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  1. Used BUF, SF, IND, GB, ARI, MIA. NO Going TB this week.
  2. Could be time to switch from the Jets to the Cowboys.
  3. I've watched the Giants enough this year to know that if I were Daniel Jones I would never throw the ball to Evan Engram ever again.
  4. I guess going for 2 got them the win after all. Man, it's so painful to watch bad teams blow football games. This one was over as soon as it bounced off Engram's hands.
  5. I've watched the Giants enough this year to know that if I were Daniel Jones I would never throw to Evan Engram again.
  6. Used BUF, SF, IND, GB, ARI, MIA Going NO this week.
  7. I guess almost 40 years of watching football makes it intuitive for me. Don't worry, you'll get there someday, little buddy. Now get off my lawn!
  8. Sorry, I forgot the And you keep saying that over and over. I'm pretty sure it's been covered. Didn't we just go over it?
  9. And yet I'm still obviously (by football sense and mathematically) right.
  10. So I win in 75% of cases if I go for 1 or 2? Didn't someone say going for 2 is actually 47%? Don't you think that affects the math in scenario 1 (against me) and scenario 2 (against them)? If I'm following the math (which I'm not convinced is used appropriately) then it's 76.5% going for 1 and 73.5% going for 2. Right?
  11. League 1: I lost on the garbage TD to Cooper League 2: I tied my opponent on the Drake TD League 3: The same opponent stole the high score $ from me on the Drake TD
  12. Once again with your false narrative. It was obviously dumb before the play was run, regardless of whether it was successful or not. I've said this every time.
  13. If you guys had me second-guessing the Zimmer call, the fact that you all support the Crennel call makes me feel much better that you don't have a clue.
  14. Andy Reid kicking the FG to up by 9. Then a TD and FG beats them. Obviously he should have gone for the first down, scored a TD, and gone for a 2-pt. conversion to go up 14 to increase their chances of winning.