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  1. You can load from the draft center, but you have to join the league first. Then that option will be there at the top left.
  2. My 1-man list was Earl Weaver 😡 For my tilt pick, I’ll take the master of going on tilt, Lee Elia
  3. 24.11 Carlos Diaz, RP, 83-85-84 Two shots at a solid lefty specialist. One shot at a 1.73 WHIP. @Dudley Do-Right
  4. 22.11 Randy Tomlin, SP, 92-91-90 Rooting for a 3 here, 1990 could be a nice weapon. @Dudley Do-Right
  5. Going with the "best Steve Ontiveros available" strategy. 21.14 Steve Ontiveros, 3B, 77-79-78 @Notorious T.R.E.
  6. 2 was the magic number. Thanks for screwing up the roll, nerds. I actually have a good bullpen now!
  7. 20.11 Steve Ontiveros, P, 87-85-88 A total 1-in-3 shot but at this point why not. @Dudley Do-Right
  8. With that 2, Johnny Grubb becomes my best hitter by far, at least for the 243 PA he’s got. 👍
  9. 19.14 Johnny Grubb, OF, 78-86-77 @Notorious T.R.E. @not 1,not 2, not 3
  10. 18.11 Rob Murphy, LHP, 87-86-88 Waited too long on lefty relief so I'll gamble and chase the 51 unhittable IP. The other two seasons are sorta passable I guess. @Dudley Do-Right
  11. 80-82-83 Some interesting season options. Hoping for a 1, otherwise I have to make a weird frankencatcher.