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  1. So that's why Todd had the fake mustache...
  2. Hmm... ok. At the beginning I kept expecting Tandy to wake up from a dream or something. I didn't really like them doing that. I guess it was a convenient way to wipe out all story lines.
  3. Someone help me out here... did I miss an episode or 5?
  4. My initial reaction to this question was that it must be some sort of joke. But then I looked at the poll results and am shuked how wrong the FFA can sometimes get things.
  5. Omg I'm so sick of this spectacle red carpet crap. I wish they would just stop.
  6. This is really mind-boggling to me. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
  7. This was on 60 Minutes three years ago: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/data-brokers-selling-personal-information-60-minutes/
  8. And everyone complained about my barber shop post? Seriously though, glad you're ok.
  9. I don't really have a top 5 list anymore other than top 5 porn stars. Foxy Di and Anjelica (aka Krystal Boyd) are at the top of that list. The others are so far below I can't remember them.
  10. To spur the conversation, obviously.
  11. I guess you've never been to Head Coach. Sports theme + $12 haircut = barber shop.
  12. Hey, I never claimed it was going to be epic.
  13. I do, I really do. Naming your kid Anakin is another.
  14. I go to Head Coach. They have women cutting hair in there