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  1. This is an extremely complicated question. But the answer is not too different than other regions of the world. Why don't the Shiites and Sunni just get along? Or why didn't the Serbs and Croats just get over their history? The British settled Ireland and those immigrants never mixed with the indigenous Irish people and treated them as serfs for hundreds of years. They exterminated their language (making it illegal), outlawed their religion, prevented their education, and gave them no representation in the government. After their revolution and the split of Northern Ireland (where the English settlers were the majority of the population) and the Free State (what is today the Republic), they held elections and the Irish (ie, Catholics) exclusion was codified in NIR (couldn't be police, teachers, voter suppression via property rules, etc) These were much like Jim Crow laws and in fact the Troubles actually started as peaceful protests modeled after the US Civil Rights movement. It blew up when the response turned violent. Anyway, despite the GFA, the integration really hasn't happened (Northern Ireland cities are still heavily segregated) and the fear IMO is generally like Apartheid. A unified Ireland would result in the British (ie loyalists) feeling retribution and they are still the majority of the population in NIR. They'd go from a slight majority to an overwhelming minority. In summary though it's often viewed through the lens of Catholic/Protestant, it's really two sets of people that never integrated and the one that historically subjugated the other still has just enough power to block unification (and thus maintain their power)..
  2. I know John. Not sure what your point in smearing him is or why crap like this is allowed.
  3. Not sure on that. If we had handled this well, it would be somewhat of a non-factor. We look so bad because basic competence shown by other nations was successful. If all the administration did was show that same competence, I think it's sort of forgotten. Macron has handled things pretty well but he's still in the midst of political turmoil for instance.
  4. Why ya gotta be like that 🦉
  5. I think his point is past protests - Kaepernick kneeling, "I can't breath" t-shirts in the NBA, BLM, etc that were peaceful protests about this exact issue have been met with negativity by some (including both our President and Vice President). And more clearly, those protests have largely been ignored.
  6. Maybe it will be. But if Texas is in play, the election is already decided.
  7. Approximately 2/3 of Americans are in states that are not swing states. I'm not staying home. Even though I have a strong preference between the major parties options, it doesn't matter. So unless Texas is somehow relevant in the race overall, I'm voting my top choice.
  8. Justin Amash is forming an exploratory committee to seek the Libertarian nomination. He's now got a website
  9. Modly served 7 years in the navy. He's been a civilian since 1990.
  10. VT congressman Peter Welch profited from investment in COVID-19 testing firm Small amounts but the timing is pretty suspicious and worth looking into.
  11. If you only cut lies, you would definitely need more than a 5 minute delay
  12. I think you really need to break this down to areas of weakness that a Veep pick could shore up. Biden does well with black voters, older voters, moderates, and non-college educated whites. However he has not done well with hispanic voters, young voters, progressives, and college educated whites. He also needs a fundraising machine. It's unlikely that he'll nail the all categories (especially if + woman). So you have to ask which of these groups are most likely to cross-over and vote Trump and who might not vote at all -- ie, who might he lose.
  13. I think part of it is that Biden has imploded and he was owning that age group. They have to go somewhere and not surprisingly they are going with the candidate with momentum who is also viewed as being in a similar lane. I'm a little surprised more of that support didn't gravitate to Klobuchar though.
  14. Actually think that's terrible news for Sanders. Biden has apparently had trouble raising funds and Pete and Amy are surging in his lane which is going to carve into his donor base. Add the Bloomberg factor and he's in trouble. He may be done early, whether officially or not. What's happening in NH could happen nationally very quickly. He's a terrible campaigner and now he's lost the inevitability, opening the door for others to step into. And those voters aren't migrating to Bernie.