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  1. Lots of good ideas, especially getting money out of politics. The problem is that any fixes to our corrupt, broken system have to be made using our corrupt, broken system. How do you get career politicians to impose term limits on themselves? How do you get them to support campaign finance reform when they're the ones benefiting from the way things are? How do you revisit Citizens United when the Supreme Court has become partisan? How do you establish a viable third party when the other two control access to the process? I don't have answers for those questions.
  2. I'm looking for young(ish) SP help, have some veteran bats I could spare.
  3. Congrats to @HellToupee on a 2nd title in 3 years, and to @Fat Drunk and Stupid, @Kraft..., and @FishTacoTuesday for cashing. I’ll send winnings to the PayPal accounts the entry fees came from, minus $50 to roll-in for next season, unless I hear otherwise in the next day or two.
  4. Assuming a normal 2021 season, are we cutting back to 40 at the next CB draft?
  5. I'm now in season 5 with Ipswich, my first in the Prem. Off to a good start with 3 wins and 3 draws thru 6 matches. My 5-month furlough from my job just ended though, so I've been playing a lot less lately. I still have 6 players who were with me at the start in League One, including two starters, but my favorite player right now is Thierry Henry-wannabe regen Kevin Henry. He's got the same last name, a lot of the same skills, and even kinda looks like him (present-day Thierry anyway, which is an odd look for a 19-year-old). So naturally he's on loan from.... Tottenham Hoping to sign him permanently but it's not looking real likely at the moment.
  6. Pretty sure I'm protecting 25 hitters and zero pitchers in the next CB draft.
  7. If you told me in February my team would be in 2nd place in late July...
  8. Oof. Should’ve had an easy closeout of Tank in game 4, with my ace Jerry Reuss against Danny Cox and his 6.31 ERA. But Reuss choked hard, gave up 9 runs and now I have to beat Steve Carlton in game 5. Looks like my usual first-round exit is still in the cards.
  9. Makeup picks: 2.14 Kwang-Hyun Kim 3.2 Chad Green
  10. I half forgot. I put in claims for my regular revolving door crew of Freddy Peralta and Isaac Paredes, but I did not remember my plan to come back and do a deeper dive later. That sort of sums up my enthusiasm level for this season.
  11. I like this idea. We could go 200/160/120/80/40 for the top five.