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  1. Okay...sure...but if there was candy in the van? I mean, that's gotta be okay, right?
  2. I'm not bad with numbers, and can still recall family phone numbers of deceased relatives from when I was a kid. I also do math fairly quickly in my head. For fun, I sometimes draw the equation in the air like I was writing on a chalkboard. I already knew the answer, but acting it out and even erasing it and starting over always made my kids laugh when they were younger. I'll still do it at times now, as I've found it will help me focus if there is a lot of background activity/distractions.
  3. Went to a family Bday party over the weekend. It's my side of the family, which offers nothing for my kids (11, 14, 16). No cousins their age. Only grown ups, with a few baby/toddlers thrown in. With that in mind, that means no xbox or playstation. No wiffleball, no football. These kids are extremely bored and unhappy. We go maybe twice a year to see my family, and it is a pain to get them to go. This time we did not tell them where we were going until we were on the road. It was a very quiet ride there. We pull up in front of the house and my wife goes into typical mom mode on the kids... Mama Peak: Ok. So we're going to see Dad's family. I know you're going to be bored, but mind your manners. Older Peak, put down your phone and talk to someone. Middle Peak, don't be obnoxious and hang around the food. Little Peak, no running around chasing the toddlers and scaring them. Older Peak (16): How long are we staying? Will we really be here for 3 hours?! Middle Peak (14): What?!? This is going to be sooo boring. What do you expect us to do for 3 hours?!? Little Peak (11): Smile and wave and wave. The car fell silent as my wife just stared at Little Peak. I lost it and tried to contain myself. The other two saw me and picked up on it, but my wife was straight up confused. With all of us but my wife laughing now, my wife tried to keep her rules enforced. Mama Peak: and wave and we'll all get along just fine. Needless to say, the kids walked into the house singing..."I like to move it move it...."
  4. I'll pick up any coin as long as it's Heads Up. I remember being told as a kid that this was considered lucky. If it's not Heads Up, I leave it where it is.
  5. 1 - using the apple test, I could see various apples (granny smith, red delicious, gala...) 2 - it's not loud, but constant. i can associate the voice with different people, depending upon the conversation happening in my head. they are always the opposing view point. 2 - I'm not in constant movement when I talk, but I can't stand/sit still either. My hands tend to move, even if it's fidgeting with something.
  6. MZD isn't too bad. Big MD fan as I don't like coffee or tea, so I use MD for a caffeine fix. As I got older, I forced myself to drink DMD, which has an odd taste IMO. I've gotten used to it, but not a big fan. I think MZD tastes better. It's no MD, but it doesn't have the odd diet taste of DMD.
  7. Yes. Usually I can hear her side in her voice telling me what a fool I am.....or criticizing my thought process. That makes for a great conversation as I sit at a red light in a car by myself. At some point in the "conversation" I begin talking out loud to that same voice. By the time I get home, I don't even want to talk to her because I've been talking to her the whole ride home.
  8. I did the same with my youngest (11yo) who is big into Lego (i learned that to be the plural pronounciation last night - Thanks Will Arnett!). We picked it up this morning before his bus came and he really enjoyed it. He thought the Ferris Wheel and TimberTown were the best there. He's excited for the next episode as he loves the space theme. He has many, many Star Wars lego in his room. It's a neat show that we both can get into. He must've asked me multiple times if we could be the father/son team - i told him as long as he's the brains, I'll be happy to be the muscle to click the bricks together. Fun concept for a show - Arnett makes it entertaining for sure.
  9. Officially announced Joe Woods as DC and Fred Pagac as LB coach. Both were on MIN DEF staff, as well as Kubiaks staff in DEN - learning under Wade Phillps. More alignment within the coaching ranks. Pretty good hires that already know each other, the coaching philosophy and how to coach/teach it on Day 1.
  10. Sounds like a starter role to learn the art of coaching in the NFL. Good for her.
  11. This reads as though you are still in the denial phase of grieving, whereas you're complaining about those who have moved three steps forward in the grieving process to depression. Those are the ones closer to acceptance than what you are displaying above.
  12. Ok...go ahead and speed back up. Wolf and Browns mutually agree to part ways I guess there was an attempt made to retain him today by Berry, but the two groups couldn't come to an agreement.
  13. You know it's bad when the U didn't want Highsmith either. Berry also helped the Director of College Scouting find the door in Berea. Completely agree with you on Wolf. He's the guy who's been running the Sr Bowl and scouting in abscence of a GM. Keep him around for awhile for consistency up through the draft. Consider it a short term audition, and if he passes and is a fit into the scheme, name him VP of Football Ops/Asst GM or whatever title you want to throw at him.