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  1. Hell yes! Especially after the misdirection that was the rest of the episode!
  2. I just want to say thanks for using the spoiler tag. I wasn't even thinking and clicked in here, not having seen the ep yet. Gracias!
  3. I use these. They seem to work fine and the price is right.
  4. Chuck Norris went there once. Now they're just called "The Islands".
  5. Just looked at CPI and used car prices are up about 10% YTD while new car is basically flat. Strange...
  6. It was. And I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I literally did not speak to anyone until the title company representative showed up at the house last week with the hard copies for me and my wife to sign. The rest including all of the details with the lender were handled strictly via e-mail and esignature.
  7. Thanks. So you don't have to be there before the park opens? Just inside the park by 10am?
  8. What was your process for getting the boarding passes?
  9. FYI, I know Chad is doing the Lord's work in here and I don't mean to rain on that parade, but my experience: I shopped for a refi like I would for a car, basically. I went to Lending Tree, my current mortgage holder (US Bank), and the guy I've used in the past. Gave general info. to all and asked what their terms would be, including closing costs, points, and APR's, and researched reviews on the lenders that responded to my Lending Tree inquiry (went with Gateway). The Lending Tree lender ended up with the best terms, so I moved forward with them. Everything went off without a hitch, and I did have some extra e-mails for a couple weeks but they ended up going away once they understood I'm not interested in pursuing with them.
  10. Good points, I was really just thinking about the salability of the property, say, 5 years from now if interest rates go through the roof. I would assume the buyer would still find value in assuming the remainder of my note then opening a second mortgage to make up the difference in cash owed to me for my equity. I don't know if it makes sense because I know a second mortgage right off the bat could get complicated, but if interest rates skyrocket wouldn't it be worth the hassle?
  11. I just yesterday read a blurb that said for years every morning he would take a business card and write "I, James Randi, will die today, _____", date it, sign it, and stick it in his wallet. And every day, he would tear up yesterday's card write a new one. He finally quit after something like 20 years, lamenting that he just "had never gotten lucky". RIP Amazing Randi
  12. Just got done with the signatures. 3 day cool off period and everything will be a done deal on Monday. The closing dude from the title company who came to the house today is the first person I've actually talked to in the entire process. Exchanged e-mails with the broker but never even spoke with her on the phone. One thing that occurred to me far too late...should we be paying for assumable mortgages at this point? I don't see rates dropping much more than this, and 5-10 years from now rates could be significantly higher. Just a thought, I have no idea what that type of extra costs.
  13. The 60 is the margin % that was originally baked into the Best Buy retail price.
  14. What we did is got the 2 player alternative and the standard version with pictures instead of words. Now we can basically play with or without pictures, 2 player or group. Excellent value for the money!!