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  1. I do not doubt this in a criminal vs criminal, or a cop vs criminal context. However, in a criminal vs legal carrying private citizen, I'm wondering if this is really the case. I have such a hard time imagining the situation where you need that absolute split second shot in the mall. I do realize it takes only once, but I would wager an accident (either self-inflicted, or shooting someone who did not justify the use of deadly force) is far more likely.
  2. No amount of safety mechanisms or holster material is going to make me comfortable with a chambered round pointed at my junk carrying with an appendix holster. I'm sure it adds seconds to my draw speed and in theory I'm foolish. But in practice I would argue that way more tragic things due to Accidents/human error are likely than for me to lose a gun fight by 4 seconds. I'll chime in here because I carry unchambered. My carry 380 has no safety, so racking it is my safety. I don't carry to win a quick draw gunfight. If I'm confronted and get mugged, they can have my wallet. And if the one-in-a-million situation happens where I needed to quick draw or die, well, I lose. Simple as that. I carry for the far more likely situation that I see unfolding. The sudden gunshots in the mall / restaurant, the gang of 20-somethings intent on harming others, etc. My gun is to get me and my wife home safely in the event of an emergency. I really feel if you are always ready for that one on one quick draw, you're far more likely to shoot when it wasn't necessary. Just my .02 and what I feel comfortable with (note: I do keep 2 revolvers at home fully loaded.)
  3. 10 was the album that got me back into music after my interest waned for a few years. Over-indulging on hair metal will do that to you. Still holds up nicely today.
  4. jwb

    Joe Was Right

    I really didn't mean for this to turn into a good/bad moderation thread. I like it here, and the vibe that Joe has shaped is part of the reason why. No more than that (although maybe that is fuel for good/bad moderation). That said, if you guys complaining don't like the rules, why do you stay?
  5. I know over the years the FBG boards have gone directly against what's become "normal" online. It's a board of adults that's PG-rated, and the mods generally come down fast and hard on any real unpleasantness and general online snark. You see that exactly nowhere else. Joe has a definite vision for this place, and he's not shy about saying "this is how I want it, right or wrong". I've complained once or twice myself, but you know, he was/is right. Even without the yoga pants thread, this is a place I like coming to everyday, because it's the one place online without the general unpleasantness you find almost everywhere else. I got to thinking about this after he posted about his mother dying. This is a great place with some great people, and I'm happy to be a part of it. Rock on, Joe.
  6. jwb

    My Mom Died Wednesday

    Thank jv. You nailed it. I was hesitant to post as I didn't want it to feel like a fishing for sympathy thing but the reason I did, is exactly what you said - We're all in this together. Ram Dass has one of my favorite lines: "We're all just walking each other home at night". I love that. And that's why I posted as I know we have a real community here. As goofy as it is sometimes. Thank you very much to everyone for the words. They are felt and appreciated. Thanks. JV did put this very well. You've created and lead an excellent community here, and it shows. So sorry for your loss Joe, and I'm happy you got those final hours / conversation with her. All time with loved ones is priceless, but that "this is essentially goodbye" interaction you posted about is the cherry on top.
  7. I'm assuming today that many companies see home internet as basic as electricity. In fact, if we nitpick, it's almost odd that they would compensate someone for internet but not the juice to run it. So yea, I could see many companies jumping off the "compensate them for home internet" bandwagon.
  8. I agree with you. There is a point where certain things have become part of everyday life. If you do not have internet at home (or at least unlimited data phone), you are at a distinct disadvantage in everyday life. CAN one get by with a basic "phone-only" phone and, say, library for internet? Yea, in a very general sense, but they have a disadvantage of not being able to have on-demand access to what has become very basic / almost expected communications. I'm 52, and I think life is "harder" today, money-wise, than it was when I was in my 20's. I'm glad I grew up when I did, and my 20k a year retail manager job in 1986 paid for a nice apartment, a decent used car, and all the other basics, plus partying. All that stated, people do waste an extraordinary amount of money on BS. I know people who go into debt because spending less than $400 a kid at xmas or a birthday is not an option.
  9. Not to mention that the yearly "choosing your lunchbox" was a decision of monumental importance.
  10. jwb

    What are your Hobbies?

    Vintage Audio / Records - When you have a really good system and time to just "listen", it becomes an entirely different thing. Videogames - I play my Xbox almost daily. I buy a lot of games Toastmasters - I dig public speaking, and want to do more. Home Projects - I'm getting older, so the heavy work is less, but a Sunday spent puttering in my garage with a beer or three is a really nice day. Other hobbies: Photography, handguns, movies (I have quite the collection), golf.
  11. jwb

    Coop's Dynasty Rules Of Thumb

    Tanking = knowingly taking zeros. Rebuilding = trading your decent starters for draft picks. Perfectly fine. But you still field a team in an attempt to compete. It's fine to knowingly field a bad team if you are rebuilding and collecting picks. It's not fine to take a zero week after week at a position because you have no interest at all in competing in that week's game.
  12. jwb

    Coop's Dynasty Rules Of Thumb

    Then I'm thankful that every dynasty league I am in has an anti-tanking rule. We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  13. jwb

    Coop's Dynasty Rules Of Thumb

    Come on. agreed. That's generally not acceptable to me. I'll make an exception for someone who has his other options on a bye - you want to "start" an active B/U qb who clearly isn't going to play that one week so you don't have to drop a prospect/bench guy you like, that's fine. But if someone was starting Mahomes every week in 2017, that someone is tanking in my mind, regardless of league rules. In a few of my leagues that I was in at startup, I suggested a "best interest of the league" rule that gave the commish power to adjust to things like this that aren't specifically spelled out in other rules.
  14. jwb

    ***Official*** Fallout 76 Thread

    I bought this for $40 to play w/ my nephews. Haven't hooked up with them yet, but I've been enjoying it so far in solo play (about level 8 ). Some observations: - It plays really well for single player if you're the lone survivalist type. I barely ever see other players, so it's usually just you and the world. It often feels like you are the only one who left the vault. - Ammo is far more scarce, which makes finding / conserving bullets a thing (use melee). You also need to eat and drink, and finding clean water/etc is not easy. It makes camp / cooking / boiling water necessary. - Despite no human NPC's, there are plenty of ghouls / robots / supermutants / animals to fight. Ghouls use guns here. - I'm finding the quests fun enough - terminals essentially give you the "story" - there's been plenty to do so far. All in all, I'm finding it fun, despite glitches and bugs, and it was worth the $40. But I enjoy solo / lone wanderer / survival play while listening to the 40's soundtrack. If that's not your thing, the single player aspect doesn't seem to have much to offer besides that.
  15. You already posted the stats, so there's not much arguing with them, but I still feel Tannehill looked a lot better under Gase. iirc, there was never any winning record under Philban, which could mean a lot of garbage time (I admit I don't recall quite that level of detail though - I watched more as a Tannehill owner than anything). I gotta grab onto what Manning said about the guy. In terms of Charlie Brown, I totally get your pessimism. I'm still gonna go try and kick it. I've been a fan since the early 70's - there's no turning back now. I'll stay optimistic until he gives me reason to feel otherwise.