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  1. I'd like to move Diggs, but in that league I also own everyone on your list outside of Juju & Thielen
  2. Should have started him over Landry!
  3. Who is his replacement?
  4. I have Carolina & Cleveland. Am I crazy for thinking of dropping Carolina & running with the Browns full time? I could also swap 1 of them for the Jets
  5. I only got one inbound offer for him. It was a 2019 1st & 3rd for my Fournette. No thank you.
  6. What are dynasty owners getting for him? I'm ready to move on.
  7. For that, I'd allow it. Keeping active players, that are not even hurt, on IR is bs.
  8. Benched for now in the 1 league I got him off the ww. Gotta make sure it's not a fluke
  9. Not sure why the thread became attack me as many other worse offers have been posted, but cool beans. I guess people gotta take out their anger somehow. God bless!
  10. Never heard of him. I'll keep Murphy & Gill over him at this point.
  11. The guy has junk at RB outside of Bell & we start 2 + a flex. He needs help. He needs to blow that roster up, really.
  12. I offered L. Miller in a keeper league & he acted like I was an #######
  13. I'm dropping Ebron for Eifert in 1 league.
  14. TE premium? If not, holy rape Batman!