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  1. Nope, cold front plus oddball location plus interaction with Azores should mean a drop soon. Also, the eye will probably stay off Ireland's shore, but they'll get walloped. It's nuts to even be talking about a hurricane hitting Ireland, but hey, 2017.
  2. Notre Dame gets 500-2000 for their games, unless it's the Mexico U-20s to close the spring season, then its about 8000+. Still pales to how many fill Notre Dame Stadium for football games.
  3. Apparently to Ireland as a Cat 1 hurricane. Yes. Ireland.
  4. True, though the movement is fairly typical of a storm in that area. This might be one of those storms worth watching as it gets closer to Spain or the UK. I think a tropical storm hit Spain during the wicked 2005 season if I'm not mistaken. Edit: Hurricane Vince, come on down!
  5. I don't think it'll be #1, and I'm one of those guys that is watching more soccer at the expense of the NFL lately. However, I can see it being considered a "major" American sport as time goes on, though.
  6. The Azores might think she's a b!tch this time next week, though.
  7. Thanks for your highly valued opinion.
  8. Work for local news outlet. And I agree with all of that, especially the fact that these websites are ad vessels. That's how they're designed.
  9. He'd probably tell you "been there, done that" and that he wanted a new challenge. I mean, the guy played in Florida for the last couple seasons after all.
  10. I don't know. My name's not Jaromir. He's an odd duck.
  11. To be fair, he'll probably get more TOI in Calgary than STL. Plus, I think he's wanted to play for a Canadian team at some point in his career.
  12. CDKeys is perfectly legit. I've ordered quite a few games/membership cards off them with no issues at all. Usually my first check if there's something out I want, actually.
  13. Speaking of Blitz, they even got the Boomshakalaka guy from Blitz and NBA Jam to do the commentary. Also awesome.
  14. Oh yes. Played the initial demo and Alpha version. Mutant Football League = Mutant League Football + NFL Blitz. It's pretty fun.