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  1. Ok, enough trolling of the poor lad. Send him to the Test Forum.
  2. This series has gone about how I expected it to, sadly.
  3. Love the Kevin King pick for the Packers. Such a fantastic fit. Kizer to the Browns is . That team is such a black hole for QBs and Kizer needed to sit behind a mentor-type for a year. Instead, he'll be thrown to the wolves and he'll die a death. A team like Arizona would have been perfect for him.
  4. Ward also has a partial no-trade, too. That and actual trade value may make Lack the odd man out, IMO.
  5. Nothing says "I arrived" like shaking Roger Goodell's hand while wearing leopard-print briefs.
  6. Sanity prevails. Kizer won't flop in Cleveland. He'll just have to flop somewhere else.
  7. 5. Taco Fall.
  8. THIS. Next year, I want a guy to bring his monkey to the stage.
  9. Last three picks: Takkerist Grandmalvr, Tre'Davious, and Taco. I love this draft.
  10. Well, my grandma would probably have shot me, and she hated guns.
  11. Cleveland trades up to Green Bay's #29 pick. Kizer gonna follow in the footsteps of Brady Quinn in that vaunted Notre Dame-to-Cleveland pipeline.
  12. Even during the meltdown. Dude loved his grandma. He may be my favorite player now.
  13. Lots of hookers to sodomize and slap around in Vegas.