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  1. Why the hell is Clark still around? That guy should've been the first cut of the offseason. Jeff Allen shouldn't have been far behind. Really hope the rookie Davenport is ready earlier than expected or Giacomini is healthy and takes the RT job. While we're at it maybe Nick Martin can slide over to RG and Mancz can stay at C. Clark and Allen are a pathetic right side of any OL.
  2. Going to try to be optimistic about this draft. Been clamoring for a QB forever, and Watson would've been my choice. It's nice to have hope for the future here. Love his pedigree and knack for playing big in the toughest moments. Hope he becomes the leader and QB we've lacked forever. I'm all in on this move. I've also been wanting a LB who can run forever so hopefully Cunningham gives us a different kind of LB and can help keep our LBs from being roasted in coverage. Its been a problem for a long time. We really have needed speed here forever. Really like Foreman and hope he can allow us to use Lamar Miller a little less and more efficiently. Don't mind using the 3rd rounder there because I think his talent warrants the selection, and can see him closing out games as a hammer. Maybe even potentially becoming our franchise back. A bit concerned about the offensive line and secondary going forward. Gotta hope the fourth rounder Davenport proves a bit more advanced than advertised and can solidify RT. Wonder if there is a veteran with experience to add to the competition here (other than Chris Clark's sorry ###). Would like to see Greg Mancz stay at center and Nick Martin supplant Jeff Adams at RG. Adams is horrible. Don't know anything about the Baylor center but hopefully the depth allows Martin to try RG. Don't know much about DeCoud either. Figure Johnson, Jackson and Joseph will man the corners with Bouye gone. Wondering what we will do at safety, we seem awfully thin there. Would've been nice to keep Bouye and move Kareem to safety. What are everyone else's concerns and thoughts moving forward?
  3. I actually like the Foreman pick. Miller was overused last season and really didn't flash the explosiveness he showed in Miami. With our defense and QB situation we should run the ball as much as possible. It allows for certain game scripts to use these guys in tandem, keeping Miller fresher and playing to the strengths of our defense and limited QB play. We don't want to be using Alfred Blue or Jonathan Grimes in that role IMO...
  4. Well at least Foreman is a better pick than Tyler Ervin last year
  5. Well we got a QB.... I'm willing to give Watson a shot after all the years of passing over guys. Hopefully he's finally the answer even though next year's first two rounds will be boring...
  6. Be nice to use some of that cap room to get a new right side of the offensive line. Jeff Allen and Chris Clark are atrocious. You can't expect someone as brittle as Romo to survive with crap like that, if he is indeed who comes here
  7. Amazing nobody was fired before this move was made. It will be interesting to watch us follow up that terrible signing with another terrible move.... the quarterback search throughout the history of this franchise has been less than inspiring. Does anyone have any faith the Texans can actually figure this out?
  8. Still troubling to hear O'Brien rumors if the choice is between him and Rick Smith. Smith must have compromising pictures of McNair or something. O'Brien has his faults as a coach but I'd much rather retain him over Smith if that's the choice. O'Brien leaving and Smith staying sounds like a quick recipe for repeating the cycle and quickly dropping back to the ranks of 2-14. Hopefully McNair surprises and sides with O'Brien. Enough of Rick Smith. We know how that story goes.
  9. 17 for 65 and 2 for 25 and stuffed at the goalline. Like a machine lol....
  10. This is how I feel about him as well. Considering benching him for Dixon, Montgomery, and Farrow.
  11. Figures. I've had him in for every crappy game and benched for all but one of his good ones. This guy royally pissed me off this year
  12. Sitting him for Carr who I also don't trust. Have a hunch he plays well tonight but I've had that feeling before. Can't get a read on it at all but I'm tired of watching him harassed due to miserable OL play. Hard to say if the Rams play tough or not coming off firing the coach, and gotta think Seattle is stinging after the Packers game. Possibly a Rawls and defense dominated game.