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  1. Who says he hasn't already gotten a chance to produce? He's been in the league for three years and his production has never been better than mediocre. I watch some of the 9er games and I can tell you that he comes across as a massive idiot. Inflated opinion of his own abilities. Celebrates excessively after minor plays. Freddie Mitchell in a TE's body.I still think he can become a useful Randy McMichael type TE, but I'll be surprised if he ever joins the elite ranks. He's a better athlete than football player and his mental shortcomings present a constant problem.I dont want to make excuses for Vernon Davis, but everyone knows he was severely underutilized this year.His rookie year, 42 targets, 20 rec, 3 TDssecond year, 84 targets, 52 rec (60% catch rate), 4 TDs.3rd year, and under Martz, thru 14 games, 46 targets, 28 rec, 2 TDsIn order to produce fantasy numbers, you'd have to have the opportunity and Vernon DIDN"T have that this year with Martz. Is it because this guy has no clue running routes? Or is Martz offense just as a lot of folks mentioned before, just doesn't utilize the TE enough? I say it's the latter. Give him an offensive coordinator who's TE friendly, and we'll see what he can do. Til then, i'm not quite ready to say Vernon is a bust.