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  1. Must know this as well. I'm sick of waiting for it on the sprint network. But have been with sprint since I got a cell phone in 2000. Love teh 7pm nights and don't really want to give that up. But might if another year goes by without the iphone.
  2. You're assuming that the parents are saying something in the first place.true, I guess the title of the thread makes me think they know about and have an opinion about it.
  3. I don't approve of it at all. But to play devils advocate, if these daughters listened to their parents there would be no playboy viewing by anyone.
  4. You're gonna need to post a pic.

  5. That sucks that you don't know the truth, I wouldn't necessarily say he took advantage of an extremely drunk woman when he was drunk himself. And as someone stated way early in the thread, liquor only opens up to what ppl may already be feeling, not new feelings. I hope the drinking is cut down, as I don't understand why anyone would drink to the point of blacking out or to a point of not remembering things, obviouly it's not worth it.
  6. Yes people with marital problems need to post an update every four hours, minimum. no ####, plus he's got kids and it's a holiday.....maybe he is spending time with them.
  7. yeah, cause a WIFE shouldn't be responsible for her own actions...she sounds like a good one too!
  8. This might be a good idea to find out the truth. tricky, yes, but it works for the most part, he will think that she told him the whole story, and so he will tell what he remembers, ( which will most likley be the truth ) Think about it, our parents use to do this #### with us and always resulted in teh truth coming out. Cops use it when they have 2 ppl in trouble, usually results in the truth coming out bc the one being questioned thinks the truth is already known.
  9. Don't take this the wrong way, but you laugh a lot for someone who's wife was macking on someone else. I'll never get why ppl get so damn drunk they don't even remember what the hell happened throughout a night. oh, and you call the guy and find out the events, i'd almost play it off as saying your wife told you everything and you want to clarify it with him. What are you gonna do if it turns out you wife and him had the secks?
  10. gross, aren't those made out of whale fat or something?