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  1. revis gets the win. i'm sure he's not too upset by the pick from the ref right now.
  2. If any FBG clan is looking to add more then check out my base and Willy's. We'd be valuable additions and play for the greater good of the team.
  3. Have you read this thread? Three fbg clans is plenty. This clan is open to anyone, not just FBGs.
  4. New Clan started: ClanTouchThis (blue/yellow/flame flag) A co-worker friend that got me in the game has started this clan up after our previous clan, not lead by us, fell apart. Looking for team players, always willing to try in wars, donate and just kick back and enjoy the game. Prefer members who max out their base before upgrading their TH. Rank will be earned by being a solid, active team player. Any age, race, religion, TH or trophies accepted. We may not always chat in PG so you may want to keep the little ones away. Once we get enough for a war we'll get one started. Probably do 2 wars a week. Maybe take a couple breaks to farm at times if others want to. We're only serious when it comes to war, other than it's free for all style. Search the clan and send a request to join if interested.