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  1. The other side of that thought is this. Co-workers mom works for a funeral home. They have had multiple bodies that the cause of death was listed as Covid and the families told the funeral home that their loved ones had not died from Covid. The mom told my co-worker that hospitals get $12K for each Covid death. I find the last fact a little hard to believe.
  2. It wasn’t the storyline we were disappointed in, it was the misplaced attempts at humor.
  3. Haven’t had Netflix in about a year. Staying at a place this week with Netflix and wife and I have binged S3. Very disappointed with S3. We couldn’t stand the constant attempts at humor, especially at times of “great crisis”. Will watch S4 only because we are in to deep to not see it through. Don’t know how they can bring this back up but hoping S4 is closer to S1 then S3.
  4. We are wrapping up season 6, a rewatch for me and my sons first time. I had forgotten what crazy loon Michelle was. She talks like a drunken sailor and then when she used the bunny as a puppet - wow! Nikki has the worst luck: cuts herself, nearly burns her shelter down, bit by a squirrel. She’s a little cracra also. She made a stuffed rabbit and is using it as a teddy bear. She is tough though! Not sure if anyone can top the contestants on season six. Some good ones!
  5. Then I rescind my vote! Seriously, I hope you are well and are ok with your choice!
  6. Are we going to find out what we voted for? BTW I voted NO.
  7. My son who is home from college has never seen any of the episodes. We have been binging the whole series. We are in season six. Jordan just shot the moose in our last episode. The timing is great for the upcoming season.
  8. My wife wants a good recipe for a stuffed pork loin? Thanks ETA - wife found a recipe that we are going to try and do on my Weber kettle. French Onion Pork Tenderloin. Looks good, hope it turns out!
  9. 22 years ago....Carrying some firewood into the house in the late fall. As I come into the house my eyes adjust to the light and I see a snake skin on one of the logs. I drop the logs into my wood box, which was one of those half wooden barrels that you usually use for landscaping. I get the wood stove going and about an hour later my wife goes to stand in front of the stove to warm her backside. Before she gets settled in, she screams “a snake!” as she runs away and jumps onto the couch. I go over and look in the box and sure enough there is a snake on top of one of the logs. I get the wood stove poker and when I get back the snake is gone. I remove a few logs and see him at the bottom of the barrel. I try to stab him and he darts behind some logs and then I see him on the other side of the barrel. My thought is, how can he be that fast. Long story short...there ended up being two snakes. I would try to kill the one and then see the other one. Eventually killed both and restored order to my home.
  10. Seen a couple of people posting things on Facebook (must be true, right?), but does anyone know if someone actually included a raise for the Congress in the stimulus bill? Please don’t be true!
  11. When does Costco, Lowe’s and Home Depot start with the big sale on charcoal?
  12. Rooting for you @pollardsvision! I’ll be out there for another lunch after the Corona leaves us alone! Hang in there!
  13. In a large bowl combine in this order: Philly cream cheese, Hormel chili, shredded cheese....nuke for 4 minutes, then mix thoroughly....tortilla chips and a side of sour cream. Hormel chili is good again and get you through a meal.