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  1. Ditto! I remember driving down the interstate at 65-70 mph with my team.
  2. Long distance and pay phones! When I was in high school (mid to late 80’s), my girlfriend lived in the next county over and it was a long distance call. I would drive two miles to cross the county line every night and call her on a pay phone, talk 30 minutes and head back home.
  3. Got out at 5:15 - one hour and 45 minutes. Not to bad, all things considered!
  4. Just had an announcement: they are no longer accepting new customers. All that have a ticket (me and approximately 50 other people) will be served tonight. Am I out of here by 6 eastern standard time?
  5. People are still coming in. The line is out the door.
  6. Just moved recently to Northern VA, right outside DC. Trying to get my car (son drives it) registered and licensed here in VA. Its 415 and they close at 5. Already been here 45 minutes. Are they going to send me home at 5 or are they going to get us all through tonight? Also, I would HATE this job!!!
  7. Business owners intrigue me...a few questions. If you don’t want to answer, I understand. What type of business? Do you just “manage” or are you hands on in the work? How many employees? Did you start it? Do you own it outright or is it a partnership?
  8. Witnesses heard two shots for a “suicide”.
  9. Similar story with Vince Foster back in the day.
  10. So sorry to see this! Prayers!
  11. I missed last night and don’t know when I will catch up (moving). Was this moose trivia fact brought up on the show? Is he still losing weight? I had heard that about caribou but not moose. He needs to catch some fish and have some “surf and turf”!