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  1. I don't think anyone is either (certainly not myself) - my post was just an observation at the ridiculous divides that hurt us / keep us from real progress. I think on a certain level, they are unavoidable. This goes back hundreds of thousands of years, when one small group said "we don't like those people over there - they live differently than we do." At a very basic level, almost all political argument and social ills boil down to how we collectively decide to split and allocate our resources / money. It's much easier to do that when everyone, on a core level, are fundamentally of the same mindset / background / etc. Now, on the flipside of that, the USA has also demonstrated how incredibly awesome diversity is. We lead the world, and our diversity is a big part of the reason why - we get all cultures and ideas here, and they all bring something good to the table. But the old growing pains are still there, and they are keeping us from doing even greater things. I wish these growing pains would go away, and everyone could be more accepting of others (I think our diversity is fantastic) but we aren't quite there yet.
  2. Are we sure that's what makes people happy? Anyway, this thread is getting spiked or moved to the PSF toot-sweet. It's not so much what makes people happy or unhappy directly, it's that it's easier to pass policy and say "we're all in this together" when genetically (in a nationality sense), you all kind of are. Most of our problems and inability to move forward on a lot of things (healthcare/etc) is indirectly tied to "those other people..." - religion, race, culture, etc.
  3. Yup. It's like every parent has told their 16 year old that their teenage romance breakup doesn't matter. But it DOES matter immensely to the kid. We only realize it didn't matter afterwards. The point being, it's sometimes hard to listen to the advice - whatever it is - while you are actually going through it. This is not a blanket statement, and it does not apply everywhere of course, as I often seek out advice from those who have more experience than me.
  4. There's something to this. While I appreciate wisdom, I always take advice from from wealthy people and celebrities with a grain of salt. Their life experience is different. It's much harder for the single mom working three jobs and watching two screaming kids to be as optimistic in her day to day life. Even just how they treat a cashier - her interaction will be different than someone who woke up without a financial care in the world. I also feel the same about much older people who give the "don't sweat it" advice. Not that I don't appreciate the wisdom and can certainly take something away, but looking back on a situation and actually living it are two very different things. A lot of the "wisdom" doesn't take one's current life station (monthly bills, responsibilities, etc.) into account. It's easy to look back and say "I wish I quit that job". But it's not so simple when you need that paycheck.
  5. heh, he's still doing it now Farm Aid 2018 - Powderfinger, w/ Promise of the Real
  6. I saw him at Farm Aid in 2013 (solo/acoustic set), and in 2015 with Promise of the Real. In that PoTR show, they played for nearly three hours, and it was a guitar jamming grungefest by the end, with a 15-minute Cowgirl in the Sand. "Mail it in" is not in his vocabulary, that's for sure.
  7. Fantastic album by probably my favorite overall artist. Some really great songs that have stood the test of time. It's not so much that he hated being a superstar, it's the expectations that came with it. He doesn't want to play Heart of Gold at every concert. He doesn't want to make a followup album in the same vein because that's what the record company wants (he followed this album up when he felt like doing it - like 20 years later - and the result was Harvest Moon, another great album). Neil does what he feels like doing at the time, for better or worse. It's worked for him (Van Morrison as well - another favorite artist of mine.)
  8. This is a good number for Bell, and adding him and Crowder makes them much better offensively. There must have been something that spooked them from Paradis.
  9. Yea, very happy with this so far. The Crowder signing really surprised me in a good way. The plan must be to move Enunwa to the outside, which given the options otherwise, strikes me as a good plan. With a reliable slot guy, maybe he and speedy Anderson can be a viable duo (Enunwa is pretty beastly, kind of like another dude nicknamed Q). Paradis would be fantastic, and I'm warming up to spending the $$ on Bell too.
  10. That’s interesting, never read anyone that didn’t like it. It’s on my list of games to go grab when they’re cheap. You’re a Souls guy, do those games ruin combat in others for you? Like I enjoyed the Witcher 3, but I couldn’t help but think the entire time that this exact game with Souls combat would be perfect.  This is me too. I tried GoW, and while it was fun for awhile, I felt the combat too simple, yet too twitchy too. I've never been big into multiple combos/etc. Souls did somewhat ruin combat for me in a lot of other games. I don't want it too overpowered/simple, and I don't want to build up to silly combos by pressing X-X-X-Y-Y-X /etc. Just give me methodical, fair combat please, and if it can be modified slightly by your weapon choice, all the better. Witcher 3, as well as the new Assassin's Creed games, did somewhat adopt a bit of Souls. At least my Souls skills (mainly dodging) served me well in both. But yea, Witcher 3 with straight Souls combat would have been an amazing game (more amazing than it was, because it is a great game as it stands).
  11. yes, that is correct. But 1.09 and 1.14 are generally the equivalent of a mid 2nd and mid 3rd in a normal rookie draft. So in a normal league, Harry, 2.06, 3.06, and the ninth pick of eligible college guys for Cooper - does that change anything? It may not, but it also doesn't sound lopsided at all (to me, anyway). I do understand people would like the picks side - obviously, my trading partner did. Not really trying to defend my trade (I'm happy w/ it), but a lot of times in this thread, the devy league aspect gets lost. Add in we also only have 22 man rosters, with no IR spots. So keeping bubble guys is tough.
  12. Wow, a little surprised at the very one-sided reactions here. I thought it was pretty fair. These are devy league picks - you guys did get that, right? (in a non-devy league, I would agree, this is a bad trade) Mike Gesicki was 1.09 last year,. 1.14 was DJ Chark. While this year's picks are unknown, going by that historical value, Cooper isn't worth Harry / Gesicki / Chark and the 1.09 devy dart? I think he is all day long.
  13. 14 team PPR, Devy League Give: N'Keal Harry, 1.09, 1.14, 1.09 devy pick Get: A. Cooper
  14. I noticed this with my wife and I several years ago - we'd go in our pool on the weekend, and automatically, we'd have a full cooler of drinks and were pretty sloshed by the evening. We've curtailed that markedly (she hardly drinks at all these days - fatty liver, so she has 1-2 a week), but cutting back did feel really strange for awhile.