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  1. Lots of time... in my youth. My family has cabins in Sullivan County and some of my fondest memories of my youth are from that area. The Loyalsock trail is penciled in for the second year in a row, I am hopeful that it works out this year. Wanna go?
  2. Dear Europe (especially you Liverpool), Timo needs to stay with #DieRotenBullen. Hands off! Please and thanks, Jaysus (from the internet)
  3. ETA: I wanted to reply to this thread anyway with a comment about how much I love the new Alien Nosejob LP... another Aussie band that makes me think that Australian music is my spirit animal. This review sums up the album better than I can - it's... eclectic(?) but awesome. Kind of Parquet Courts meets IDLES meets Clowns... but not really? I dunno, something like that. P.S. they also released a punk AF EP this month that almost makes them sound like a different band. I hope they go on a KGaTLW-like streak this year with record releases.
  4. whoa, I love that already based on the art work and the yeast! Serious question: can you get some for me?
  5. The new Spanish Love Songs album is filling the Menzingers itch that the last Menzingers album did not scratch for me...
  6. I am waiting on this Lenovo to be released p.s. the name rolls right off the tongue, right?
  7. I did not see this thread until yesterday evening, but after clicking on that link I filtered Clarks by my size, then sorted by price low-to-high... wound up ordering a pair of winter beaters for less than $40. They showed up about an hour ago. Zappos rules. Just thought I'd share. ETA: I just checked... they are "on sale" for $81 today. Not sure what happened, but I'll take it.
  8. I fast forwarded to the end to see if she survived only to see her get big timed by one of her co-stars - lol
  9. but you knew it was quiet without thinking to yourself "boy, it sure is quiet", right?
  10. I bet you do it without even noticing. If you're driving down the road and enter a construction zone you may say something to yourself like "ok, there's brake lights on all of the cars in front of me, I better slow down, play it safe and hide the open container" But while that is happening I am sure you realize that the brake lights are red, and the cones on the side of the road are orange, the Ford in the left lane is not slowing down as fast as they should. All of those things happen without any internal monologue, right? My guess is the folks without the internal monologue internalize things like that full time. You do not have to think about the brake light being red - it's red you know it's red, done. I suppose I can see how if some people are hungry, they know they want the last cookie, but they know the kids love those cookies, so the healthy alternative of the sumo wrestler fruit it is. I mean, that's not me, but I can see it.
  11. I did that the other day during which time I realized that I had to take a leak... I walked into the bathroom with my inner voice saying something along the lines of "dude, seriously, some people don't do this? How do they think? I can't imagine another way. I am going to "pay attention" to what I am thinking". It was at about that point that I realized I turned on the light, lifted the seat, unsheathed the sword, and kept the stream straight all without even thinking about it. My mind was blown.