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  1. This wouldn't have been conceivable even just 10 years ago.
  2. Fans of stupid baby names.
  3. How did I know you would like it? Just added Sabine as well.
  4. Guy at work and his wife just had a baby and named her Emerson. Added to the list.
  5. Fascinating story from Erin Andrews on the Packers WRs and wearing long sleeves.
  6. Haha... nice job, Packers.
  7. Aikman does too. They all do.
  8. Why can't they just say "Clinton-Dix?" I've never heard anyone just say his last name. It's like saying "Eli Manning back to pass, Eli Manning completes to Odell Beckham Jr."
  9. The kind that ruined Peterson's career?
  10. They just showed him on the sideline in street clothes and Jen Hale said is moving well, putting weight on the knee, and smiling.
  11. So it's ok for playoff teams to sit their stars but not for non-playoff teams?
  12. None of those guys are as good or as important as DJ.
  13. I'm going to ####ing cry. OMG!!!