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  1. That about sums it up.This last season of Lost was "see chain, yank." Still enjoyed the ride, though.
  2. ABB plus Panic, from August through October, announced today . . .
  3. Although not as bad as the rap they get. It just doesn't match up with the spontaneity of the live gig.Of course, they are 10X better live, which detracts from their studio works, but Rift and Junta are awesome studio recordings.
  4. Denied for Hartford, too. At least I got decent seats for the NINJA09 tour at Comcast Center
  5. :ptts:The scalpers will eat quite a few tickets on game day. Doesn't change the promoter/band thoughts around it, though - they still sold out every show in seconds and will have full houses everywhere. It will get significantly easier to land tickets by the time the novelty wears off, which should be sometime after NYE '09>'10. I'd guess a year from now it'll be relatively easy to get Phish tix.
  6. I am destined not to have Phish tix this year . . .
  7. I wish I could do both.I've never been to the Gorge and only heard the best about it. Went with RR because that's home, and even if I miss out on Phish or TM selling me tix, I have enough connections to Denver and RR that there is no way I'll be outside the door of any of those shows.
  8. I am just totally psyched that Warren Haynes is regularly touring with anyone and sounding great, Panic is coming off of some very heavy touring and sounding great with Jimmy Herring, and Trey is sounding clean and fresh again with Phish. Here's to the three best jam guitarists on the planet all at the top of their game in '09 - if things work out right, I will have seen one or the other of these guys 10 out of 12 months this year - and I thought this was going to be a light concert year for me with Panic breaking till the fall. (so far, Panic in January - well January first for about an hour; Warren in February; Panic in April; likely Warren in May; Phish in June assuming a ticket to Mansfield or a trip to Bonnarroo, Phish in July and August, Panic in September - sprinkle in some more Warren and Panic over the summer and things are looking quite jam bandy for me)
  9. reminds me a lot of 94 phish, when I "got it"Yep - '93 - '95 or so was the sweet spot for me.Me too - especially '95. '95 Vegas and '95/'96 NYE in MSG were my peak shows.They had started the decline before the 4 RR shows in '96, and I was pretty much over it by '96/'97 NYE in the Boston Garden. I saw smatterings of shows, but it wasn't ever the same for me.Don't get me wrong, they produced some DAMN fine shows '97-'99. The funk years didn't exactly suck. But they often devolved into monotonous noodling, and Widespread Panic were significantly better during the '97-'99 time frame, and were the best band going - period - from '00 till Mikey died.
  10. I think it is time to change your alias now that Phish is back - I recommend either Phinless or Finfull
  11. If we both get in to all four shows:@:shrug:then:D
  12. Pre-order for tix is ON for the shows announced, including the Gorge I just put in my request for 2 for ea. night of Red Rocks
  13. Where are these rumors originating from?A little birdie with some indirect access to the band.LiveNation apparently had a page up with the 8/5 shoreline show, but then took it down -- lending credibility to these dates.The band lends credibility to that source's information - Late Summer Tour announcedNot dead on, but pretty darned close.
  14. Just finally finished listening to all three shows, and the third night was a masterpiece. All four members of the band were tight as heck in the first set - that set could have just as easily have been played in 1997 and would have sounded the same. And the second set was a straight up monster regardless of era. They sound SO much better burning through their songs at a torrid pace than they ever did jamming off for half an hour on David Bowie or Harry Hood. That musical masturbation crap that Trey was into after 2G was what turned me off to the band in the first place - and I go back to Halloween '89 with this band. Staying tight and funky and exploring songs for a period of time, and then returning to the groove of the tune is what makes a good jam band. And that is what they sounded like on night three. They are a band with a huge catalog of songs, that knows how the song is supposed to sound, and jams off within the general groove of the song. That is what I originally liked about Phish, and that is what they sound like they are back into . . . . Now I just need to score some tickets to Mansfield, and then get the second half announced so I can travel back out to Colorado, where I never get shut out of shows.