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  1. The last time he flirted with danger, danger got clingy. He gave his father the talk.
  2. I stopped visiting the forums as much (and thus less posting) because of the new board. All the issues already mentioned here plus the fact I can't easily search the threads I've already posted in.
  3. Paula have some work done?
  4. Funny... all the WGWGs.
  5. Lot of weight gained by the female contestants...
  6. I don't think I've seen one good performance from Harry on this show.
  7. Omg... Kara.
  8. Wow, could they have picked worse singles for the potential winners?
  9. I really don't understand why the judges have been supporting him. I'm guessing he must be gay. Harry FINALLY made a comment referring to the fact that he can't sing. I actually thought Everybody Wants to Rule the World might be a good song for him, and he completely butchered it.
  10. Didn't realize the thread was going this season or I would have jumped in before now. Anyway, Dalton is terrible and he has no right to be this far in the competition.
  11. They weren't in the story, to start with.