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  1. guilty. Well, it was fun to lead this thing for a few categories, but I've sunk like a stone. 2nd 1 I've taken.
  2. I got a can once, and sprayed it out the garage door... had to leave the garage. Definitely a "you get it too" thing. Wasp spray is probably a lot better.
  3. Yup - it'll be 2-3 weeks, and in the end, there will be a few categories that'll be done without commentary.
  4. One of the biggest arguments for Don Mattingly getting into the HOF is he and Puckett basically had the same overall career. Tough call on Yaz, but so many good names on this list.
  5. Goodness, are these writeups awesome. I wanted Mac to sneak into the top tier, but who am I kidding? He's where he belongs, although i still think prime Mac was the best player of all time. Good stuff.
  6. oh goodness no - I'm just saying sometimes it elevates people (and sometimes it doesn't). I don't think hard and fast rules apply, either way. That's all.
  7. Sometimes rings matter. Give Ewing two rings in his two trips to the finals (even if he was hurt in the 99 finals), and he's higher on the list. Heck, give him just one - if Starks hits that 3 in 94's game six, he's higher.
  8. heh, round 59, off an internet list, in a sport I know ZERO about. 98 Yankees she wasn't.
  9. Right about where I thought he'd go. Great rankings - the top 6 guys are just brutal to rank.
  10. I fried my first BGE gasket on my third or fourth cook by cooking pizza at 800 degrees - I used the adjustable rig from the CGS, and I guess the metal being right there at gasket level at that high a temp is not desirable.
  11. Illusion. These first few judged were all categories I figured my pick would do well in. Montana NFL QB, 98 Yankees all time team, Bourque , etc. Wait until we get to women's swimming and NCAA coaches/etc.
  12. I think most will need to refer to lists to a degree for context, and to maybe help sort out tiers. Otherwise, it's easy for it to become a popularity contest. Nobody remembers those Cubs or Pirates teams then.
  13. I'm a Yankee fan, and I agree this team is a little overrated. The M&M boys had an all-time season, you had Berra and Ford (who had a great year), Elston Howard had a nice year, but if it weren't for the big home run total, this team wouldn't have the cachet it has. Is it a top 20 team? Sure. Top 10? Maaaaybe. I could see them ranked higher than the Cubs and Pirates teams you have in the top 10 (probably just dead ball bias on my part). I'm happy my 98 Yankees won this - easily the best team I saw in my lifetime (I'm 53).
  14. 60 - Gina Gogean - Women's Gymnast. and done. Great draft that never really faltered, even with several timeouts. Now looking forward to 3 weeks of griping as judges weigh in.
  15. 59 - Debbie Meyer - Greatest Women's Swimmer From wiki: While she was still a 16-year-old student at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento, California, she became the first swimmer to win three individual gold medals in one Olympics, winning the 200-, 400-, and 800-meter freestyle swimming races.