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  1. I meant in terms of lore, following, etc. Yes, I'm aware Dortmund are usually a mortal lock for the top few spots in the league yearly. And Liverpool will be better this year. You watch.
  2. I don't disagree with any of this, really. Big thing is to remove money from politics.
  3. It'll die another day.
  4. You just answered your question. Look, take it from my perspective: I live in Indiana. Pence becoming Trump's VP pretty much locks up Indiana for Trump (not that it was in incredible jeopardy beforehand...not a lot of love for Hillary here and Bernie won the primary). So you and others want to talk about wasted votes? How is voting for Trump in Indiana not a waste, but voting for Johnson is?
  5. The problem is libertarians tried the "take over the party" thing with Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 and in ensuing years, the establishment cronies put the kabosh on it. And now, their unwillingness to adapt allowed Trump to happen. New ideas aren't #### if old ears turn off to them.
  6. We've gone generation and generation with this kind of short-view and it's ####### sickening. We've kicked the can on so many issues just to "vote for the lesser evil", and here we are. I'm playing the long game here. We need to fix this ####. The Democrat/Republican ####-baggery is not working.
  7. :powerboner: Both Wonder Woman and Justice League look amazing. Already stoked for Suicide Squad.
  8. Oddly, Nash is mentioned as a possibility going the Blues way. I've also heard Kreider and Hayes' names mentioned. Blues apparently want a forward and also realize they will need to take salary back to make it work for both teams, so those are the options. Brassard was also a rumored guy going to STL before he was dealt.
  9. Good. He needs to give the Blues something pretty for Shattenkirk now.
  10. They just had a hard-on for St. Pauli Girl.
  11. Bielefeld makes more sense geographically than anyone if I'm going by Steinfeld preference.
  12. If he ends up in, say, their Under-19 squad, would that be better or worse for his development you think than playing in MLS?
  13. I support the US for sure. The pull for Dortmund grows stronger. I like Pulisic quite a bit.
  14. Losing Hummels was a bit of a gut punch on the back line, though.
  15. So Dortmund then?