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  1. Sorry bud - just saw this. At the airport. We’ll be back out in a few months and would love to meet up with a FBG
  2. Congrats! I think you’ll have lots of FBGs take you up on that
  3. The only place I don’t like in Hawaii is Waikiki
  4. Nothing wrong with slight decline. Just look back and don’t go ramming speed into my laptop
  5. Leaving tomorrow morning. Hells Kitchen + Aerosmith tomorrow night. Skybar + Ocean Prime + Absinthe Friday night. Sports book galore throughout. Staying at Aria. Can’t wait
  6. Aerosmith tomorrow night in Vegas This time of year is rough. Seemingly get presale notifications every single day of concerts I want to go to. Tim McGraw and Luke Combs on sale tomorrow. Man. Already caved in for Stapleton last week.
  7. Purchasing to Sales is an interesting leap. I’ve been in Sales all my life and I could never, ever see myself on the other side of the table with Procurement. High end Sales is closer to being an attorney than anything. Have to be good at research, excellent communicator, persuasive making a case (value proposition), etc. Critical thinking, great writing skills also are major pluses. Building relationships is key but you can’t rely on that as much anymore. Some people cannot deal with a quota over their head. Some people aren’t competitive. Some won’t want the travel. It’s got to be the right fit but for those who have talent and grit it can be hugely rewarding. Very few jobs pay as much. Base salaries are 6 figures and then commission typically is at least the same at quota. Upside 2-4X of that. If you underachieve you will be let go. The Sales world is littered with resumes of reps who move to new companies every 2 years. We’re putting 2 people on performance improvement plans tomorrow. Likely out in 30-60 days. Account Management is one way to go. Another could be Customer Success. Those 2 positions can be similar in pay, may be responsible for SaaS renewals, 6th fastest growing job according to LinkedIn. Less stress, less comp but still pays well. How much does big $ drive you? Or seeing yourself #1 out of 30 people on a team? If driven and competitive it may be a good fit. If you’re OK with just doing enough to get by don’t get into Sales. You would hate it. edited to add - but it can be a ton of fun with the right company and team. Work hard, play hard, celebrate wins, President’s Club trips, gratification that you are excelling.
  8. Some irony that it's coming from Mr. Ham with a "praise bacon" avatar!
  9. It felt like it was going to be a clean sweep...
  10. If Phoenix does anything about these causes he's suddenly so passionate about post award season I'll then be impressed.
  11. 1) 5 irons go as far as 7, 8, 9 irons used to. 2) Not as much sphincter control. Farts slip out while walking the dog. Good thing the neighbors are mostly older too and likely can't hear 'em
  12. We leave 2/29 - will report back @tommyGunZ
  13. One question, OK. Timing still sucked. She dug in, wouldn’t let it go. Almost smug. Lisa owned her and finished it with class.