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  1. I live in South Texas. Half our yard is Zoysia with the rest being St. Augustine that is coming in from all our neighbors. My wife prefers the St. Aug so no worries. We don't have many weeds, but do have some clover and a couple patches of CrabGrass coming up. I also don't think the yard has ever been aerated (10 yrs old) or de-thatched. I did spray some RoundUp weed and feed stuff about 2 months ago. Is it too late to de-thatch and/or aerate? Which one is preferred? Should I do CrabGrass ASAP and aerate next year? Some things I have read is that it is important to scalp your yard as well. We moved in about 18 months ago and overall our yard is pretty (95%) great, so help me not screw it up!
  2. Thinking of going with a few friends for the NCAA tourney this year. Any tips? Places to stay? How much more expensive will rooms and flights be? Coming from Texas.
  3. Is the Eco wash the only difference between the 500 and 800? Anybody use that?
  4. The coverage is okay. We moved to a newer neighborhood a little further out from the city, so none of the big 3 are very good out there. Can I keep the same phone number? What phones are available for those? Can I add a line for my wife later on once her contract expires? Thanks HULK.
  5. I just moved and am looking to move carriers if it makes since. I'm currently out of contract at AT&T. My bill total is 72.41 per month for unlimited text (1200 avg), unlimited minutes (500 avg) and 3 GB data with 1 month rollover (2.75 GB avg). My wife is also with AT&T, but is on a different plan and is still under contract. Seems like a good plan, but I'm up for whatever if there is something better. Thoughts?
  6. AC..I had no uproar? I just moved each time to a new page to not forget?? I also told someone you always pay me.... I know. Someone said to just block me from the games and it made me I guess. No biggie. We're straight,.
  7. Sent to Aristocrat also...sorry for taking so long. Buy a nice twentieth of Van Winkle.
  8. Seriously guys? I have paid promptly every time and my name is all over the last 10 pages. I just paid dback. I owe someone else as well from the same night I believe and am scrolling back to check and will send as soon as I see the note. Dback, I have even paid YOU before, so I am not sure why all the uproar...I knew I owed and I know it has been a few days...and I am sorry for the delay, but I didnt think it would be a huge deal since I have paid before and you know who I am. Anyway, sorry again for the delay and I wont play again if I know I may not be available the next day to pay.
  9. Just post it with spaces or words or whatever in between or PM us. I AM NOT working more to PAY YOU!
  10. all the daily tourneys are $25. the rest are all decided in here or once tourney starts, but we will always go down to 25 if someone registers and doesnt want to play higher.
  11. Just signed up for daily...we have 3 now, would love more! charvik, daily is at 10 EST
  12. Payments received from Litsupp and charvik! Thanks guys. Hoping to be able to play a couple games this weekend!