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  1. Smith is the worst qb ever. Omg he’s horrible.
  2. Smith and Gruden are garbage. Get rid of them and the ‘Skins could be pretty solid.
  3. Can Gruden please be fired and Bruce Allen as well? Nice trade for Alex Smith btw. This franchise is garbage.
  4. That can’t be the entire trade. Gotta be missing something on the Goodwin side. Gotta be.
  5. Nelson. Not even a debate. Protect your franchise QB.
  6. 12 team ppr Team 1 gives: 1.07 Team 2 gives Mark Ingram, George Kittle Team 1 gives: 1.09 Team 3 gives: D’Onta Foreman
  7. Trade up for Barkley. Get some legit talent on this team.