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  1. I think animation is the better way to go with the What If series. It will offer the chance to really flip things around in ways that couldn't be done without a big movie budget. I'm really interested to see what this series will hold.
  2. Here's a breakdown I found on TVLine's SDCC Review.... Looking forward to the TV shows almost as much, if not moreso, than the movie releases! I grew up on reading the Avengers, with Hawkeye, SW, Viz, and WonderMan being fun reads and storylines. I'm hoping we may see some of that in these series'. From a movie standpoint, BW in May 2020 seems good, but no blockbuster next summer.
  3. Just bought one for my daughter. She uses her younger brother's chromebook quite a bit. She was holding out for a MacBook, but I think the chromebook's efficiency sealed the deal. It has everything she needs - except for the Apple name, which is all teenagers recognize at this point.
  4. You get reported! You get reported! Everybody's getting reported!!
  5. Of their remaining schedule, only about 17 games (or 4 series) worry me - BOS, NYY, ANA, WAS. I think the rest are very winnable series'. Would be nice to make a good run in August and start heating up for post-season. If Kluber can come back healthy and well-rested in mid-August, that would be a great boon to the team (performance and morale). I think this team plays better with an underdog mentality. I'm not sure I'd make any big moves at the trade deadline. Maybe shore up the OF a little, but perhaps late season call ups with Johnson may help fill a need out there. Maybe move Bauers for another middle reliever? I don't see much room for him here with this young OF. Or maybe turn Naquin loose now that he's starting to re-gain some value?
  6. All well and good, but why has it gotten your underwear in a bind? That was my question. You came across like it was something personal, and then you gave me the wikipedia answer. Based on your writing, it was a personal attack on you, but your response shows different - in fact, it's more along the lines of a college kid saying "I belong to a fraternity, not a frat!" Who really cares? Have another beer and move on.
  7. Why on the ledge over a typo? I've never heard of "democrat" being disrespectful. My SIL loves to be called one and parades it in front of her republican family like a badge of honor. Why is that one word been under your skin since the McCarthy era?
  8. Went home for lunch today and put a fried egg and some bacon between two eggo waffles for a homemade breakfast sandwich. The maple syrup between the eggos was a great touch.
  9. That's how I thought it should be handled as well. Really odd that we haven't heard from anyone yet after 48hrs. One of his friends invited him to go to another tryout next week. We'll see if it's a coach/team thing, or if it's a SW Ohio thing where feedback is frowned upon.
  10. Thanks guys. I'll most likely reach out to the coaches after the holiday for their feedback. I didn't want to seem like that "baseball dad" complaining about my kid. @Charlie Steiner - These were 14u tryouts, so most knew how to play. Both teams were high level competitive teams in our area (southern ohio), and I'm sure they were both looking for something specific. It was just odd to tell the boys in line to "back hand" the ball and then they hit it to the glove side of the lefty. I laughed to myself thinking, how is the kid supposed to back hand that? They had already completed the OF portion where they tested arm strength from RF to 3rd on a flyball, so I assumed it was testing their fielding grounders/footwork/etc. I just found it odd that they either didn't recognize the one lefty in the crowd, or they obviously weren't interested in adding another lefty - but if that's the case, why bother to invite him to the tryout? Just seems odd all around. I did enjoy the scrimmage concept, as you were able to see some of the kids standout against the existing team in drills. You could tell those that fit in naturally with the other players, who fielded their spot well, who could hit/run the bases. Nice change of pace from the cattle call routines. Although that team did a lot of the group stations as well.
  11. Just putting this out there, but the offseason tryout process is brutal. My son has attended two different tryouts so far and both were extreme opposites. One had a plan, but the kids moved from station to station in a single group. They had left handed players doing the same drill as right handed players (fielding as a SS and throwing to 1B - when does a Lefty play SS?). Then cattle-called to run bases. Then cattle-called to field flyballs. It was a long and exhausting tryout and I just watched. The other tryout was a mix of stations with smaller groups that ended in a scrimmage between players to see how they react to live hitting in their primary spots. I thought this was at least interesting and would result in actual exposure to what the kids can do during a game. It's our first time at tryouts, so all of this is new to me and my son. He seemed to like the scrimmage style because "it felt more like baseball". The downside is that these coaches tell you they are looking for 2-3 players and that they'll reach out in 24-48hrs after the tryout - then you hear nothing from them. My son felt he did well, but keeps asking me if anyone has called yet. He's told me he isn't nervous about things, but it's constantly on his mind. He's 13 now. I can only imagine what HS tryouts will be like. But at least then the coaches will tell you up front if you made the cut. The travel team coaches seem to shy away from those "hard" conversations, from what I've seen so far. My son has asked me if he could have done anything different. Is it a bad idea to reach out to a coach to say "Thanks for giving my son an opportunity to tryout. Do you have any feedback that may help him grow/improve as a player?" I'm assuming no contact means the boy is not what they are looking for, which is fine. I'd just like to offer my son some type of closure so he can move on, instead of him constantly waiting and asking.
  12. I have tickets for Friday night. Was actually surprised to find many seats still available at my local theater. Usually they fill up quickly.
  13. Springboro parent on former teacher: ‘I would be very happy if he was put in prison’ Prosecutor: 100 incidents of physical contact by ex-Springboro teacher Cincinnati Enquirer