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  1. cool that i was trying to update my software on my 1st generation iPhone today so i could get the web apps and since the apple store is down due to all the new phones, MY phone is now useless. Everything is whiped off of it and I cannot restore it to factory settings in itunes because the store is down. So now I'm punished and have to go without my phone for God knows how long because Apple's servers can't handle the amount of new phone traffic, when i SHOULD just be able to at least just restore my phone to the way it was before the update. But nope. I want to break something.
  2. i have an iphone and i think its an amazing device. It has so many features that i use every single day. the internet is slow at times, but its a phone people we all need to remember that. My old sprint phone was like DEATH on the internet. Now I can surf FBG whenever i want and its not bad at all, obviously slower than your PC or mac at home, but it's above and beyond any other phone i have owned before
  3. 36 hours and counting and my Sprint number still has not been ported over to my iPhone
  4. i tried activating my iPhone last night and i'm still waiting some 20 hours later. This is really annoying. My roommate was on AT+T already and his activated in like 2 mins. Since I was on Sprint and am trying to port a number over, it's taking FOREVER. Oh yeah, and the fact that AT+T's web and phone customer service are completely shut down makes me feel even better about this whole ordeal. Apple should have known better than to go into business with these idiots. Maybe this is why Verizon passed on it, maybe they saw the problems of so many people switching carriers would cause and decided they wanted nothing to do with it?
  5. the one thing that i think is cool about the show now is honestly i dont think anyone has their finger on how it will all end. Many will be disappointed or let down by the ending im sure, but with 3 episodes left, they really are not swaying one way or the other. I am not sure that a standoff with Phil would be the best ending. To me, Johnny Sac will always be the head of that family, Phil is just a backup RB who is being forced to start. He's a jabronie
  6. am i the only one who thought tony said "I DID IT" at the end of the episode? Could have sworn that was what he yelled