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  1. Is there any profile FDAS won't post in?

  2. We're still talking about anacondas, right? :brownchickenbrowncow:
  3. My son started doing that recently. Had no idea where he'd picked it up. My wife thought he was saying "brown chicken, brown cow".
  4. If you've got kids, They Might Be Giants does a weekly podcast for kids. My 4 yr old son LOVES them...and I do, too.
  5. Seriously, stop it. He'd kick you into the bottomless pit if you were coming after him looking for lovin'.:)With rock hard abs,SMTHIS! IS! HARASSMENT!!!1
  6. Dear Guy That I'm Guessing Has Asperger's, I don't mind that you keep conversations going as I'm walking away or trying to leave for the day. I don't mind that most of the time you smell like body odor and old socks. I don't even mind that you try to pick up chicks in chat rooms when you don't think anybody is paying attention. But there is something I do mind. PLEASE quit standing right in front of me and eyeballing whatever I happened to get for lunch. You look at my food like you haven't eaten in a month. Where did I get it? It says "Subway" on the bag. I'll give you three guesses. What do I have on it? WHY DO YOU CARE?! CAN I PLEASE EAT MY SANDWICH! I'M NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU ANY! Is it good? IT'S FINE! THAT'S WHY I DIDN'T THROW IT AWAY AFTER I TOOK A BITE! Please, please, please quit watching me eat my sandwich. Please? We're cool. Just talk to me after I'm done eating. You skeeve me out a little. Just digesting, EM
  7. Why won't you play my request?

  8. Worst. Message boarder. EVER.



  9. I am 21 days older than you

  10. But if he pukes before he eats the pizza, then he'll have more room for pizza, dummy. Sheesh.

  11. Don't puke before you eat the pizza, chief.

  12. I'm gonna be 45 minutes late for work because of this f'in' thread! DAMN YOU, MAN HAT! DAMN YOU AND YOUR DAMNABLE TALES!