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  1. I agree something is up. If it was a discipline move they could recover from it would be a 1 week slap on the wrist. This seems like more. Brees may hang it up, so they are assessing long term. May be done with him. Just speculating. As a Brees owner I hope he comes back
  2. No issues with Teams. We were having WebEx issues, then Zoom was outlawed by CIO/CISO. So Teams it is.
  3. I miss Vegas. Badly. Heard Absinthe opened up. Great memories. Probably be another year for me.
  4. Can I ask what you love about Telado/Livongo? I'm in the business so very curious. Livongo made a genius hire in getting Zane Burke from Cerner as President. This was a diabetes management software firm who had the promise of getting into other disease states. Tullman was a carnival barker at Allscripts but a good one. These guys know how to raise valuations. So then they go public, Teladoc takes advantage of an unbelievable stroke of luck with Coronavirus sparking telehealth and then goes for the mega merger. Almost all of the top talent at Livongo including Tullman, Burke and Shapiro are out. Took gobs (heard Shapiro the CFO took $850M) of cash and rode off into the sunset or joined private equity. Meanwhile, I don't have the faith that telehealth is here to stay at scale. It has a place, but won't replace face/face visits. It's already sliding big time. I think both of these were way overvalued. Could Teladoc have 800 pound gorilla advantage? Sure. If Jason G is a genius CEO could happen. Don't know.
  5. Got an unbelievable 90 minute massage today. After days of work, peleton, golf etc I was a mess. Go at it hard but be good to your body. Deep tissue/stretching. Pure bliss.
  6. If you liked the second one my God you have to watch the first one. Not close.
  7. Not judging. Most people have vomited once on Cuervo Gold
  8. Cuervo Gold is the nastiest stuff known to mankind. Charcoal tasting nastiness. Total rookie move.
  9. My future son in law's family are from Mexico and got me this. Said this was the best they had. Haven't opened it yet.
  10. If the best part is the pickle....well..........
  11. I own both Dobbins and Edwards in a non PPR. May be desperate to choose one in the flex
  12. can’t wait to see what DeChambeau does at the Masters. It’s must watch for him alone
  13. Well the Dodger relievers didn’t have a drop off in game 6, even though the Rays saw all of them 4-5 times. Pitchers will not have it every day. When they do you ride it. Can’t believe they pulled Snell when he was still unhittable and had the 1-4 hitters 0-8 with 7 strikeouts. I would not be afraid of them seeing Snell a 3rd time. He made them look silly all night. It was just a bad decision. I think bullpen coaches and game catchers have to be very quick in motioning if someone is on or not. They know quickly. Some really good takes here. Playoffs are different. Not all managers translate regular season success to playoffs. But it’s the easiest coaching job to 2nd guess. Every decision is magnified. And it’s ultimately still on the player to execute. Can’t pitch or hit for them.