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  1. Never liked him. Some player is making an approach shot from 212 yards and Johnny says "oh, he wanted to put that a foot to the right..."
  2. zed2283

    The Curse of Oak Island

    This season is getting pretty interesting at Smith's Cove. But why the heck haven't they brought Dan out there yet to see it all?????
  3. Haven't been in here for a while but it looks like it's time for me to jump in again and defend this type of thing from the "creepy" crowd. Totally worth it and absolutely nothing wrong with it. I've got you beat. I was 45.
  4. Neither of those two warrant consideration.
  5. Of course they help. They help any sport.
  6. When I was 14 playing neighborhood football, we created a play called the "cut opposite." You ran straight up the field until you forced the defender to pick one side to run with you, then you made a hard cut the opposite way. Unstoppable and not rocket surgery.
  7. zed2283

    Death of football?

    And that's how they do it.
  8. zed2283

    Death of football?

    I'm talking about all the CTE data that's out there. I don't know any more than I hear in the media, but my point is that's enough for them.
  9. And yet he was nowhere to be seen in the last 5 minutes and OT.
  10. zed2283

    Death of football?

    They didn't have the scientific evidence that they do now. Boxing will be gone too.
  11. zed2283

    Death of football?

    It will be gone. The liberals always get their way eventually. Your argument is ironic because California is where it will be outlawed first.
  12. Exactly. I find it very amusing that his arrogant stupidity caught up with him.
  13. Can't believe they let him vulture Develin like that.