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  1. Yea. Some categories just end up being stupid. Kind of like teen/high school movies that had to be FOR teens (and not about them). Or rock and roll movies where the best concert films of all time finished bottom 5. edit: we should try and figure this out.
  2. 10.07 - Dick Cavett - Talk Show Host I always thought he was the best interviewer, and his show was the quintessential "talk show". 10 Emmy nominations, 3 wins. Intermittently since 1968, Cavett has been host of his own talk show, in various formats and on various television and radio networks: ABC (1968–1974) CBS (1975) PBS (1977–1982) USA Network (1985–1986) Olympia Broadcasting (syndicated radio show, 1985–1989) ABC (1986–1987) CNBC (1989–1996) Turner Classic Movies (2006–2007) @Pitchfork
  3. 9.10 - Roger Sterling - Supporting man 1990 - 2020 Pretty loaded category, but to me, this is what a great supporting character is - he's great in his own right, and might be some people's favorite character, but he doesn't overshadow the lead (if you are the most popular / most memorable character on a show, are you really a supporting character?) @Mrs. Rannous
  4. This is the best part of the song, especially 3:58-4:08. CAT FIGHT! I don't fault anyone for liking those parts (I mean, it made the record.) I'm just not one of them. In Blinded by the Light, I hang in there because it does get good again.
  5. This song would be so much better if it didn't get all Blinded by the Light around 3:40 (Manfred Man version... you know when they hit the She got down but she never got tired / She's gonna make it through the night.... and then it's few minutes of syrupy music before the song gets good again. Junior's Farm never gets good again.
  6. 8.07 - Thomas Sullivan Magnum III - TV Detective Emmy win? Check. Golden Globe win? Check. Bunch of nominations? Yep. Tons of fun? You bet! Best 80's moustache? No contest.
  7. I love this pick, but I give Howard the nod for being basically "the voice of sports" for ABC, and not just football. But yes, Madden is a serious star.
  8. From what I understand, he very happily rode off into the sunset.
  9. 7.10 - Andy Sipowicz - Leading Man Drama, 1990-2020 One of the greatest police characters of all time. I was kind of wondering "is he a lead?", but Dennis Franz won 4 emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, so I guess that answers that. At worst, he's co-lead, but let's be honest, after season one, it was his show. @Mrs. Rannous
  10. agreed - since we really can't fairly throw them back in the pool, they should be scored.
  11. Just watched. Holy ####. x3. I sort of remember seeing it as a kid, but I'm sure I tuned out. An 8-year-old wants to see ghosts and monsters, not a psychological thriller. Much better now.
  12. I had the flu (or covid) this past Feb. It was an awful week. I normally don't get one, but this year is different, so we got ours about 3 weeks ago.
  13. Mrs. R timed out, so I'll pick. 6.07 - The Flintstones - Animated Show Give me the first prime-time, adult-oriented animated show that ran for six seasons in the 1960's, whose reruns became beloved to kids in the 70's and 80's. From wiki: The Flintstones was the most financially successful and longest-running network animated television series for three decades, until The Simpsons, which debuted in late 1989, outlasted it. In 2013, TV Guide ranked The Flintstones the second-greatest TV cartoon of all time @AndrewClark
  14. This election, more than any other in history, has really shown how we've personally curated our news/information. People I talk to on both side are convinced their side is going to win, based on what they see/read. "All I see is Trump talk". "I read a post from a guy who drove 800 miles to vote for Trump" "These people waited 2 hours in the rain to vote for Biden - they're energized" "All I see is Biden talk"