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  1. Probably. Although it would be nice if they had a QB with some prior college rapport with McLaurin to throw to him.
  2. With that average he should have gotten way more touches.
  3. Lauer’s letter:
  4. It doesn’t, and talk about being dismissive and clueless. 🙄 They showed it multiple times at different speeds on the big screen. It was poor ball security, but go ahead and assume you know everything.
  5. Uh, just by his current coach - in that article. Carry on then.
  7. Eh idk, maybe put it close to your body, and another arm around it as you become surrounded by people trying to tackle you?
  8. I didn’t see McCoy drinking while on the sideline. But then again, after that fumble I didn’t see him at all anymore.
  9. I was at the game and it was sloppy - out away from his body in one arm while running through a bunch of traffic. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.
  10. Couldn’t establish the ground game. I didn’t see McCoy at all after his bad fumble. Idk if he was injured or not. Darrel was preferentially the 3rd down back, but it didn’t translate to touches. Damien couldn’t get anything going either. Idk. Tough to say what next week will yield. The Chiefs certainly need to establish a competent ground game.
  11. I was at the game. Watkins was out really early. He looked pretty good. Missed one pass. Was targeted quite a bit because he was getting separation. He looks a little short out there, but good speed and smooth.
  12. I've been focused on Diontae being a dynasty asset but am realizing with these past two performances that he is a solid redraft asset. What should we be thinking with respect to his rest of the season potential output? Where do you rank him ROS in PPR WRs?