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  1. Year one of my rebuild went slightly better than expected. My offense scored an above-average number of points despite leaving holes in the lineup for the first month or two and never having much of a bench. With no hitters over 30 and a lot of top prospects on the way, I feel good about my bats. As for pitching, in theory I like what I've got, but who the hell knows with young arms. Also don't have any closers. Might be more than a year away from doing damage on that side.
  2. Congrats @cheese on the title, and also to @HellToupee and @Doctor Detroit for cashing. Unless I hear otherwise in the next week, I will send winnings back to the PayPal addresses the entry fees came from and deduct the $50 to roll you in for next year. Seems like ancient history now, but the franchise currently known as Cheese was the first one in this league to undergo a total teardown and have a roster of mostly minor leaguers under boubucarow. It took two managers and almost a decade but it's cool to see that process culminate in a title. Gives hope to others undergoing long rebuilds.
  3. Thank god for that penalty. I don’t want to watch more of this. Just miss this and get it over with, mercifully.
  4. Zac Gallen thru 6 for the Dbacks. Pitch count will likely be too high to finish it off. He's allowed runners on a hit batter, walk, error and a 3rd strike passed ball.
  5. I don’t think the author of the article is wrong. It’s just that her findings aren’t exactly as shocking as she likes to think. An encyclopedia that anyone can edit and is posted for free online is susceptible to bias and corruption? Holy ####, stop the presses! Of course Wikipedia is flawed. Anyone who’s surprised by that has WAY too much faith in humanity. I’ve definitely read entries that reek of PR. There’s tons of good information on there though, and much of it is just basic factual stuff where bias doesn’t really come in to play. If you want to know about the geography of Turkey, where rhinoceroses live, or the stats of a random soccer player, it’s awesome. If you’re reading about politicians or large corporations you’ll want to be more cautious and check the source material.
  6. Fun little CBS glitch - Nick Solak is in my lineup and his Rangers stats are counting for me... but he's still listed as playing for the Rays, and I can remove him before their game starts if I want.
  7. The Padres must love them some Taylor Trammell. He has upside to be a 5-tool star but he needs to reach it for this to be a good deal for San Diego, and right now he’s struggling in AA. 40-man roster concerns were probably a factor though. The Padres could get hit hard in a Rule 5 draft at some point and Trammell is still exempt from that this offseason.
  8. Same for me. The company I work for isn't exactly Fortune 500, and I realized when a work pool started that if hit, losing that many employees at once would probably put us under. I looked at it as more of an insurance policy than anything.
  9. I was really excited for a few seconds until I realized it was probably an accident and even if it wasn’t I’m not high enough in the waiver order.
  10. Paddack through 7 against the Marlins. Was perfect through 5.
  11. Check that, it's now Michael Pineda, who I rostered from July 2010 to May 2016. I didn't realize it was that long until I checked the transaction log... probably because he was injured most of that time. His return to my team is a clear indication that I have no idea what I'm doing.
  12. Derrick Rose will solve all our problems! Not exactly a great fit, but at 2/15 I don't hate it.