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  1. Peak

    Browns Sign Kareem Hunt

    Can you unpack this one? The video didn't convince you of what? That he shouldn't be suspended? That he should have never been picked up? Curious what you're seeing/thinking here.
  2. I get I don't ask for anything either....
  3. Peak

    Last Minute Gift for Wife?

    I actually bought that after reading the thread yesterday.
  4. Peak

    Keto II

    About 8 days in and was down 11 pounds. Last couple of days have been rough, but trying to maintain. I think I gained 3 pounds back. Trying to stay consistent, but damn these office bdays. This place had an ice cream bar, cakes, cookies, brownies, breakfasts and lunches for a Bday on our team. We've had 2 in the last 4 days. My will power is not the greatest, I'm afraid...
  5. Peak

    Last Minute Gift for Wife?

    Wife doesn't want flowers on Vday (too cliche), but also doesn't want to spend a lot of $$ on these types of days. Used to do candy, but now she's on a "cleanse diet", so that's a no go. I have no idea what to do for her. So I'm tagging along on this thread looking for suggestions. And she just got a new vacuum, so that's out of the question...
  6. Heard that Grantham has opted to stay at UofF instead of joining Taylor as the DC. There is something going on in Cincy that is driving away some decent coaching talent. Definitely wonder if it's because Taylor is a first time coach and his ideas aren't lining up with other's expectations - or if his lack of experience and idealistic attitude is scaring off the old football coaches?
  7. Peak


    This is where I'm at right now. It's a good business signing. If he works out, that will be a dangerous backfield with Hunt and Chubb with Baker. If it doesn't, nothing lost by the team with the minimal investment. And if he doesn't want to return after the season, then there's a chance for a comp pick in the next draft. It was a win/win situation in that regard. Now the negative publicity that was bound to come with this is the main drawback. However, this team has had its name drug through the mud so often, it wouldn't be an NFL off season if CLE wasn't in the news for something stupid. Dorsey did it right by doing this now and then letting the fervor of FA and the Draft wash the news away over the next two months.
  8. Peak

    ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

    Compensation for letting go of the Nia heat and taking one for the team?
  9. My son's travel baseball team has been doing this for the last 6 years. The first couple of years it was all done by hand, but the last few years we've used a site called It allows people to sign in and pick their own squares - which has always been a major roadblock for our team selling them. After that, it's just coordinating the $$ collection, which has never been an issue. We typically sell out 3 grids at $10/square - or 300 squares. Half the money goes back to the baseball team. The hardest part is coordinating the names from the parents who don't understand how to use the site.
  10. Peak


    Other tidbit I found interesting, and a little telling, is that the HC Search Committee voted 4-1 against hiring Hue. The one "Yes" vote came from Haslam himself, and as the owner, he got his way in the end. I think how that scenario has played out since Hue was hired, and then fired, may have humbled Haslam a little bit. This may be why we are seeing the change in reporting structure and letting Dorsey take the lead role for the team instead of Haslam. Not only did he go against the people he sought out to help him make the HC hire, it also backfired in a very public manner that he will now have to live through until the team turns things around. I know if I were in his shoes, I'd probably be a little more gun shy to make another leadership decision on my own anytime soon.
  11. Peak


    Haslam's ineptitude is just as obvious. He can't get out of his own way, which many Browns fans noted each season. Every time he played a trump card over the GM and Coaches, it turned out bad. JM is a prime example. Then he turns around and decides he's meddling too much, and leaves an inept HC in place because he wants to rid himself of the "kneejerk reaction" tag he's created for himself. He needs to lose the ego and selfishness, and just sit back and let the team he's built run this thing. Dorsey is starting to show what he can do when given the reigns. Haslam and Dee need to step back into the shadows and not be there for every decision. The article reads like it's heading in that direction, but Haslam has a long way to go to show he can really step back and not interfere.
  12. Peak


    I think anyone this FO brings in, they want that player to compete for a starting job. That shouldn't necessitate the type/longevity of a deal presented to another player in the same position. If both prevail, then hooray we have depth! If one falls short, you have someone to help man the position until the other one either learns or is led out the door. Harrison is a good story, but a UDFA for some reason. He was rushed into a bad situation thanks to our former Coach of the Year candidate and his undermining OC. Give the kid another year to learn and develop. In the meantime, we have a rehabilitated first round pick at LT who is starting to shine and come back to life. I don't let that go until he shows me he's not worth it.
  13. Peak


    To get back on track... MKC put out a decent article on the latest news of Player Contract Extensions. Of note, Robinson, Higgins, and Perriman - all of which I am excited to bring back for next year, and many more to come!
  14. Peak


    3rd page?!?! Just proves what a Franchise QB, solid HC, and respectable GM can do to a fanbase. We're normally here debating the merits of our next HC or what QB is shining in the Sr Bowl and NFL Pre-Draft workouts. Now it's like a ghost town!!