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  1. More racial diversity in U.S. police departments unlikely to reduce shootings: study
  2. Seeing Chris Stapleton tonight with three teenage girls. lol.
  3. Agree. I was going to say a property manager for renting apartments/condos and houses.
  5. There's a thread already dedicated to this I believe...
  6. It reminds me of incarceration rates for blacks - on the surface it seems that the numbers point one way, but then you see the crime and violent crime rates by race and it points another. We certainly aren't seeing the whole picture with that data. Riskier accounts and loans are always going to be charged more. Banks in some areas will cost more to operate, be less profitable, and may not stay open. They even admit that credit scores vary significantly by race and then try to change the story by saying they aren't significant and then that they need to be calculated using different variables. Which is it? What is wrong with how they are calculated currently? I'll just end my discussion on this topic of this thread by reiterating that artificially injecting cash into a system to try to correct some "perceived injustice" or "market inefficiency" will not work - it never has and never will.
  7. So she generally says one thing and does another?
  8. If you go to the link imbedded within your linked story you’ll see that the information used for this does not include debt, savings or credit scores. They try to discredit (pun intended) the use of credit scores, but they as well as amount of debt and amount of savings are important to determining credit worthiness. Then they go on to site denial rates of blacks versus whites, without stating if they are controlling for variables between the two.
  9. Idk if this has been posted yet, but this is as good a place as any: Warning: cuss words in the video.
  10. Set rules yes. If the loan doesn’t make sense financially then they won’t do it. Sorry to burst your bubble. If someone qualifies then they’ll make the loan. Trying to artificially make someone qualify for a loan won’t work - it will spur another collapse as it did previously. And no there isn’t.
  11. Yet it is. Are banks in the habit of trying to not make money? If a loan makes sense they’ll do it.
  12. Yeah, I agree. I’m all for raising black homeownership, but her idea seems like a poor one. They don’t have the finances, credit history or income to get a home but let’s artificially inject some down payment money at the problem. That will: increase the housing demand and hence the price. 2. Not solve their ability to actually afford the house they are buying. 3. And increase the default rate of these already risky loans. We've been down that road before as alluded to above. Black home ownership is low for reasons relating to their income and credit history, not because of racism. Banks already have protocols in place for accessing risk of a loan. If they feel a loan is a good idea then they will make one. Higher risk loans are also part of their reportoire. And if denying a loan is in their best interest then so be it.
  13. I'd recommend making mead. It's less intensive and difficult than beer. Plus you get to drink the delicious results.