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  1. Have to start McLaurin over Fuller today, right? How much of Callahan's "run first" comments impact McLaurin?
  2. Non-ppr. Who starts?
  3. Non-ppr...STD scoring. Who starts? Fournette vs NO stingy run def AP vs leaky MIA def
  4. Need a WR and Flex. Non-ppr. Who sits?
  5. Jericho is timeless. He's a great performer and an even better promoter. He is always on top of his game. Every time he has the mic, it's a must listen. One of my favorites is from back in WCW when he's rattling off his list of 1000 moves and every other one is "Arm-bar". Still makes me laugh to this day. On tv it was hilarious. To be in the crowd and listen to him prattle on for 10min (thru a commercial break) would have been epic.
  6. I think they rushed Calloway back for the Monday night game. You could tell he wasn't ready to practice. With that said, he is hurting his own stock. Knowing when/where to line up, when to move, what route to run, these are things he should know how to do already. The fact that he looked lost on Monday shows he didn't spend his "time-off" studying the playbook and getting ready to play on his own. A lot of talent but no brain.
  7. Not sure I understand this thought....If he knows where he's going and it's open, why is he holding onto the ball so long? If it's not open, why is he moving his head around looking at other receivers if he's not going through his progression? While I agree with some of it, I don't think it's as absolute as you put it out to be. I do agree with his trust issues...and the only way to fix that is with more time/practice/reps.
  8. I've done that a couple of times over the weekend. I'm to the point in the year that I only really use SFU on the weekends, so I don't mind too much. I use Cyberflix and OTA during the week as I don't have a lot of time to watch TV. Hopefully this is a good sign and things are back to BAU for SFU.
  9. Credit Karma is free and was on the list of services to choose from when filing the claim. I've been using them for awhile, so mine was a quick submission.
  10. Ready to take the win and the AFC North back tonight. Should be fun!
  11. Good to hear he played well. I sat him yesterday due to being a GTD and didn't want to risk it. Fully expect him back to health after the bye week.
  12. Big difference in production between the two shows, from a tv pov. AEW looked/sounded more like a professional set (Raw/Smackdown), while NXT looked and sounded like a Bingo Hall.
  13. Close to doing the same this week for a TE...only 3 bench spots. With how the team is playing, I don't see anyone in my league jumping to get him over the next two weeks, so I should be able to grab him again.
  14. I think it was entertaining, but still didn't care for the storyline. Felt a little forced to me. I'm not in a big hurry to watch it again, nor will I be first in line if/when a sequel comes out.