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  1. the sad think is that some will agree with this and half wont.
  2. Trump and company is using kids as ransom to make democrats agree to a wall. Since when does a misdemeanor mean you have your child in a camp that is concentrated.
  3. #### trump. You can enforce thought immigration laws with out separating families. Send them back together. Even when we had Japanese internment camps we did not separate children from parents. We as Americans are following a NAZI path.
  4. this guys have lost of good KODI videos. I like to check every couple of months a hand full of vids with top views, to keep up with all the latest updates.
  5. Things are getting so bad black people are painting them self's white.
  6. its perfectly reasonable to be anti police brutality and pro cop. That said, we need to retrain our police. They go out there with the #1 goal of coming home safe. that is not the #1 job of a cop, sorry. The #1 job of a cop, is for me and you to come home safe. this is why we give cops respect, authority, a gun and hero status. the cops are so wired to the point when they yell at you and you don't listen, they have the right to shoot you. (and i don't blame them with 300 Million guns in America) my cop neighbor, just one small example, wants to always face the doors while sitting at any place(bar, restaurant). just a small day to day observation. we need to have training to make sure both the cop and civilian come home safe. I feel bad for all cops out there right now, most are targets, they get ####ty pay, and all they are doing is trying to pay down a mortgage while raising a family. and take care of problems that we are happy to not have to deal with.
  7. Chicago currently leads the series 93–91–6. I think ya just jinxed em for next Season How long have they held this lead? Must have been a long time. 1933 if you add up all the score the bears are up by 7, its crazy how is so close it is
  8. FBG is telling me to start him over willson, but that scares me.
  9. seems like a solid #2 WR could be traded in return
  10. got him at 3.05. Originally I did not want him on my team and feel good to get him there.
  11. what about CNN GPS with Fareed Zakaria?
  12. you mentioned democracy now, what are your thoughts that news cast?
  13. the people on the right call is the Liberal media, the people on the left call is the corporate media. I was at the bar 2 months ago and started talking to this conservative, he said that fox news is to liberal for his household,he is part of the Savage Nation. and that is where I will find the truth.