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  1. Yeah - I don’t love this. Teams best corner plus roll to his side. We’ll see
  2. I am so impressed by this guy. In every way. After seeing QBs go through the motion and seemingly not care (Flacco) this guy was fired up. Pissed that his center didn’t get a snap off when he asked for it. Very animated. Team got on his back and responded. Think he’s a big time leader
  3. When your 2 All Pro starting tackles return to the lineup it’s just different
  4. Sucks. We made it out just in time. It doesn't look good. I was told that the strikes would be bad. Transportation, etc. If it were me I'd avoid it. You can still head down to Seville, Granada, Cordoba or further south. Hate for you to miss Barcelona though - such a cool city
  5. Beauty sure is in the eye of the beholder. Venice is a polarizing city. Some love it. Others, like me, think it's way overrated and worthy of a day and half, two days at most. 1 main square, go through the grand canal at night, and..... Florence on the other end was far and away the favorite of our entire family, with Rome 2nd and Venice 3rd. Felt we could live in Florence - loved it that much. We liked Siena as well. Went there the day after the Palio and they were still parading the winning horse and jockey around. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  6. It was really weird like his knee was going to the outside when he limped. Think more knee than ankle
  7. I always hate the questionable hammy thing. Damn it
  8. Update? Can’t hear audio. Helmet off looked in pain
  9. Recently. I've had way bigger. Starting Bobby Hebert in a SuperBowl because of a great matchup only to get 6 picks. Drafting Cecil the Diesel. But recently, with aBrees getting hurt, QB byes and horrific options on the wire (started Flacco this week) - yeah, it's the most current regret.
  10. My biggest regret in many FF years is losing out by $1 in FAAB to get Josh Allen. He's back on the wire. Really praying the defense and Singletary score all the points this week. Not likely to happen.
  11. They quit. Pathetic performance. Zero adjustments. No quick hit screens to offset the blitzes, nothing. No imagination. Terrible blocking. I’ve never seen so many whiffs. And Flacco - how about throwing the ball a way when you get pressure?
  12. Planning a trip for next Summer. Thinking 5 nights in Maui and a week on the Big Island. Time to go back. Will try the app