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  1. How long do phase 2b/3 trials take? I’m interested in what Novant Health finds. Has UCLA expanded? Otto is the bright light.
  2. Hmmm. A couple range days and then shot 38-38 - 76 today from the blues. That’s with 2 balls in the water. Forced myself to stay in the moment and not steer it home and protect a score. Birdied 18 to finish in style. Only had one block miss to the right so did a better job rotating
  3. Just wanted to say what an incredible giving post this is. People with this type of perspective and awareness bounce back better than ever. Just like I know Tipsy will. Best wishes to you both. Every day is a gift.
  4. How much ya willing to pay for an 8.5-9 on the scale?
  5. The only thing I’d add is I’ve seen crate “training” overdone. Friend of mine had the sweetest chocolate lab and she has a permanent limp from being in a crate for too long. Put a limit on it. We had our lab on a crate as well. Necessary in the beginning and they actually feel safer as well. But grow them out of it ASAP
  6. I agree with this. You give a certain percent of the population a good enough deal on unlimited food and they will go. Cruises will be packed again. Not by scientists, but they will be packed.
  7. I want to at least feel like I’m at a concert if I can’t be at one. Listening to Allman Brothers Live at Fillmore East right now. Need other nominations for my play list this weekend. What’s your #1?
  8. Really depends if it’s a fresh out of the ground potato or one that’s been in some storage bin in Idaho for 3 months. The former is great. The latter (at most supermarkets) sucks
  9. Best wishes to Peter (and you) for much happiness. All that matters.
  10. LA capping fees - 15% all in max
  11. I actually like it. Shorter race first building to the Derby at a mile and a quarter. Too early for these to go a mile and a half. if Charlatan doesn’t mind the sandy/cuppy track it’ll be a procession
  12. Horse is out of the barn in CA. Our county (Ventura) has very low #’s and is petitioning tomorrow for a full re-open June 1. Big gatherings like concerts will still be out but everything else looks like will be open.
  13. Deservedly so. Place is terrible