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  1. I was really excited for a few seconds until I realized it was probably an accident and even if it wasn’t I’m not high enough in the waiver order.
  2. Paddack through 7 against the Marlins. Was perfect through 5.
  3. Check that, it's now Michael Pineda, who I rostered from July 2010 to May 2016. I didn't realize it was that long until I checked the transaction log... probably because he was injured most of that time. His return to my team is a clear indication that I have no idea what I'm doing.
  4. Derrick Rose will solve all our problems! Not exactly a great fit, but at 2/15 I don't hate it.
  5. Yeah, that would be odd to give up a year of team control to have him play meaningless games. Not like he’s lit the high minors on fire either, although today’s outburst raised his OPS about 70 points.
  6. Miami calling up Zac Gallen to start tomorrow. Was never a big prospect but he’s been arguably the best pitcher in AAA this season with a 9-1 record, 1.77 ERA, 11.04 K/9 and 1.68 BB/9. A bit homer-prone but Marlins Park will help with that. Not overpowering but he has 3 solid pitches and good command. More of a high floor, low ceiling type.
  7. Detroit takes Isaiah Roby, SF, Nebraska If you look at the Pistons’ roster on ESPN, there are zero players listed at small forward. Just a bunch of journeyman shooting guards splitting time there. Roby is potentially a plus defender and would give them a guy who can actually guard that position. If he can improve his shot he could have a significant role down the road.
  8. 1.25 Blazers take KZ Okpala, F, Stanford Intriguing raw prospect who fits the Blazers' mold of versatile frontcourt players. If he works out, he'd be a really dynamic compliment to the Lillard/McCollum backcourt. If not, oh well, the Blazers got depth. They can afford to gamble here.
  9. I could take Portland, I watched a lot of them this year. I likely won’t be around much tomorrow though, have a super busy day. So if we got to them tonight that’d be ideal.
  10. At 1.15 the Pistons take Nickeil Alexander-Walker, G, Virginia Tech Detroit has superstars like Griffin, Drummond and Thon Maker up front, but the situation is so dire on the wing that adding Wayne Ellington instantly made the team significantly better. Drafting a big man really not an option. There’s about 5 wings that I considered here and if I did it over in an hour I might take a different one, but Nickeil’s shooting, defense, versatility and basketball IQ gave him the slightest of edges.
  11. Michigan's best player Jordan Brewer is from my hometown. I've talked to him before and followed his career closely. So, for a limited time only, Go Blue!
  12. I’ll take the Pistons again. Last year I got us Landry Shamet in the 2nd round, he ended up actually going late first and was a steal there. In real life I already forgot who the Pistons took. Open to a 2nd team if needed, don’t care who.
  13. I was the first in the league to pick up Bellinger, but dropped him down the stretch that season because I needed the roster space in a pennant race. I planned to pick him back up in the last week, but Hoos had the same idea and beat me to it, and then Eephus got him in Hoos draft. I tried to give away Paddack last year too. He wasn’t on the first draft of my protect list but I switched him in at the last minute.
  14. Edwin Jackson, Matt Stairs, Ron Villone and LaTroy Hawkins have combined to play for all 30 MLB franchises. From playing around with this for a bit, I suspect there are other 4-player combos that will work, but I doubt it can be done with 3.