spay/neuters and often much more – and this can run up hundreds of dollars in vet bills very quickly for each cat. The storms and flooding this year have not helped either – we’ve had lots of repairs and clean up to take care of. And winter is close, and we need to add more gas heaters and get ahead of mounting vet and food bills. We are in a deficit situation and seriously need your help. We do our best to fundraise, and we watch our dollars, but most of our funds are donated (adoption fees don’t come close to covering our costs), and there simply is not enough right now. We are ten years old and have never been in such dire circumstances before. It costs approximately $300,000 a year to run the refuge (or $25,000 per month). We are asking for $50,000 to cover the next few months of operations. Your dollars will help us pay for the bare necessities as we adopt out more cats and kittens, get ahead of vet bills, repair our storm-damaged physical plant, and can get back to a more sustainable level. Please donate and share our campaign widely to help us raise the funds we need to keep the Refuge running. I know money is tight for most everyone but if you can spare a few dollars please consider supporting the great work that they do for cats! Also please share on social media if you can. website gofundme link LINK Thanks for you time!
  6. I know I posted this once before but wanted to bump it. This really is a great facility and they have not even met half of their goal if you guys could donate even a few bucks and/or pass this along to other cat lovers I would appreciate it!!!
  7. There was one (season 1 I think) where he was helping Jack with homework that was great...I will have to see if I can find it.
  8. Yes, it is free. do you have a cable login? If so, you can watch at Fxnow or on the fxnow app on roku Also available on "xtv channel" on roku
  9. Yes, there are commercials. They don't seem overly intrusive to me but everyone is different.
  10. On Crackle
  11. going to list this on eBay unless someone here wants it for $20. Thanks.
  12. How low can you get? They give him an axe and then cut him the same day?
  13. haven't seen Batman but love The Lego Movie