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  1. It goes back to the age-old issue of finding your personality a lot easier when you're a heel versus when you're a face. Ask any wrestler and they'll tell you that being a white meat babyface AND stay over is one of the hardest things to do in the business unless you're a Hogan, Hart, Cena...but even they got tired after a while. Two of them actually made the flip to heel while the third is the ultimate juxtaposition because some adore him, others revile him. ' I actually have gained respect for Cena in the last year or so because of creative's willingness to let him put people over. The problem was never Cena itself, but rather how he has been booked to have almost no sympathy whatsoever because he always ####### wins. Now, he's got balance and I kind of like him. The high spots of today, though, need to be toned down dramatically. It's one thing if you're working a night or two a week on the indies, but WWE is a different beast and you have to be smart, otherwise half your damn roster will always be hurt and you'll constantly have a churn because careers get shortened. As for Reigns (and my original point before I got sidetracked), he'll be fine once he goes heel and finds himself, like The Rock did. Turning heel when the crowd detested him as a babyface was the best thing that could ever have happened to Dwayne Johnson.
  2. It does look like it's starting to maybe get its act together. Models seem mixed on it, but GFS (usually most reliable), seems to think it'll take a sharp turn north, cross over Hispanola, and likely mess with the Bahamas before going buh-bye.
  3. I actually like what's going on with Smackdown. Show has good pace to it and I like the storylines a lot. Raw will always feel like a chore because it's 3 hours.
  4. Word is Kota wants to be an independent guy. If WWE let him go back to Japan now and then, he would have signed. But WWE doesnt give out part time contracts unless you're Brock, Jericho, or RVD apparently. Sabre may be over in a year or so, but the belief is he has things in Great Britain he wants to accomplish first. If either had signed, that's your first CWC champ.
  5. Picked up an HP Envy when it went on sale a couple weeks back. Love it.
  6. Did this a couple years ago. Gets a bit old, but I probably ended up averaging about $2.50 a meal with how much I used it. Not a bad deal if you're on a budget.
  7. Last Mane alive in here. But that's Nacho business.
  8. *sees he has a 30 point lead* *sees opponent still has 540 player minutes remaining*
  9. So "wank" and "%^&*@!" aren't swear words. Huh. Edit: Apparently w@nker is and that's what appears.
  10. Also cutting Kalidou Koulibaly since Napoli insists on making his Chelsea dreams not come true. 4 lottery tickets, no winners. Football rumor mills are the ####### worst.
  12. FT draw with Atletico is pretty nifty
  13. He's mulling an offer from Palermo in Serie A. I'm sure the open-minded mafiosos that run that Sicilian town will just love him. French-side Nice also has kicked tires, along with some Swiss club.
  14. Football Manager legend.
  15. Yedlin will be speaking with a Geordie accent if he stays in that region for much longer.