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  1. No idea. I haven't kept up with the soccer world as much as I'd like recently so I just assumed he was a rising star I missed. Googled him and I'm confused why they even took him to Russia.
  2. He was my other option when the Pistons took Shamet. Saw him late 1st in some mocks, seems like a nice pick this late.
  3. Pistons select Landry Shamet, PG/SG, Wichita State If the Pistons are going to make Drummond/Griffin work, they need shooting, and this guy shot 44% from 3 in college. He's also got the versatility to play either guard spot and a high basketball IQ. Not really a huge upside pick but I think he fits the team's needs extremely well and will develop into a solid bench guy.
  4. I only saw him play once but if he plays the way he did against MSU, Durant just lost his starting job.
  5. Just realized that my 3 best players so far this season were all left unprotected in the competitive balance draft. I took Eddie Rosario and left Scooter Gennett and Patrick Corbin out there. Corbin probably wasn’t on anyone’s radar but I thought someone might grab Scooter. Should be even more interesting next season with the recent draftees thrown in.
  6. A solid hire and a fairly obvious choice. Who they get as GM will be more important.
  7. He's a pretty impressive athlete IMO. Potential dunk contest winner. His ball-handling is what's holding back his offensive potential right now. I didn't see any ankle-breaking crossovers, mostly just drove straight to the hoop and then used his strength to finish. As far as a ceiling comparison... maybe Michael Finley?
  8. Bust is relative to where he gets picked I suppose, but I'd be very surprised if he wasn't at least a useful NBA player. He's got great intangibles to go with the athleticism and was rarely a guy I'd get frustrated watching. I guess the worst-case scenario would be something like Justise Winslow or Stanley Johnson where he can defend but doesn't have enough skills to create offense against similar athletes. I like his shooting better than those guys though. I think Jaren Jackson is more raw than people realize. He has a pretty crazy NBA skill set and produced some serious wow moments, but he was pretty inconsistent and doesn't know how to defend without fouling. I think he'll be a good player down the road but it may take a few years.
  9. The app has screwed up my stats many times for various reasons (mostly if I sub a guy out for the next day's lineup). It's always right if I look in a web browser though.
  10. The Clippers select... 1.12 Miles Bridges SF, Michigan State 1.13 Lonnie Walker, SG, Miami Will do write-ups later when I have more time.
  11. Thought about this, but WIS won't let you use the same player from the same season twice on one team. Trout only has 6 good seasons so far so you'd have to wait 2 more years to field a full lineup of him. If anyone is still thinking about this in October 2019, bump the thread and we'll make it happen.
  12. Mike Trout currently has an RC27 of 11.09, so that's the runs per game you'd expect from a lineup of 9 of him. The league average runs scored right now is 4.38. The Pythagorean win percentage for a team that scores 11.09 runs per game and allows 4.38 is .865, which would be 140 wins. That's a quick estimate and probably not a very accurate one, but fine-tuning it will only make the win total go down. You get 8 Trouts in the lineup, not 9, and the runs allowed goes up if you start factoring in Trout's defensive contributions at middle infield and catcher. Definite under on 152.
  13. Here's my SP: Max Scherzer 71.2 IP 0.91 WHIP 0.75 HR/9 Tanner Roark 65.1 IP 1.00 WHIP 0.96 HR/9 J.A. Happ 65.2 IP 1.11 WHIP 1.23 HR/9 Jakob Junis 67.1 IP 1.14 WHIP 1.60 HR/9 James Shields 69.1 IP 1.26 WHIP 0.52 HR/9 That's all pretty awesome - even James Shields doesn't suck somehow. The problem is I blew my 4th rounder on Danny Salazar, and Luis Perdomo was so bad in his 4 starts that even if he gets called back up he'd have to throw like 4 perfect games before he'd even be rosterable. So it's basically the 5 guys above or bust for me. May they all stay healthy and non-sucky.
  14. Somebody also said they haven't added last year's college football. I didn't even know they did college football, but that's not the best sign. Always been good about baseball though which I assume is their biggest seller.
  15. I'll tentatively take the Clippers and make the pick the Pistons coulda had. If someone really wants them I'm fine switching to a different team.