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  1. Do you guys think McManus will have difficulty kicking in this stuff?
  2. I had relegated him to the bench and was content to see how things played out until Tonyan turned his ankle. Had to make a decision too early with the Thursday night game. The numbers say hold, but the bad feelings are strong with this one. Still, as bad as he's been, he's still probably going to produce what a dart throw waiver TE would, and none have his upside. I'd prefer to find someone in my league who is a league-equivalent to Siberia and ship him there for a kicker. Or anything. But it's probably the wrong move. Guess I'll be back in this thread next week. 😁
  3. I'm inclined to agree. Which is how I keep ending up here each week. 😁
  4. I have the likes of Gesicki or Trey Burton available, dropped bc they were on byes i guess. Think ill go for one of them if they're available on waivers. Unfortunately Engram is locked in my lineup so I can't drop him now. Still, it feels like an exercise in futility. As much as I detest him, none of these guys on waivers come close to his upside.
  5. I get what you're saying. He still looks the part out there. He's fast and looks like he could make a big play any time. Not a lot of TEs have that potential. He gets a good amount targets. Still, in my 0.5 PPR he still hasn't broken double digits once. Whe he does run a route downfield he drops it, like last night. All these targets aren't resulting in much production at all. I'm ready to watch him be someone else's headache.
  6. Feel like I've said this a long time ago, but this is Evan Engram's last shot on my roster.... I think... 😬
  7. Been starting Tonyan but feel like he's iffy for Sunday. Having Engram play tonight limits my ability to wait. Really are no better options available in my league unfortunately. I'm really sick of watching this guy disappear but guess I'll do it one more nighr.
  8. Anyone still forced to start this guy? Feels like I keep saying this is the last chance, yet here I am again.
  9. On Tonyan's last snap, he grimaced and grabbed his leg again. The announcers never said anything, and he must have been able to run off the field ok because play never stopped. The Packers ran one more play and then that was it. So we don't really know if he hurt it worse or not.
  10. Looks like he just completed the easiest part of his schedule. Next 6 opponents are top 10 in limiting QB points in my league.
  11. "Sustain low-end TE1 numbers" 🤣🤣🤣 He hasn't scored double digits for me yet...
  12. Tonyan grabbed his leg again on the 2nd down run. He must've been able to run off the field ok because no one on the announcing crew noticed. He wasn't in for the 3rd down play. Just something to keep an eye on.
  13. Tonyan back in. Just whiffed as a pass protector on a 3rd down
  14. Tonyan turned his ankle on a crossing route. Looked like he was trying to walk it off but went into the tent