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  1. FWIW, ive seen similar and dont understand why Elliot and Crosby aren't going earlier.
  2. Yikes, what a crappy situation and what a bunch of dirtbags owners you have in your league. I would be looking for another league but fwiw here is what I might try to do (imho). 1. Go back and undo the trade and send out an email explaining that it was a mistake on your part. However make clear that the veto rule is in place for trades that other owners deem unfair, not for blocking trades that help both teams. Tell the league you feel there may be some collusion going on and would like clarification from the vetoing owners. Does the veto rule specify any criteria such as if an owner thinks a trade is unfair they have a right to vote to veto it? Or is it a blank check? If it has specific criteria then maybe you have some options (have them explain their reasoning). If these owners won't/can't explain their reasoning and you feel they are colluding maybe see if the rest of the league agrees. How many owners voted against the trade? Basically, try and use whatever rules that are there to your advantage without changing any them. If the rules are sloppily written or non existent then there is nothing you can do. Lastly, find a new league or lose the dirtball owners (make it clear they go or you do). GL!
  3. I give 2017 startup pick 3.10 I get 2018 1st Round pick This one isn't particularly bad but it is fresh off the presses I give Meredith, Cameron (WR), CHI I get 4.10 & 5.10 1017 rookie picks
  4. Im interested in joining a Best Ball Dynasty Startup league (preferably 12team, PPR and no IDP, salary cap or contract crap) somewhere in the $50-$250 range. Looking to draft sooner rather than later (now ) .TX,-F
  5. Ugh, knocked out on final cut of season long contest and now: Total = 145.35 CUTOFF = 145.40 Was all over GB/NE GL all!
  6. Ugh, 8 above the cut line with only Funchess -10 to go. Not looking good...........
  7. My # is 111056 and I think I have a decent team, not sure many others would agree.
  8. Can't imagine that the all EE owners in all those leagues r doing so poorly that they can't find room for his backup; not too mention all the other teams that are doing well that wouldn't have the foresight to roster him for the stretch. Its all good, wish I played in some of those leagues, hes owned in 96% of FBG FPC leagues
  9. Are u seriously asking why owners would roster the clear cut hand cuff rb for the best O line and rushing team in the nfl? He isn't available in any of the mid stakes leagues I play in.