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  1. The little lights aren't twinkling...
  2. Around 4 o'clock in the morning, Borussia Monchengladbach fans gathered in front of the hotel where Inter's squad is staying and began to light up the area with a series of New Year-style fireworks, which lasted uninterruptedly for about five minutes.
  3. yeah, it had something to do with the show changing the network on which it was originally aired... I did not watch it then, and just watched in chronological order once my son was old enough to use him as an excuse to watch it.
  4. Those are good lists! There are a lot of filler episodes on rebels that could easily be skipped.
  5. My son has at least 3 toothbrushes in every bathroom... this mess was in the powder room downstairs.
  6. Mr. Peppermint always arrives on turkey day in our house... my 13 year old daughter wanted to be in charge this year. She was all about it on day one: made a mask, a quarantine sign, put him in a great spot... then pretty much forgot about it. I wound up moving him at 6:30 each morning since then when I suddenly remembered. Last night though, she was all about it last night too. My son had a dentist appt this morning, so my daughter decided it would be fun to hide him in the bathroom with my son's toothbrush... and dental floss... and half a tune of toothpaste squeezed out all over the sink. I am positive she will forget about cleaning it up today too.
  7. No way... he needs to be told he's coming off the bench seconds before every substitution because that is just quality entertainment.
  8. there is a bunch of info online about the story arcs in the show... I know I have seen one that covers all of the mandalorian episodes.
  9. 1. Maybe she was fishing for Ezra? B. I was waiting for "I am no Jedi" there too
  10. A neighbor just picked one up that included a bag for about $25
  11. you can find courses here too
  12. She is easily an all time top-5 star wars character for me.
  13. Grogu is going to take some getting used to. Baby yoda is so fun to say.