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  1. Neener nee nerrr neener nee ner nerrr... 🎹 It's the Final Countdown
  2. I was 8/9 in 1980. Goldbergs is great nostalgia. Love it. Americans was great realism. Love it because of the acting and the story, not as much because of the setting. Stranger Things does the best at capturing the feel of the 80s, IMO. Love it because of the authentic 80s feeling more than anything else. Not saying it's the most authentic, but the feeling is the most authentic to how it felt to live it at the time imo. I think it has to do with the synthesizers, the music selection, and the visual aesthetics. This show does those things better than any.
  3. Simple, they put the address on the back of the envelope.
  4. Yes, but in Mexico they call it a Royale with Cheese.
  5. Thanks, we looked at them yesterday. AAA has the best discount so far, and it looks like it needs to be 3+ days wherever we go in order to get a discount. I was hoping when I read what Cappy said about attendance being down that we might be able to get tickets at a discount as a result. Any other suggestions would be appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the responses, I think I'd have a steep uphill climb to convince the wife not to do it, so Mickey's party is likely in the cards for us. On the very last night, in fact (11/1). New topic: where can I get the best deal on park tickets (with no other requirements, we're staying off propoerty). Are cheap tickets available anywhere? We're doing 2 days at WDW (MK on 11/1 and Hollywood Studios on either 11/2 or 11/4) and Universal 1 day...
  7. Anyone done the MIckey not-so-scary Halloween party yet? How was it?
  8. We're sitting on the Saudi Arabia of wind energy right here in the USA. And we haven't even begun to tap into it!
  9. Yeah for the vast majority of that documentary I was thinking it was more of an indictment of the worldview of the filmmaker that they considered the topic controversial enough to give the 5 episode treatment that they did.
  10. (to which all 4 of my children now respond "Mom's dead, dad." from the Walking Dead Rick Grimes meme lol)
  11. Dalton never would have played Bond if Brosnan hadn't been committed to Remington Steele when the job opened up.
  12. You must have missed his measly little life comments upthread. This is what he has to LIVE for!!