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  1. The Rizzo situation has to do with the first baseman's glove. When he shifts in and Baez covers first, some umpires have required him to switch gloves, although Maddon has pointed out that's not actually a rule: And then that glove switch can affect if he's scored as the 1B or not: So that logic may not apply to outfielders swapping positions or the 3B switching sides, etc.
  2. First one I thought of. Second was "Little Sister" by Queens of the Stone Age but that one is wildly inappropriate.
  3. Kind of agree although I don't think it's an issue of talented players in general. Bridges was great under Izzo. It's more the game passing him by offensively. Jaren Jackson is going to be a top 10, maybe top 5 pick in the NBA draft. He's basically everything you want in a big man in today's game. Izzo never really used him to anywhere near his potential and in that 2nd half left him sitting on the bench in favor of generic bruiser Ben Carter, who was passing up shots in the high post that Jackson could hit all day. Offensive rebounding is nice but you don't need to get literally all of them. You need weapons that can disrupt defenses. Izzo had one and didn't use him.
  4. Jaren Jackson is the guy who needed to be taking control in the high post, but he only played like 5 minutes.
  5. You're going to foul an 85% FT shooter instead of letting us shoot another 10% contested 3? Thanks.
  6. It's like a clinic on how not to play offense against a zone. I think we've had like 10 possessions where the ball never got within 20 feet of the basket that ended in a contested 3.
  7. Even I have to admit that shot was pretty cool.
  8. $50 to bensanders at gmail dot com.
  9. That just leaves @HellToupee and @cheese to pay.
  10. I'm thinking Portugal, which decriminalized all drugs and has seen dramatic drops in overdose deaths and drug-related crime, might be a better model than the Philippines. Portugal's example
  11. It's worth pointing out exactly who and what Trump is praising here. Human Rights and Duterte's War on Drugs Duterte has publicly encouraged police killings and vigilante killings of drug dealers and users, which are happening by the thousands in the Philippines. He even said this:
  12. Werder Bremen over Koln I need to stop forgetting about this until Saturday afternoon.
  13. 50.20 Yacksel Rios, RP, Phillies I got a player from every team.