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  1. I played with an IPAD this past weekend and while is a great device I am not sure what I would do with it considering I have a Droid X and a laptop already. Any ideas on why I would need one of these?
  2. I'm making this tomorrow, and this reminds me of a question - when exactly do you put the beans in?There is a 90 minute simmer stage that has all of the other ingredients right before adding the beans...then how much longer with the beans?30 more minutes
  3. I'm making this tomorrow, and this reminds me of a question - when exactly do you put the beans in?There is a 90 minute simmer stage that has all of the other ingredients right before adding the beans...
  4. Making this chili right now and it smells amazing. Anyway I am at the simmer stage before adding the beans right now. I 'd like to know once the 90 minutes are up and I finish the beans part can I continue to simmer the chili for the rest of the afternoon? Would it be better to just put it in the fridge until about an hour before dinner and then reheat? I've always thought the longer you have to simmer and let the ingredients really mix the better. Thanks!
  5. Yep no way these writers don't bring this all together at the end and blow the world away with this series.
  6. Unless it's Feb 2nd, which I put in the thread title last night, then I don't think it's on today.Isn't Feb 2 groundhog day? Are they going to #### us over giving a nod to the classic Bill Murray movie?A nod to the fact that the storyline is one giant loop. :myopinion:But it was somehow broken.The fact that the entire cast was confused by the script for this episode and that the producers are calling it a "head scratcher" worries me a little bit.I still like the foreshadowing of Jacob's last line though . . . They're coming.Confused by this theory... can someone unwrap this for me? I can't wait to see the premier next week! I hope the finish is worth the investment over the past 6 years. I have several friends who quit watching because they couldn't get answers to their questions. I can't wait to get some of those this season!
  7. I have an office too, but the losers in the offices nearby like to yell to each other and make absurdly dumb jokes and laugh entirely too loud... it makes for a long day unless I use my headphones.
  8. Pretty sure that's only a FFA/:e: thing. I've never seen/heard it outside of this circle.I've never seen it, period. Could you explain it please?Link.That is freaking hilarious!!!
  9. Toby Keith - Who's Your Daddy Anberlin - The Feel Good Drag Jefferson Starship Airplane - White Rabbit Kid Rock - All Summer Long Ludacris - What's Your Fantasy OAR - Shattered The Killers - Read My Mind Shinedown - Burning Bright Lifehouse - Broken Crank Dat Soulja Boy - Soulja Boy
  10. thanks we will be staying at Stratosphere in about a month... I see the Lotus of Siam is close so I will make a trip there for sure. I keep hearing the Strat is a terrible dump. We are staying there because it is cheap and I just want a place to relax at the pool, gamble somewhat cheap if possible ($5), and have a decent room to sleep in. We have a rental car. Is this a mistake?
  11. It looks like I can get Flamingo for ~70/ni and belagio is ~180/ni and mandalay ~220/ni. Am i missing something? Looking at their packages, its still not close. If my calculations are right, I can get there and stay at the flamingo for ~700. THeir packages which include flight and hotel start at 1.6kMandalay Summer Escape: Promo Code PSUMEM-P2$139/night for those two nights (July 24-26 / 2 nights). Includes $100 cabana credit.Mid week = $85/night.:confused:i just made a reservation at Mandalay (at The Hotel) for April and they gave me $450 in casino chips without me asking--there are lots of deals out therewhere did you find this?
  12. Dear assistant, While I do love sitting a short distance from you every work day you make it extremely hard for me to accomplish any of my work. Your perfect breasts that you highlight with those nice lowcut shirts, the short skirts, and the incredible way you fling your hair while you work. I feel sometimes I should be watching Playboy TV instead of doing my job. I especially love when you come over to talk to me at my desk and squat down so we can be eye to eye. Oh yes I do love that. Yours in fellatio, CicncyKid