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  1. I think part of it is that Biden has imploded and he was owning that age group. They have to go somewhere and not surprisingly they are going with the candidate with momentum who is also viewed as being in a similar lane. I'm a little surprised more of that support didn't gravitate to Klobuchar though.
  2. Actually think that's terrible news for Sanders. Biden has apparently had trouble raising funds and Pete and Amy are surging in his lane which is going to carve into his donor base. Add the Bloomberg factor and he's in trouble. He may be done early, whether officially or not. What's happening in NH could happen nationally very quickly. He's a terrible campaigner and now he's lost the inevitability, opening the door for others to step into. And those voters aren't migrating to Bernie.
  3. you're a good egg @cosjobs but Festivus starts with the airing of grievances
  4. No one asserted privilege. They just didn't show, defying a congressional subpoena. That's not how privilege works.
  5. I'm so far behind so apologies if this was mentioned, but does he have the option of trial by combat?
  6. I had no dog in this but have to root for Sheffield after that
  7. Lot to unpack here. Not sure if this belongs in this thread and maybe we should create a new one on this topic but Religion is IMO more ingrained but you make a good point. Changing your mind is not something that is easy to do once you have publicly declared a tribe. I think this in practice actually argues against your thesis. In areas with one dominant religion, history has shown that things don't go well. From the pogroms to the Huguenots to the ME today, areas with highly concentrated religions leads to conflict when other religions move in. The US, built on liberal religious freedoms ,has had some conflict as various religions get integrated, but overall, the divides are absolutely nothing like other parts of the world. But the NFL wants fanaticism and they (and other sports leagues) take steps specifically designed to foster it. A dispassionate fanbase is counter to the NFL's interests (which is why they fought fantasy football for a while and have always fought sports gambling). I think you make interesting points, but we should aspire to an engaged and informed citizenry,, rather than a fanatical citizenry.
  8. Fair point. Easy for me because like 75% of the country, my Presidential vote doesn't matter.
  9. One problem in a two-party system is there is a "good" tribe and a "bad" tribe. When faced with the choice of abandoning your tribe, the only choice is to join the diametrically opposed tribe. In a state where there are shades of grey, 40% will never tenaciously back a tribe. Tribes are not so hard edged (theoretically) and smaller swathes of the electorate would define themselves by their tribe. The tribes would also have less divisions as they would work together to form coalitions around issues. All of this reduces the barriers to changing tribes.
  10. Melania probably thinks it's in her best interests to stay Anonymous
  11. I haven't been excited about the field, mostly because it's winnowing in a way I dislike. But I'm not seeing what Bloomberg has to offer here.
  12. Have only voted Democrat once, in 08. I say it's quite likely in 20 but Dems are working pretty hard to make sure I vote Amash.