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  1. haven't watched it yet but has been renewed for a 2nd season
  2. he was placed on the pup
  3. I agree but in thinking of starting him in two of my 16 team dyno leagues. 1 over Robby Anderson and 1 over Rawls
  4. Drafted him in pretty much all my dyno leagues and have held, hoping a change it scenery works. Not sure what to expect.
  5. have PBS app on roku, only seeing "broadcast version"
  6. Cunningham 43/64 Cole 23/64
  7. Nice site, thanks for posting
  8. A Toradol shot has helped me greatly in the past and usually works pretty fast eta - not sure if that is what he got
  9. ugh why not just run the ball?
  10. called running into. Roughing (I believe) would have given the Steelers an automatic 1st down
  11. Item 1. Roughing the kicker. It is a foul for roughing the kicker if a defensive player: contacts the plant leg of the kicker while his kicking leg is still in the air slides into or contacts the kicker when both of the kicker’s feet are on the ground. It is not a foul if the contact is not severe, or if the kicker returns both feet to the ground prior to the contact and falls over a defender on the ground
  12. I thought a hit to the plant leg was roughing?
  13. Kyle Rudolph hell of a catch
  14. Damn, thanks