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  1. Completely reinstated or still missing some games?
  2. Five days? I am not sure we could have done just Savanna for five days but there are some other things near by.
  3. We ended up spending two days in Savannah and going to a couple of concerts during their music festival (google for this years dates). We had a blast! Restaurants we tried: (Go to Leopold’s Ice Cream right down the road from here) (Didn’t make it here but friends have and loved it!) We only spent a night and morning in Asheville passing through. We want to get back and spend some time there! We did have a decent dinner and an amazing breakfast (GREAT breakfast and coffee!!)
  4. Imagine what would have happened to him if he did something to the Clinton’s? I think he will be ok.
  5. That is who I thought of. I think Luke holds on to see if Ryan Day gets lured to the NFL in a few seasons. I feel bad for Sparty, hope it’s not to bad!
  6. Are there “exercises” for the memory for the getting older crowd that actually work? My name retention has gone to pot in the last year or so (49 years old now).
  7. Did they have a guy named playing 1b named Jack Clark around that time?
  8. And very little trash left behind from what I heard. Sounds like this protest was a model of how protesters should behave.
  9. Pretty good article on the new coach. I do this every time but I am starting to warm up to the choice of Stefanski. He is sharp and seems to be very detail oriented. That is a complete opposite of FK. Hoping he is finally the answer!!
  10. I can’t remember the details but there’s a video of a football player (maybe Jack Nicklaus’s grandson???) with a car or truck or bus pulling out in front of him on his motorcycle. If I recall he ended up with a few scratches.
  11. He was my distant third choice. I wanted McDaniels and I was warming up to Saleh. If anything, Stefanski was becoming less and less desirable for me, so it figures that is who we got. I will be a good soldier and give him his fair shake and hope he becomes the best coach we have had in a long time.
  12. Unless it is new, they do not have spicy nuggets. Assuming we are talking CFA and not Popeyes in the CFA thread.