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  1. 11.j - Ben Kweller - Heart Attack Kid 12.j - Heart Attack Kids - Do What You Do Heart Attack Man on on deck...
  2. So 11 happened over the weekend and we are on 12 today? I owe 11 if so.
  3. TLDR But if you have enough coverage to take care of weekends who cares if one person is only a weekday worker? it's not like that guys attendance on a weekend is going to save somebody's life.
  4. This song rules. P.S. I'm going through the list in order, and this is as far as I've gotten.
  5. Sagan signing autographs while climbing the Tourmalet :lmao:
  6. I have one that goes into the CD player since I don't use that anymore.
  7. He took the day off, did not even try. I guess the team plans on him pulling the peloton through the mountains.
  8. Take it to the fantasy´╗┐ music draft leagu´╗┐e thread hippies.