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  1. MSU didn't play defense at all. It's not like Michigan was drilling tough 3s all game. They only hit 6 which is probably a season low. They didn't have to bother with 3s because they could get an uncontested layup pretty much whenever they wanted.
  2. When your rival beats the absolute living #### out of you on your own floor, and their star player fouls out with 18 seconds left and 27 points, you don't do the "See ya!" chant you ####### Izzone morons. Embarrassing loss. I've seen teams play smarter and harder in YMCA U8 games.
  3. The most available players on my roster are Triston McKenzie and Hunter Greene. My heart says protect them, but TINSTAAPP says #### off. I'm looking for some vet SP to round out my staff. As good as Kershaw is, I can't bank on Buehler and Gohara to be my 2 and 3 this year even though I love them.
  4. Today I protect Rhys Hoskins. Seemed like this had good schtick potential at the time but now I realize it'll be 2 weeks of posting obvious keepers before it gets remotely interesting. Think I'm gonna stop.
  5. Clayton Kershaw Stay tuned over the next 24 days for the rest
  6. I'm also set on 22, with 6 guys fighting for 3 spots. It's between 3 veterans coming off confusing seasons and 3 zygotes I but am trying to be realistic about.
  7. Thinking I might reveal mine one per day for 25 days.
  8. You made me think of this Onion point/counterpoint The vast majority of Twitter users aren't using it to broaden their horizons.
  9. Genoa over reliable losers Benevento
  10. That was one of the worst NBA games I've ever seen. Orlando was missing most of its team, and then the Pistons literally stopped playing defense in the 4th quarter. Hezonja did make eight 3s though, and only like 5 of them were completely uncontested, so that's something.
  11. Most of the current losing streak was understandable. Close losses to good teams on the road, then 2 to title contenders at home. But 20-point home loss to the Nuggets for 7 in a row? Ooooof.
  12. Trammell was my favorite player as a small child and also a star on RBI Baseball, the first video game I ever played. So that’s awesome. Morris getting in means the Modern Era Committee understands baseball statistics less than I did when I was watching Jack pitch as an 8-year old, but I won’t complain about another Tiger in there.