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  1. 32 teams. Includes IDPs.
  2. works well and has screen recording. And yes, it's free.
  3. Hi Sig, PPR Pick three - DeSean Jackson, Calvin Ridley, J Gordon, DJ Moore Pick two - Kerryon, Cohen, Shady, K Drake Pick one - Cam or Deshaun Watson Thanks!
  4. Hi Sig - PPR pick 2 - Cohen, kerryon, McCoy, drake, ekeler Thanks
  5. Need 3 from this group (ppr) ekeler @ cle DeSean Jackson @ atl j gordon vs kc cohen @ mia coutee vs buf j reed vs car thanks!
  6. This is a bit brutal. Deep league, 17 teams, PPR. Must start 3 of these 5. Which 3? Corey Davis @ Jac Josh Gordon @ Det Calvin Ridley vs NO Kelvin Benjamin @ Min Brandon Marshall vs Dal
  7. Anyone else in here do any fixed wing rc? I'm starting to get into it after an initial foray a few years ago.
  8. Woke up to about an inch here in Charlotte. It's since changed over to freezing rain as predicted.
  9. Looks like mostly freezing rain for Charlotte
  10. Can you elaborate? From what the best weather guy I "know" (from another forum) tells me, it leads to virtually no snow for the NY/NY area. Also said that the other models tend to follow the Euro with a call like this. Thanks. Is there a revised forecast map out yet? has it shifted south to VA/NC?
  11. Obviously, it's not for everyone. This is what is appealing for me: 1. You literally don't have think about anything. Review the website (they have great pictures and descriptions), pick what you want and it's delivered to you. 2. Relatively healthy meals that are geared to "no waste" 3. "forced" to try cooking different things - I'll pick up some knowledge this way. 4. I hate going to the grocery store, but I like cooking This sums it up for us. We are using HelloFresh. Portions are large and all of the food has been good to great.
  12. Awesome! You can sometimes find some good deals here if you are interested in buying used, often times upgraded units.
  13. Not a very fair comparison as the kid is flying the syma, but you get the jist.