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  1. 'True threat' David Moore is ready for an expanded role
  2. Well... I hope things change. Just traded Big Ben for Drake in dynasty. I drafted Ballage in the 2nd last year.
  3. What? There are no more "Who's Hottest?" polls??
  4. Just my opinion, I think that's what they'll be focused on.
  5. Any chance he appeals and gets the # of games reduced?
  6. All the players care about is the disciplinary system, getting to smoke pot, and working less (fewer practices, shorter practices, less contact, etc.). The league will give these concessions while winning on the $ issues, it will be a walkover for the league and barely a blip in the road.
  7. I looked and looked, and surprisingly didn't find a thread on him. So I apologize if there's an old one out there somewhere. He's coming off a down final college season, torn ACL, likely starting on the PUP, and buried behind Peterson, Guice, Thompson, and even Perine. But two years ago he was one of the most dynamic players in college football and a Heisman candidate. What sort of future do we see for Bryce Love? Bryce Love Redskins NFL draft steal
  8. No thanks. Anything with her would be exasperating, even that.
  9. I picked him up last year in week 13 right before our playoff roster lock, and spent the next few weeks wishing I'd picked up the other Williams. Now with Damien's success and Darwin Thompson the new darling, what are the changes Darrel can make any noise? Darrel Williams powers in for first NFL TD Darrel Williams with a punishing run
  10. I really dislike the judges and hate everything Katy.