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  1. So basically it's come down to start any other QB in fantasy besides Matt Ryan
  2. This looks comical following the box score. Is there really a hold on every play?
  3. I know it's a tough spot and not all his fault, but I will never own Matt Ryan again. He's so jittery back there and he can't run a lick. He's awful without Julio.
  4. Was Akins tackled on that 3rd down pay? Looked like the defender was beat and pulled him down
  5. It's a miserable feeling having Ryan and Julio in my lineup today.
  6. Matt Ryan is so clumsy and indecisive today. I know he's under a lot of pressure but man it's frustrating to watch. Reminds me of his backup during his time here. Very Schaub-esque the way he's taking these turtle sacks