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  1. Prayed right now and will continue throughout the day!
  2. I am a three times on Sunday (Sunday School, Morning worship, evening Bible Study), midweek Bible Study/prayer meeting, every week attender to a very conservative/traditional church. Have been all my life (48 years old). I think the church, as a whole, has been our worst enemy. Focusing on personal preferences, and constantly changing trying to appease an ever changing “world” (not meant as a slight but those outside the church). The church should offer an alternative, and quit trying to be a lesser version of what people outside of the church already have. I attend and have attended churches that for the most part strive to be Biblical. That is not always the popular choice but it is consistent. The world should not be the standard but the Bible should be the standard. Attendance numbers, although important should not be THE deciding factor of how the church operates. I have seen in the last five years, a younger church going generation, finding their way back to the traditional style church versus the entertainment based churches. I have asked several why they are coming back. They all have said, they desire the consistency of being Bible based rather than being entertained. Simply said, they want Bible preaching and teaching. I have for the most part attended churches that run 100-200 on Sunday morning. I currently attend a church that runs between 600-700 on Sunday morning. I don’t anticipate the church as a whole to continue to grow (although I do believe individual churches can) based on what the Bible says: 2 Timothy 3.
  3. Elaborate on the Manassas concern. Thanks!
  4. Is there a problem with Manassas as far as quality/safety? Thanks for the thorough overview as well!
  5. Looks like a move to northern VA (Woodbridge, Dumfries, perhaps out towards Manassas area) is happening sometime this summer. Housing is quite a bit more expensive then what I have experienced in Columbus, OH. Just be me and the wife as both of my kids are in college in Florida. What else should I be aware of? Car expenses: Insurance more here? Inspections on cars difficult? Is there a yearly tax on cars? Etc. Any areas I should be careful with? I am definitely going to be in the middle class income level. We are planning to rent for the first year so we can get a better feel for the area. I am going to be working in Woodbridge but almost in Dumfries. We would like to live west of there and stay away from I-95 traffic as much as possible. Any suggestions on areas would be greatly appreciated. Anything else you think would be helpful, please feel free to share. Thanks in advance!
  6. My classic take is, “no one will beat him, he will beat himself.”
  7. California would be the last state I would ever trust!
  8. Probably already covered but I missed it. How did you do in your game show appearances? You are the only person I “know” that’s been on a game show. Wait till I tell my other friends!
  9. So did the opponent bet everything or did he leave $ in his bank?
  10. I missed it, what was the score? Could he have been caught in FJ?
  11. The stats don’t lie! Holzauer is dominating far more than I thought he was. Also, whoever is accumulating these stats is a Super Nerd!
  12. When do they rename the show after this guy? It’s probably been answered but is there a limit of games he can play before they kick him off the show?
  13. Originally I was talking about a weeknight. Yesterday was a last minute decision. I told my buddy who had never been that @shuke said it would be easy and let’s go for it. My buddy hates @shuke now. My buddy’s family hates @shuke now because we missed supper. Thanks @shuke!!