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  1. Sneed has been my WR4 in each case. He seems to me a great option with a high floor, though granted the ceiling is likely low.
  2. I've been on Tyrod Taylor, Lacy, Yeldon (since the post Ivory slide), Evans, Sneed, Jordan Cameron late. I'm at 33% on all these guys, but will lay off a little and continue to diversify. I'm the opposite on Tannehill... I think he'll be great value after last year's slump. He actually played pretty well, I think. Great accuracy and improved on the deep ball. I think Gase will be great for him too.
  3. Seems a common attitude... I'll try every strategy somewhere, but I'll probably react to this by trying to land at least 2 RBs in the first four rounds, and 3 by the 6th.
  4. I love him, but I agree. Feel the same way about Devante Parker for now, though that may change. Though that said, I my grab them both in a few leagues if they fall a half round past ADP and I'm in the right spot. i started my first MFL 10 on Saturday, will be working off credits from last year's 2nds. I was slightly profitable last year and the key, I think, was simply diversifying broadly and constantly mining value relative to ADP.
  5. I understand friend, denial was a big part of the process for me. You'll get there.Gase was met with a lot of questions by those who get paid to cover them so I can rest a little easier knowing I'm not the only one questioning this. The comments Tannenbaum made at the introductory pressed regarding use of analytics to selected the coach were pretty interesting. Somehow imagined the process to be a bit less systematic. I'm cautiously hopeful that this will work out, but more than anything, I think, it will depend to drafting well. If we can't shore up our guards and DBs, then nobody will be able to turn this shop around.
  6. Gruden was the HC in Oakland first. Was referring to Jay, not John.I'm OK with the Gase hire. It will give us a little something to be excited about going into 2016, but my expectations of long term success aren't so great.
  7. If outcomes were random, I suppose you'd win 8.3% of the time, so after Yeldon the rest were all losing propositions. The top four of those RBs would have all gone very late. If there is any lesson here I guess it would be to try to nab one high upside RB in the late rounds who's 2nd or 3rd on the depth chart.
  8. Arians and Gruden are two more examples of successful OC to HC guys. I'm OK with the Gase rumors, as it would at least be exciting, but it would be hard to imagine it working out as well as some of the more experienced candidates. Yes, MOP, definite Hawtin reference... I probably should have been a bit more subtle with the avatar rip off. I got to meet him at a show in Tokyo back in 2004. I got to the place very early, as I was worried I couldn't find it since Tokyo addresses are a bit nuts, and they just let me right in without paying, put a special band on my wrist, and ushered me in to a backstage preparty. Definitely an 'unidentified westerner' benefit, I was so confused but didn't question it. Got to spend like 30 mins chatting with Hawtin, it was awesome.
  9. Big time. Thanks, Broadway! One thing concerning the rookies... Rookie running backs were probably pretty helpful at times, I think. Especially at their predraft value. There were some real landmines in Rookie WRs, though... White, Agholor, Perriman, and all of them were going in the first 8 rounds for significant spans if I remember correctly. If it's easy to run the breakdown of rookie RBs vs. WRs, it would be interesting to see. For me, diversity was key, as I made sure to expose myself to almost everyone, but tried to avoid overexposure. As I was drafting I was keeping track of exposure with this google document. I was highlighting players to target with green, made them yellow as I felt I was becomming too exposed, and red if I didn't really want to touch them or felt really over exposed to them. I put players I felt were being over drafted in purple and would only take them at extreme ADP value. I made this list of players with early season ADP. I'm not very savvy with spreadsheets and data, though, and I wished I could have re-sorted players according to ADP as it changed, but I just made due and paired this sheet with current ADP from MFL. In the end, all of my winning teams had either Freeman (3) or Martin (2) at RB, one had both. With all the discussion about early RB being important, it turned out just the opposite this year, with mid-round RBs doing very well. I feel like there will never be a consistent strategy (e.g. take a WR in the 1st and 2nd, or 3 RBs in the top 5, etc.) that can be taken as a rule, because success will always be about picking the players that blow up and avoiding those that get injured or bust. So to me it seems like diversity of approach is key, and to mine value at ADP at all times. If you can do that I suppose you can probably outperform the average. Next year, like this year, I'll probably try every different strategy in at least a few leagues... Early QB with Cam, TE with Gronk, RB early, load up on pass catching RBs late, and so on. Early in the year I'll also be looking to draft players coming off injury like Benjamin or Jordy, as I imagine they'll start with later ADP and creep up as the season approaches. Anyway, my two cents for now...
  10. Yup... and that one change kept me in 1st by .3 points which kept me profitable on the year. I was really unhappy with what I thought was a very narrow loss in that league, a loss that would have put me in the red on the year. In the end I paid for 38 leagues ($380). I won 4 ($400) and came in second in another 4 ($40 credit). That puts me at about 16% return. I feel good about that and will likely roll my whole bankroll into 2016.
  11. Todd Haley and Hugh Jackson. Your 'second team' humble pie argument for McD holds for both of them as well. Would be happy to have either of them paired with a strong DC. I would prefer either of them to anyone other than McD.
  12. Cool and thanks. I did use a similar name ('e'), but I'll wait to ask you for this favor until mid season. I've been manually tracking my 39 leagues. Currently my average place is around 4.6. Hoping to climb a bit as Lamar Miller seems to be rebounding and I am heavily exposed to him (26%).
  13. I've got Freeman in 21% of my leagues, so that's good. I have Miller in more, and that hasn't been so good. I'm doing alright. My best team is at 964, a Gronk team with Freeman and Dalton. I actually have Dalton in 18%, which has also been nice. How do you compile and monitor your stats, Broadway?
  14. the problem IMO is the philosophy and the # of touches. 14, 15 and 10 from your lead back and then you have Jonas Gray come in from nowhere and get 9 carries for 49 yards to Millers' 7 carries for 38 yards. That's not a trend that I'd like to see as a Miller owner. The big appeal in Miller was the "high powered offense" and the fact that he was the only real option in the backfield. Fast forward to week 3 and the Fins offense has been terrible and all the sudden last week he's on the short end of an RBBC with cast away Jonas Gray. I was thinking of buying Miller but I think I'm going to do the cheaper thing and try and add Gray at the end of my bench and see what happens there. Box score scouting. Six of Grays carries For 45 yards came on Miami's final drive when they were basically running out the clock in a blowout. Miller was questionable in this game with an ankle injury, he had no reason to be in on that drive. I agree with the 'buy low.'
  15. Wow, that is some terrible writing. And I mean that completely independent of its content.