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  1. FT draw with Atletico is pretty nifty
  2. He's mulling an offer from Palermo in Serie A. I'm sure the open-minded mafiosos that run that Sicilian town will just love him. French-side Nice also has kicked tires, along with some Swiss club.
  3. Football Manager legend.
  4. Yedlin will be speaking with a Geordie accent if he stays in that region for much longer.
  5. Take it to the Banter Forum, guy.
  6. Immensely Holding out all the hope I can give here.
  7. Mignolet is the danger.
  8. If that squad can have 81% possession against Burnley, I fully expect 95.6% possession against powerhouse Burton Albion.
  9. Part of the issue is a leaky defense, but the fact that Mignolet is a walking dumpster fire with goalie gloves is also an issue.
  10. Dropping Mauro Icardi, as he's inked a new deal at Inter.
  11. Not sure if Bale is. Maybe Messi. Ronaldo if you're feeling cheeky.
  12. And as far as I know that is the case this year.