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  1. Cav is my portfolio manager, I'd have to consult him on the magnitude of our lawsuit windfall.
  2. When I REALLY needed the appraisal to come in right, I left a note on the kitchen counter with a list of the upgrades we had in the house, along with their value/cost, and comps in the area, and concluded with "based on these, I think the value of the house is at least XXX". His appraisal came in right on the nose.
  3. 0 Can we go negative? Can't even envision how this could work.
  4. Right. For example, I think my max out of pocket for family is something like $8,500.
  5. I'm a 1, 2 if I'm only half-heartedly engaged in the exercise.
  6. In from the fall of 2007 to the spring of 2009, the stock market dropped 50%. The first purpose of your HSA is to pay for unforeseen medical costs. $5,000 doesn't seem like a conservative balance to me, to hold in a safe place before speculating with the rest.
  7. I'm with Fidelity as well. What cash fund are you in? I did the one time lifetime transfer in, too find the account, and they just dumped it into FDRXX, which had less than 2% yield last year. There should be better cash funds available, no?
  8. What do you use for your cash / low risk fund? I just opened my HSA with Fidelity. We should have a thread just about HSA investing. I do need to use my money to pay some healthcare costs, so I'm struggling with how to invest it.