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  1. That sucks. I tried to get him & owner wanted 1st round pick ++
  2. His value is already sky high, there is no buy low on him. I couldn't even get him for Gronk.
  3. You can't polish a turd. Get him NFL level weapons.
  4. I jumped ship on Miami after being a lifelong fan. Just can't take anymore of the idiots ruining the roster. I do believe I will be rooting for the Rams this year.
  5. Anyone buying AAPL now or are we waiting for another dip?
  6. Installed the Honeywell Lyric T5 last night & it wouldn't turn on. Called support & was on hold twice for over an hour total & no one ever picked up. I'll be returning this junk.
  7. I'd bet $ that TO is still better than most current NFL WRs.
  8. So is a $160 price tag on the XBox One S enough to skip the One X? Hmm...
  9. Why can't this be the X? Do I really need the X over S, though?
  10. Certainly not horrific is Goff becomes the next Rodgers or Wentz. So we can agree to disagree. As I said, your market may vary. Have fun arguing about it, though!
  11. Real world trades are market value, sir. Obviously, not every league will have the same deals go down. Markets vary. My market was my deal. FWIW, the Allen owner came to me with the deal.
  12. Guess I'm the only one on the Goff side. I traded him away myself recently too in PPR dynasty. I got Keenan Allen for Goff & K. Benjamin.
  13. $30? Prime Day deal shows $56ish