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  1. I have next to no enthusiasm for this at all.... I think Liverpool ruined the season more than corona did.
  2. whoa, I just ate a cold plate of leftover shrimp for breakfast
  3. I am listening with my good IEMs now; the title track is the new front runner for my song of the year.
  4. dude, when is this "after" going to happen?
  5. that entire song felt like it was building up to a breakdown that never came.
  6. Finally got the warranty replacement; it is the 2020 model... my daughter is more than pleased with that. Hopefully she actually gets to, you know, use it soon.
  7. Meh, the appeal of Bundesliga to mean has always been the crazy crowds. Watching it live on TV this weekend was not interesting to me.
  8. I watched it live on TV, I was scared AF going to the bus stop the next day for some reason...
  9. l have no idea when my facial hair turned this grey