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  1. 8 of us going to see Queen Saturday night at the Forum. Glad I’m not chasing these prices on Stubhub. $200 seats going for $600-$800.
  2. Almost always because of references that younger generations wouldn’t get now. How could they not get the Arnold Ziffel line? Hair growing in the wrong places is a big one as others noted. My gal has to trim the brows now too. Brutal
  3. Love a great shrimp po boy fully dressed. Acme oyster house in NO serves a good one. Also went to a place I think was called RO seafood that has a great one. Remoulade, lettuce, tomato, pickle. Great bread. Loaded with shrimp
  4. Our 4 some got the ballot 2X in a week. Short straw went straight from the pub in the www hours to the course
  5. Meth seems to work out for all the people I see on Cops....
  6. Headed to Minneapolis tomorrow. 92, humid, strong thunderstorms. Yuck. Hate traveling in the summer. I’d rather have cold weather in the winter than this.
  7. Not connecting with either of those 2 match points will haunt Federer. He needed one ace. Phenomenal match.
  8. My daughter is marrying into the biz. Everyone knows everybody. Went 2 weeks ago to Napa and got free private tours and not your average tasting lineups everywhere. Different world for insiders.
  9. My friend lives in a magnificent development in El Dorado Hills. Great community. Great golf course. Close to Folsom Lake. I’m not a fan overall of Sac, but the proximity to Lake Tahoe and SF are big pluses too
  10. Tough call. I’ve never uprooted my family and so glad I held my ground. At one point I got passed over for an SVP of Sales role because I wouldn’t move from CA to Alabama. They hired another guy who was a disaster, fired him and promoted me without the move. Sales is a bit different as we likely can live anywhere. But I’ve seen plenty of people uproot a family and move only to get canned a year later. That house they sold in CA? More expensive now. If no family or friends consideration then it would have to be a lot more money and a better ceiling. Plus a great place to live.
  11. Yeah, but in So Cal very few. How many of us ever put on a repellent when going outside? Me - never. Most will light a candle on the patio. As for Mexican - I’m not even counting East LA and some of the places mentioned. Heck - we have a taco truck 5 blocks from us that makes the most killer al pastor around. Javier’s great scenery but overrated. For great food and the best concept I’ve seen we love Los Agaves. First one in Santa Barbara. Then came to our town. I’d love to take this place to every city in the country.
  12. don't think it's that innocent in a business setting. I believe this use of language puts lower ceilings on careers