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  1. So sorry amigo. So painful to go through. Dogs are so great that although we know we'll have to deal with the inevitable it's still worth it for the joy they bring every day. RIP Otis.
  2. no way. I'll visit her often though and fill her account so she can get all the cheetoh's she wants.
  3. Just me - I’d only do Florence and Rome if I’m there 9-10 days. Maybe a day trip to Venice. You’d want 2 more days in Florence for sure and need more in Rome. Recommend the other cities on your next trip
  4. The line at Matt’s Bar will be out the door with fellow tourists wanting to try a Jucy Lucy
  5. It’s the difference between being all in and having an easy foot out the door. If you want everything separate including finances then no marriage might work. Some people just can’t make a commitment. Others commit too easily. Up to the parties involved
  6. Thankfully not me. Body aching from another day of travel
  7. Wow. I need to watch Omaha Beach’s race. I thought Roadster looked great but Smith rarely makes a wrong choice.
  8. This. AWS rules the world right now.
  9. For everyone dissing Tiger's "fear factor" - right now who is the player competitors would least like to see within 2 strokes of a major on Sunday?? I'd say it's Tiger then Koepka. Koepka is the only one who consistently displays that level of ice water in his veins. DJ, Rory, Spieth, Thomas, Fowler, Rose, now Molinari - all have displayed greatness but also totally folding when it counts.
  10. He shot double digits under to win the Masters. That's as good as before. He's hitting it long, his irons are spectacular, his short game is great and it's just a question of his putter. When it's on he can score as before. What's different is he has more A players chasing him. Studs like Koepka, Johnson, Rory, and more. Not just Mickelson.
  11. So can I have a summary of the bets from this thread? Who owes who?