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  1. That's some interesting data, but the results are flawed/skewed. I don't believe that at all.
  2. I got offered a 2nd in 2021 for Sammy from a team who's usually picking in the top half. I think I'll end up taking it but he wants to wait until next week to make sure Sammy is healthy...
  3. Yeah, his vision seems to be lacking as well. Not at all how he looked last year.
  4. I didn't think he looked that great last week either, despite the stat line. Looks like he doesn't have any burst. Let's see how it goes tonight.
  5. I forget what they were, but I believe I remember Ron Rivera doing one or two stupid things towards the end of the Panthers/Jags game. Like passing up a FG or something with a 7-point lead.
  6. Don't know. Questionable to return with a hamstring...
  7. Report coming in that McLaurin will be inactive.
  8. 1st and goal. Pass, pass, pass, pass, turnover on downs.