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  1. This for Internet only?
  2. see this is why you should always save your dog over the just never know who you are saving
  3. for those wanting more analysis of each episode, New Rockstars on YouTube does a nice recap of every episode. They do other shows as well and even some trailer breakdowns. I must be a real because I really find this stuff interesting. They have season 7, episode 9 up so far and episode 10 should be up any day
  4. Cedar Rapids - great casting
  5. $14.999 with code 100NEST
  6. $14.999 with code 100NEST
  7. Kent State has it own police force as well
  8. for those thinking about part time work after "retirement", last I knew Costco offered medical coverage if you worked 24+ hours/week
  9. geez, you really rammed that joke down our throats
  10. Cruz visited over the weekend
  11. early favorite for TOTY
  12. This really is a great facility and they have not even met half of their goal. If you guys could donate even a few bucks and/or pass this along to other animal lovers I would appreciate it!!!