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  1. Isabella if Kirk is out again...sounds like he will be
  2. First time I have seen it - and I don't own Carson in an league - that is suspension worthy IMO.
  3. Scotty Miller or Van Jefferson PPP Thanks!
  4. Who do I start Mixon or Johnson? .5 ppr and I am a heavy favorite if that influences your answer. WHIR but will be on and offline today. Thanks.
  5. In my 16 team PPR league I started Juju and Dionte in the first 2 weeks and will start them this week as well.
  6. Just got this offer out of the blue...16 team IDP PPR dynasty. Team offering lost Barkley and is 0-2 and last in points scored, was 6-7 last year. I am 2-0 and 5th in points scored. My team: Watson/Bridgewater (start 1) E Elliott, Ekeler, Dobbins, J Taylor, Pollard, D Williams, B Hill (start 1-3) Lockett, DJ Moore, C Kirk, Ruggs, Pittman, Fitzgerald, Mooney, Cephus (start 2-4) Hurst, Jonnu Smith, Logan Thomas, Alie-Cox, Ian Thomas, Knox (start 1-3) Myles Garrett, A Hicks, M Crosby, Flowers, Barnett (start 3) Littleton, AJ Johnson, Kenneth Murray, N Gerry, Pierre-Louis, Takitaki (start 3) I am not married to Ekeler and would move him, not sure if a 1st is enough. I thought about asking for a player on top of the 1st but he doesn't have a lot I am interested in. Maybe he would include Tee Higgins but I have my doubts. It is a salary cap league so I am limited who I can trade for. Ekeler's salary is low at $3 out of a $200 cap. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks. edit - I have a 1st and 3 2nds in 2021 from prior trades. edit2 - He just made a trade where he moved a 2021 2nd for Jamaal Williams
  7. agree -switch out Robinson for Conner.
  8. I have him in redraft and started him last night. No shares in dynasty though.
  9. He is definitely a hold IMO. It would take a lot to pry him away right now and I don't think you could even get can offer close.