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  1. Yeah that was me. Running slow won't be a problem, you'll see that once my times start showing up New to Strava, had been using Runkeeper. Any cool features I should know about?
  2. I should probably bookmark this thread. Ran my first 10K about a month ago. Have been running a lot since then and considering doing a half-marathon in November. I have very little idea what I'm doing. My circle of friends is basically the local brewing community, which has its perks but they're not much help with fitness. So I figure following along here might be helpful.
  3. Hampson has also played some CF in the minors, so he could be a super-utility guy or even a full-time OF. Crazy trade idea that won't happen: Hampson to the Brewers for Freddy Peralta. Milwaukee is desperate for MI and Peralta seems to like pitching at altitude.
  4. Mejia isn’t really an exciting addition for the Padres unless he catches just because of the depth in their system. Hosmer is blocking Naylor at 1B, there’s Villanueva and Hudson Potts at 3B, and in the OF they’ve got Myers signed through 2022 and a ton of young guys. No guarantee he can force his way into the lineup at any of those positions, so I assume he’ll get every opportunity to stick behind the plate.
  5. Courtois won the golden glove for best keeper. A good pick, but I kinda wonder if Lloris would've had it if he didn't gift that goal to Mandzukic.
  6. All three are brothers, and their father is also named Wander Franco. The George Foremans of Dominican baseball.
  7. I would like to add Rays SS prospect Wander Franco. He is not in the CBS database, but should be eligible since he signed in 2017. @Eephus can correct me if I am wrong. I'll drop Leody Taveras to make room.
  8. Not having Meunier limited his options. It's nice that they don't do yellow card suspensions for the final, but that one may have had a pretty big impact on the semifinal between arguably the two best teams.
  9. Edging out the previous leader for best save of the tournament, which was also Hugo Lloris.
  10. In between World Cups there is plenty of international soccer going on. Every continent has its own championship tournament, plus you've got World Cup qualifying which is a lengthy process. All this has to be sandwiched in between regular season play. For people who are into soccer, there's almost no offseason, always something going on.
  11. I think a big factor in the sport's global popularity is the consistency in the rules. Having the sport played by the same laws all across the globe is what really enables international competition to be such a big deal. I remember reading that MLS wanted to alter some rules when it started and FIFA said no. That probably would've been bad for the sport's growth here.
  12. The best example of a country that is consistently top 15 but never top 5 is probably Mexico. I wouldn't consider them a world power, and the U.S. is usually pretty close to their equal (this year's World Cup qualifying aside).
  13. Surprised me too. Usually I'd think at that phase you want your big forward in to receive hoof balls, and you'd take off a little guy up front like Hazard and DeBruyne. But those guys did a nice job wasting time through dribbling, so maybe that's why.
  14. Back 4 makes more sense too against Brazil. I like the lineup.
  15. I always like when players do it though. It's not the high percentage play, but if you hit it perfect you pretty much take the keeper out of it