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  1. I’ll venture in for a couple of questions. Fifty year old for the record. Never have used any helper pills. 1. Do these magic pills help with lasting till the job is complete? The older I have gotten it seems that part of my game has gotten worse. 2. Do these magic pills increase the desire or the need on my part? Am I going to revert back to my late teen/early 20’s? The wife would like for question number one to be a resounding yes. But she’s afraid it will be a no. But if I try them out and question number two is a yes without question number one being a yes.... that would lead to more times of ☹️ for her. You see the dilemma?
  2. I’m not getting sucked back into this hole! I can’t believe this show is still going.
  3. The hammocks have always intrigued me but I like a firm flat surface to sleep on. I stayed in a cabin several years ago with a bed with a spring base and a thin mattress. It sagged in the middle and after one night of sleep messed my back up for weeks. I’ve been concerned the same thing would happen in the hammock.
  4. I’m out of this thread for now. House in question has gone off the market. My wife now thinks she wants a pool. Her husband now thinks he does not want a pool!
  5. Located in northern Virginia, right outside DC. Viewing the house on Monday so I can tell you the other details about the liner or concrete et edit to add: from pics it looks like concrete. Will confirm when I get the low down.
  6. House shopping, and the wife finds a house she really likes. It has an in ground pool. Never had a pool nor is it the reason she’s really interested in it. Question is, how much should I expect to pay maintaining it with general maintenance each year?
  7. Already mentioned, but my first two thoughts were Aruba and Belize.
  8. Since you don’t shower every day, do you brush your teeth every day?
  9. Sent this to my son and daughter-in-law who recently moved to Cheyenne, WY and are hiking at least once a week. Scary stuff!! I thought the guy handled it pretty well!
  10. Unpack this one a bit, please. I would love to hear some of the backstory. I watched a blurb on minor league baseball (single A) years ago (early 1990’s) and those guys had it rough. Four to a room in hotels that made Motel 6 look luxurious. $20 a day for meals. Making about $20K a year. Most of the guys would never sniff the majors but most would chase the dream for several years.
  11. Received mine but have not done much sampling yet. Looking forward to it!
  12. Had this conversation with my uncle yesterday. I think it does become common in the years to come regardless of how Covid goes. I have a friend that lives in Japan. He said the people there have been wearing masks for several years because of some other virus (do not remember what virus he said). I still am not convinced the mask make any difference so I will not wear one unless I am in a place they are required.