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  1. It would be a likely place to catch a lot of diseases.
  2. Old reliable is to get pics of the kids/grandkids and have them printed onto canvas paper online. is one place that does this. Very cool and unique.
  3. It used to be two spaces and now it’s only one. I took a writing class a few years ago and was informed of the change.
  4. Sage advice here. I would tweak #6 slightly, but agree with the overall premise.
  6. Presto is my all time favorite Rush song. Thanks again GR for doing this list. It’s been fun to follow along with all the craziness going on in the world.
  7. I was going to guess Tom Sawyer was #1. Still holding out hope for a sleeper pick at #1 that is my favorite Rush song.
  8. To get some of their awesome beer. And to see their women. Carry on
  9. John Prine has it. Is intubated and in critical condition
  10. Had to shave my precious beard so an N95 mask will actually fit and seal. Ugh. Beard on my brothers...