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  1. If you seriously think the NFL bears any resemblance to what went on in the Roman coliseums, you need a history lesson.
  2. Still no current Dynasty Rankings from FBG??? (sigh)
  3. Is anyone still drinking the Jonathan "Jimmy" Stewart kool-aid? His Dynasty ranking is all over the map. I'm not sure what to think. I have no problem being patient, but will he be startable as early as next year or is he more of a two year project? I'd love to hear some opinions.
  4. Gotta say this is my favorite thread bar none, anywhere. Appreciate the past input when moving Schaub for Flaco. I would love some opinions on Darren McFadden. I can't decide if the old adage 'the cream will rise to the top' is true and DMC's talent will someday surpass his abysmal surroundings, or if his penchant for getting dinged EASILY and playing on a sub-standard NFL team will doom his outlook. Is he worth a late round 1st in next years draft (Which looks thin) or should a guy look to spend his lottery tickets elsewhere?
  5. Anyone willing to throw out an opinion or two? I'm looking for a swing for the fences player. I'm in a 20 man roster 16 team dynasty league and would like to stash someone away who has at least some chance of making a difference in the next year or two. With rosters that deep and 16 teams the choices are pretty slim. Standard NON ppr scoring. 6 points for a TD and 1 point per 10 yards gained. Here's my current options; Sam Aiken Danny Amendola Jason Avant Davone Bess Jarret Dillard BenJarvus Green-Ellis Dewayne Jarret Bryant Johnson Legedu Naanee Jordy Nelson Malcom Kelly Fred Taylor Obviously there are no sure things on the list but I find Aiken intriguing due to the system he's in and the age of Welker & Moss. I'd love to hear some thoughts. Many thanks!
  6. Let's take Marc Bulger as an example. He was always in the Rams' long-term plans. He never had to worry about a QB stealing his job. He was always a better fantasy QB than NFL QB. And he lost all of his Dynasty league value over a period of two years. Schaub reminds of Bulger more than any QB in the NFL. Schaub is much better in the red zone this year, but he has historically struggled there ... which was always one of Bulger's bugaboos. Schaub is arguably also missing the "it" factor at quarterback, which is my opinion as well as that of other NFL analysts. Finally, we can argue about the injury-prone label endlessly. Some people don't believe there is such a thing, and other people will disagree on which players are actually prone to injuries. Schaub appears to me to be as brittle as Bulger -- who has played all 16 games just one time in his career. Like I said, I'm fine with Schaub in re-draft leagues, but he's not my idea of a nucleus QB in Dynasty leagues. How about Joe Flaco? It looked like it was going to be a situation where a talented player was going into the wrong situation; run heavy defensive team and no real star wideouts to throw too. All of sudden he's putting up 300 yard games and looks like the real deal. Last week he was getting pummeled by the Vikings but showed remarkable presence I thought. DO you feel he fits into the nucleus Dynasty QB situation?
  7. I am on the bandwagon. Question is what's he worth in a dynasty league? FBG currently have him the 62 player overall and the 17th best running back. That's gotta change doesn't it? What would you move him for or give up to get him?