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  1. Spartans Rule

    Best Board Games

    There's a 2-player only version called 7 Wonders: Duel which is awesome.
  2. Spartans Rule

    Best Board Games

    I'd recommend Concordia. I've played and enjoy Azul, Catan, Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and Carcassonne and I think Concordia is as good as any of them if not better. It scales well with anything from 2-5 although I don't think it goes up to 6. It's a bit like Catan in that you're accumulating resources and using them to build cities, but I like the mechanics of Concordia better, and there's a lot less luck to it.
  3. Fantrax sounds good to me. My protect list is pretty much set so I’m ready to go whenever, though it probably doesn’t need to be until February at the earliest.
  4. Spartans Rule

    BTTF 2018: MLB123746

    Hey it's the 3-month anniversary of that trade I made. I'll probably enter my team soon although I'm not optimistic this is happening.
  5. Spartans Rule

    A discussion on WAR

    And 1974 is nothing. You want to get really gross, check out Cardinals SS Dal Maxvill’s 1968.
  6. Spartans Rule

    A discussion on WAR

    Also in 1974, Red Sox SS Mario Guerrero slashed 246/282/282 with a 58 OPS+ in 304 PA. He had 8 extra-base hits and ground into 12 double plays. His oWAR was 0.1. If that’s above replacement level, than Bucky ####### Dent was actually pretty awesome.
  7. I thought that about the MSU-Nebraska game. And the MSU-Rutgers game. It’s like Office Space. Every game is worse than the one before it. So every game, while I’m watching it, is the worst game in the history of college football.
  8. I dunno. He’s totally redeeming himself on this drive.
  9. Dammit, I thought they’d be able to kill the clock. I don’t want to watch MSU’s offense again. Ugh, then we recover the fumble. Just let it end already.
  10. I assumed they were calling timeout when there were 5 seconds on the play clock and they were about to snap to an unprotected punter.
  11. MSU’s defense is really, really good, but I figured Oregon would have the one score it takes to beat us by now.
  12. 10 punts, no points so far in the Redbox Bowl. Pretty much what anyone who’s watched Michigan State this year was expecting.
  13. He isn’t preparing them for ####. Pressing the third-stringers of an inferior team in a game that’s already decided is utterly useless preparation for anything that would happen in a meaningful game. If the opposing coach doesn’t realize that, he’s woefully unqualified to coach basketball at any level. If he does and did it anyway, he’s a jerk. Neither coach handled the situation well.