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  1. lol I don't know about the doc - maybe mention it at your next checkup. In the meantime, though, I would take some steps to exercise your mind. Games, puzzles, do a little research on effective activities to stimulate the memory and see if it makes a difference. Could be like the rest of the body - maybe you had a great metabolism when you were younger and could eat anything with no exercise and no impact at all, but now that you're older and your body is changing, a little healthier eating and exercise might be needed to keep the old engine purring.
  2. I dig this one better than the original (tapped out of that when they killed Glenn). Don't know why but I just like the characters. The new cowboy guy (the one from Deadwood) is the ####.
  3. This is an important and informative debate. Nevertheless, I got hung up on this one line. Read a lot of mommy blogs, do you?
  4. How do you suppose she'll react to the incest in Ep1 and the nursing dragons to round out the first season?
  5. Started off historically great. Ended cliche tv. Ah well, at least the books will finish this off right. I mean, if they ever get written. Drat. Maybe I'll start that Wheel of Time series everyone always talks about. Maybe I'll just re-read Lord of the Rings again. That one always sticks the landing.
  6. Oof. Swing and a miss. They should have had two full seasons instead of two half seasons to wind this down. This season felt more like a summary of the end of the story than the story itself, especially the last 4 episodes.
  7. Great idea imo. It's not replacing the test, but it is giving universities that care to (which will not be all universities) additional tools to help them contextualize test scores and put a greater focus on achievement relative to circumstance.
  8. I had no idea that they had already been renewed for Season 7, and that's awesome news. Go AOS!
  9. Fitz was in one before the start of the episode, then Simmons got in one to get her tan on. Sometimes I wonder if some of you are even watching the same show.
  10. Why do people always say things like this, as if it's the same folks flip flopping? It's like when they complain about politics: well sorry but YOUR SIDE took some untenable position 3 generations ago so YOU HAVE LOST THE MORAL HIGH GROUND! Lol makes no sense to me.
  11. I don't expect them to, but there are plenty of character nuggets in the last couple of pages of this thread to get me excited about all the nuance that was lost since the show passed the books. They were able to get the broad strokes done but it just feels mine there's a lot more to the story that the books will cover. Things the show just didn't have time to pursue or allow to breath: Dany's descent into madness, Dany and Jon's love story, the fatal mistake that leads Varys to his demise, etc.