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  1. Yes. Cheese, HT and DrD are prepaid via last year’s winnings, and RnR will be covered through my PieLeeg donation. Everyone else can PayPal $50 to bensanders at gmail dot com. Paid: UMjake49, PIK95, FDAS, eephus, Kraft
  2. The biggest competitive balance impact is probably giving the worst teams a crack at some elite prospects. Top teams don't suffer too much, although it does make it harder for them to hold prospects. It probably hurts the deepest team the most which is usually me, but I don't think that impact is significant, and both the draft and the effect on strategy make the league more fun IMO.
  3. 4.4 Mychal Givens, RP, Baltimore Earmarking a roster spot for chasing saves more than actually wanting the (possible) closer of a historically bad team. @PIK95@greedygoat
  4. The Twins should say no. They're only getting Maeda, he's not worth THAT much. The Dodgers are getting Betts, it's on them to save this. Would be crazy if it all fell apart over Brusdar's injury.
  5. I considered pulling Howard back at 2.4 but I'm heavily invested in young arms even without him. Solak has a decent chance to be on my protect list next year if he can take over 2B in Texas, which means my former player Odor needs to fail spectacularly. I'm less excited about him at any corner spot.
  6. He still has 15 minutes by that definition. Personally I think the pick is IMMINENT
  7. 2.4 Yasiel Puig, OF, My Team (but no MLB team) @PIK95 @greedygoat
  8. This was my guy. Need a minute to recalibrate and then I'll pick.