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  1. We stop every time we go through Bama! My son is getting married to a Bama girl next summer and we will be catering the rehearsal dinner with SAWS! I wish I saw this earlier, I hope you can try them. Several locations I believe.
  2. After I got done reading this update, I literally heard the “Law & Order” chime.
  3. This is good. What changed my mind about the guy is him trying to get rid of the evidence quickly. You getting this documented first is a good move!
  4. I think I am changing my mind also. He’s doing to many suspicious things. You better tape off the stump with a do not remove sign until you get an estimate from someone or it will be gone at some point.
  5. I have one college place on my bucket list:
  6. Sounds like the guy knows he screwed up or his guys did. Let him offer something and go with it. If you plan on being there a while, your relationship is more important.
  7. Been there and done that TWICE. Didn’t learn our lesson the first time but have been debt free (accept the house) for about 12 years. CONGRATULATIONS!!!
  8. She had me raise my arm, put pressure on my arm as I tried to push or pull. That kind of stuff.
  9. The only thing I can think is that from my description of what happened, it makes sense to her that it’s a strain and will most likely get better with some exercise and time to heal??? I didn’t fall on it, I only threw a nerf ball four times. It was not alarming to me that I didn’t get any xrays today.
  10. I saw the doctor and told her my symptoms and she said it sounds like I strained my RC. She said, let’s start with at home exercises (she gave me a list). If that doesn’t work, then some PT would be the next step. If still hurting, she mentioned cortisone and further examination.
  11. I didn’t push it today much as it was my first day to try any exercises. It was just so little of range before I was hurting, that I wondered if it’s even helping. Going to try an increase a little each day.
  12. Are you speaking from personal rotator cuff experience? I want what you typed to be true!
  13. According to my dr, that was the third round if personal exercise and physical therapy did not work.
  14. I’m nearly 49 and have not been physically active beyond some walks and a little bit of golf for the last several years. I am not obese but could stand to lose 15lbs (6’1” and 210lbs). I see some jr high kids that I know this past Friday afternoon. They are tossing around the nerf football and I join them for a few minutes. I threw the ball four times, about 25 to 30 yards, but sky balls. I feel no pain and they were beautiful throws. I tell the kids I’ll see them later. Saturday morning, arm feels tight and starting to feel like I “threw my arm out” back in my baseball days. By Saturday night, I am in excruciating pain and hardly sleep. Miserable all day Sunday. Can’t hardly move my arm without screeching in pain. I have the day off today and go to my dr. She tells me what I already know. I damaged my rotator cuff to some degree. I’m supposed to do exercises for two weeks. If no better, therapy for two weeks. If no better, cortisone shots. If no better, I don’t know what they do. So I start these exercises today and I am so far away from being able to do what they want me to do, it’s not even funny. If what they want requires finishing at a 10, I am at 1.5 at the moment. For those that have been down this path, my question is, do I push myself and my shoulder/arm pain to get the range of motion or do I just try to do a little bit more each day? Second question, is this thing going to hurt like this the entire recovery? It’s awful! Getting old isn’t for sissies!