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  1. Oh, and very few things in life truly blow me away anymore. Niagara Falls blew me away enough to where I didn't even bother going to the Canada side. I even got to go down low on the American Falls side because it's thawed out so much up here. Niagara Falls has been worth this trip alone. It's worth seeing at least once.
  2. I have to side with Aaron here. Good, but not the best. I do like the bar itself, though. Nice vibe to it.
  3. Changed my mind and I'm driving through Canada on the way back. Seems like an easier drive and I can legit check Canada off my bucket list. Are there any good casinos that have Texas Hold'em in Buffalo or across the river in Canuckistan? Looks like I'll get into Buffalo at closer to noon tomorrow, so l will have time to kill.
  4. Probably just staying on the US side driving back. I may bring my passport as I understand there's a bridge I can walk across if I want to see the Canada side of the Falls. Plus, I can officially say I've been in Canada this way.
  5. Ok, change of plans... For a variety of reasons (the good and sensible kind), I'm going to be dropped off in Buffalo instead. I'll be in the area of the Walden Galleria Hotel Sunday night. I'll head up to Niagara Monday and then back west in the afternoon in all likelihood. I'm pissed that I'll be a day late for Blues/Sabres at the KeyBank Arena, but dems the breaks. So, seeing as Buffalo is probably a fair bit more interesting than Rochester, anything I should do while I'm in town?
  6. Considering I'm coming from northern Indiana, it may be as close as I ever get. Plus, I'll drop by on the way back to Indiana. Only slightly out of my way relative to the rest of the drive.
  7. Good advice, guys. Thanks!
  8. So, kind of sounds like Rochester is basically "Garbage plates and hey, you're not that far from Niagara Falls" for me. Eh, there's worse places to wind up in. West Memphis comes to mind there.
  9. That garbage plate looks the gift that'll keep on giving hours later. But probably worth it.
  10. This is an option, along with swinging by Niagara Falls.
  11. Have a chance to catch up with an old friend this weekend and he's swinging through northern Indiana on his way to Rochester, NY. I'm tagging along because it'll be good to see him, I've never been to upstate NY, and I'm off next week, so Rochester seems as good a place as any to get away for a bit. Plan on being there at least one full day, maybe two. Arriving late Sunday. So, anything I should see/check out while I'm there?
  12. He also did one with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. He's also had RT's Abby Martin on and a former CNN reporter named Amber Lyon, who had an axe to grind over CNN censoring her over the U.S. relationship with Bahrain.
  13. The way they have it set up is basically dooming them to fail. Cruiserweight Classic was great for a few reasons. The Full Sail crowd loved them, they actually got to be cruiserweights and not characters, and they didn't have stupid angles and the worst community theater actress known to man (Alicia Fox) involved. 205 Live sucks because it's put into the death spots that used to go to Divas on Raw, the 1-hour show is done after a deflated Smackdown crowd (three hours of wrestling is draining people), and people just don't have any reason to get invested in most of these guys because they're just dropped on their lap with no build. Neville has been great since joining 205Live, and Tozawa and Gallagher are fun. But yeah, this thing is set up to fail badly.
  14. Yeah, with all that's happened this year, becoming buyers at the deadline would be incredibly shortsighted. Team needs a shake-up.
  15. I'd let her hold my club.