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  1. Ok, thanks guys. Will try to take it all as constructive criticism and improve. I'm a work in progress.
  2. I was thinking about that. My confidence took a bit of a hit over the weekend because of what happened and I was trying to figure out how to make sure I come across the same way again when I see her on Wednesday. I was definitely on my game the first time and can't afford to let any insecurity in. Any suggestions on how to do this? Hopefully she's not one of those what? Just going for a free meal? It's a fairly nice Japanese hibachi place. She asked me on our date what my favorite restaurant was and I named that one. So that was the one I suggested in my text today. Cool, thanks gb. ETA: I noticed yesterday that she changed her Match profile to hidden.
  3. Ok so I didn't hear from beautiful blonde since she ditched me Saturday. I laid low yesterday, then about 11:30 this morning sent her a "Good morning How are you?" Her (two hours later): "I'm doing well. How's your afternoon?" I didn't like it too much because it felt a little cold. When we were texting last week it would have been a "hey handsome" so I wasn't sure what to think. Me (two hours later): "It's been crazy. Too much to do!" followed by "I'd like to see you again. May I take you to dinner this week?" Her: "Mmm. Sure." What did that mean? Like mmmm I'd really like to see you or ummm, I guess so? Either way I was just happy she said yes. Me: I named a restaurant and told her to pick a night. Her: "Yum! Wednesday?" Me: "Sounds good " Any advice so I don't blow this? I guess she blew me off Saturday because she had something better to do or she wanted to slow me down? I notice she picked Wednesday night, maybe that means I'm #3 in the rotation .
  4. You should never go for 2 until you have to. It almost always puts you behind in the point schedule by the end of the game.
  5. Yeah, I suppose. I guess. I don't plan on trying again anytime soon. Maybe in a few days if I don't hear from her.
  6. 40-year old decided to start seeing someone she used to go out with. She said I didn't seem interested enough. I'm shuked today though. Met up with the 25-year old last night. Beautiful blonde, curvy. We went to a fancy bar and had a couple of beers and good conversation for about two hours. She seemed interested, engaged, laughing, looking at me, leaning forward, etc. Called me handsome a couple of times. There was a Dave & Busters nearby and we decided to go over there. She said she would drive and leaned into me as we were walking to her car. Went to D&B for about an hour and had fun. She was touching me a lot, leaning into me as we walked, massaged my shoulders when I sat down one time. I put my arm around her while we were walking and she did the same. She said she had to go home (it was 11pm) because she had early plans with her family (corn maze with her nephew). So she drove me back to my car, and we decided to see each other again today, maybe go to a haunted house. She took my hand and we made out for about 10 minutes and it was really great. I texted her this morning and she replied fairly quickly, said they were done with the corn maze and were taking a hay ride. I told her to have fun and text me later, and in the meantime I would look for a haunted house for tonight. That was at 11am. I didn't hear back from her at all and tried calling her at 4pm. No answer. So I texted asking what time she wanted to get together tonight and about 15 min later she replied saying that she didn't know if she was going to be able to make it. I texted her back asking if I could call and she never replied. I don't think I was pushing too hard, but I don't know?
  7. The 31-year old doesn't seem too interested. The 40-year old wants to get together again. I've been talking with a new 25-year old the last 2-3 days, very attractive with what looks like an average/curvy body. We're supposed to meet for drinks tomorrow night.
  8. Hi guys. Thinking about moving from Boost to Straight Talk AT&T. I would be buying a new phone off of eBay and my question is how do I keep my old number? The new phone would have a SIM card and my Boost phone doesn't. Do I choose my phone number when I activate the new phone and SIM? I'm a bit confused.
  9. I wasn't quoting you exactly. Clearly it is used to describe Green and I had to include Dalton to call it a duo. But they are terrible at that play, worst "good" duo ever at it. The league I have Green in is not PPR (stupid rule) and the points are 1 point per 20 yards, so maybe my hate is skewed differently.
  10. I watch these bozos week after week, and I've never seen a "superstar" duo more incapable of completing a fade or back shoulder TD in the red zone.
  11. I really hate owning this guy. I just can't trust Dalton and Bengals week to week. AJ is ranked in the top 5 everywhere this week (#2 in FBG), despite playing against the Patriots, who are known for taking away a team's best player. Don't know what to do. Playing him in a supposedly juicy matchup last week cost me a win. I've got Hilton and M.Jones on my bench and never know what to do (Julio is my other starter, dynasty league).
  12. Texted her today because we had tentative plans for this evening. She replied an hour later and said her weekend got crazy and she wouldn't be able to. Guess maybe I shouldn't have stuck my tongue down her throat.