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  1. Anything about prices or priority? I'd assume they are giving first priority to those who already had reservations...
  2. I saw a commercial to make reservations on I think it was Hulu or might have been OTA last night.
  3. Americans aren't quite the rule-followers that the Chinese are, either.
  4. My thoughts exactly. I found this story, and these photos. The photo captions have good info as well - for example, China's social distancing rule is 3 feet vs. our CDC's 6 feet. I was thinking of throwing money at DIS stock rn but unfortunately they're already up over 50% since they hit their bottom a couple months ago.
  5. Hey Tim, quick question: if I have 1.5 points and ragin has 1, why aren't I playing @Nick Vermeil? No big deal, but I would have thought that ragin vs. shuke and fatguy vs. shader could have worked. Nothing like the guy at the bottom of the consolation bracket causing trouble, eh? Nick, I will probably go ahead and challenge you to an informal WINNER TAKES ALL game after the last round ends.
  6. gg. I think I should have been able to close it out with my rooks and my bishop when I had you in that corner but I screwed it up. I need to watch those videos that Zow posted up thread.
  7. Maybe was always playing that quirky dude as "a role", and I just never got it until he started acting normal? Possible?
  8. When did he learn how to act? Sometime between The League and Avengers (or whatever Marvel movie he first appeared in) he learned how to act. What the hell man? How did that all of a sudden happen after he turned, like, 70? Seriously? I'd blame the Mandela effect but pretty sure I can literally pull up The Fly or Jurassic Park or any other movie he was in before 2015 and prove it.
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing the notation, if you have it handy. Thanks in advance...
  10. Hey @UniAlias, you're supposed to be white I think. I selected "change sides".