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  1. I have never owned a grill or smoker, and I have no idea what how to grill. The most I've done is hot dogs and marshmallows over a campfire. We put in a new patio and I'm ready to take the jump and learn. I've been looking at a combo grill/smoker from Lowe's. Anyone have experience with these? It has good reviews, although some mentioned rusting on the doors. I'm open to other suggestions. I have about $500 to spend, and I'm a beginner, so I don't want to get into the fancy ones. I want to learn what I need to do and then look into something better down the road. I've been reading through parts of the thread, and there's some great recipies I want to try. I figured if I'm going to learn how to grill, I might as well learn how to use a smoker as well.
  2. Just finished Rectify with the wife. Not sure how much I really liked it. There were parts that held my attention, and others that seemed to drag on. I think part of it is that they didn't get into the entire backstory of the initial crime until season 2. It took awhile to hold my attention, but it was decent. I wouldn't watch it again.
  3. For those tracking at home....OH Gov DeWine just announced that Open Air Dining will resume on May 15th; Inside Dining will resume on May 21st. Barbershops and Salons will open on May 15th. Of course there will be rules/restrictions in place for social distancing, gloves, and masks. But things are starting to move forward.
  4. That's my understanding. The statement sent was that if they did the work, then their grades wouldn't lower - but if they chose not to do any of the work it would be incomplete. So I guess you could just put randomly select answers on a multiple choice test and get credit for "trying".
  5. Not necessarily lowering it, but it's more or less addressing the lack of work on their end. It's to keep those with a D from stopping altogether. They want to keep the students engaged. If a kid gets an "Incomplete", then the teachers meet with the student and family to discuss next steps and options. They also reach out during the grading period to make sure it isn't a "surprise" at the end of the year. They don't want to hand out an "Incomplete", but it's a type of motivation they are using to keep the kids on task.
  6. Sorry to hear bud. Similar happened to me for over two weeks here in Ohio. I had called from opening at 7am until close at 7pm, Mon thru Sat. Constantly pounding redial and trying over and over. Eventually you will get through, and it will feel like a miracle. There's no rhyme or reason, no great mystical time. I did everything from switching between the Spanish line and the English line - same message as yours, "all lines are buys, try again". It sucks to hear it, but keep trying and stay persistent. You'll get there. The good thing is that they should cover back weeks, so once you get it resolved there will be a few weeks all added up into your first check. Good luck!
  7. Ours is like this as well. To keep the kids engaged, they said if the minimum online work is not met (i.e. kids just don't do anything), then they will get an "Incomplete" which may result in Summer School to make up the assignments. This has put a little bit of fire under the kids to get up and do something every morning. The bonus with this system is that the grades may not go lower than what they started with, but they can increase. I have an 8th grader who doesn't fair well with ELA at school, but the extra attention to it at home is helping is grade move up.
  8. Received some good news this morning. My previous employer just texted and I've been picked up for a 6 week assignment starting on Monday! Best Bday news ever! Hoping that by the end things are moving again and a longer term extension is picked up. HBD to me!
  9. Finally got a hold of someone by phone on Monday. Took 10 mins, but managed to get my application fixed. She even took a look at my brother's and told me what to have him tell the next operator. I gave him the phone and he managed to get his fixed the same day. Took many, many calls every day over the last 2 weeks, but we got it done. Still waiting to hear from my last employer about the next project. Sounds like it is in the approval process, so best case scenario is it will start early May. I've talked to a couple of recruiters, but no openings near me in Cincy. The closest one was Joliet, IL - which apparently the recruiter cannot fill.
  10. Got a text today from my previous contract company stating they may have a project opening up in the next week. They asked for my availability and interest. Here's to hoping I'm back to being employed soon!
  11. Thats what ours says as well. Even said the claimants can enter "Covid19" in the location box if applicable. I have entered three claims, all pending. I keep getting determination letters asking for more info, which I provide. Then there is no action. I was told to re-open and update my application, which I did only to be greeted by even more questions. I could wrap this up in 5 minutes if I could just talk to someone. On the other side, I'm helping my older brother with his claims. His company gave him a mass layoff number and letter. I created the application and it was approved. Yet every claim he has entered since the approval has been denied. No rhyme or reason. No where to enter notes/ask questions. It's crazy! He's the one that really needs the money, and yet he can't receive anything even though he was approved.
  12. That's the case in Ohio. When filing weekly claims, they have waived the job search protocol and asked that we enter COVID19 instead. With that said, OH did not expect/prepare for the mass layoffs that occurred in the last two months. My last day was 3/31, applied for unemployment but still haven't received a payment. They waived the week waiting period, but claims are sitting there as "pending". I received a few questions about the claims, which I have answered, but still no idea what is going on. You call the number and there is an automated response that the lines are busy and to call back later or go online. I go online, and the only actions you can take are read notices or file a claim. It's a ridiculous circle where many unemployed people can't file a claim, or are in limbo because you can't get in touch with anyone to resolve any questions or clarify claim responses.
  13. I don't know about that. I have memories of the Halftime Heat empty arena fight between The Rock and Mankind dancing around in my memory banks. I can't recall if it was good or not.