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  1. In a total rebuild, Ppr, 3 trades Gave : Evans, Big Ben, DMartin receive: Kirk, CDavis, HHenry, LamarJ Gave: Edelman, GTate receive: RJones, KCole Gave: APeterson, JCook receive: Mcguire, David Moore, 2020 3rd
  2. Dynasty PPR start QRRWWWTEFlexKDef Edelman for Tre'quan and a 2nd in 2020 Considering that the team acquiring Edelman is tryng to make a playoff push
  3. Ppr, Choose 2 out of those RB Collins, Peterson, Aaron Jones, Lamar Miller
  4. PPR start 3 of those 5: Aaron Jones, Demaryius Thomas, John Brown, Alex Collins, Chris Hogan,
  5. poye


    QRRWWWTFKD 1ppr 1.11, Jeremy Hill, Crabtree for Garopollo and lamar Miller
  6. Same question as last week Dak or Big Ben thanks
  7. Hi Mr Bloom PPR start 2 or 3 RB and 3 or 4 WR RB Peterson, Miller, Jones, Collins WR Evans, Dez, Tate, Demaryius Thanks
  8. 12 teams PPR QRRWWWTFKD i gave Kamara, Moncrief, Allisson and 2018 1rst (late) i receive Dez, Powell, Forte and 2018 2nd (late)
  9. 12 team, Ppr Dez, Powell and forte for Moncrief, Kamara and ADP
  10. 12 teams PPR Q-RR-WWW-TE-Flex-K-D Moncrief, Lockett, 3.11 and 2018 first(late) for AR15, Powell and Forte
  11. PPR start 1QB 2RB 3WR 1TE 1Flex(RB-WR or TE) 1K 1D QB Taylor or Prescott RB Ware, Michael, Forte WR Evans, ARobinson, Tate, DThomas, Ty Montgomery, Meredith, Enunwa Thanks
  12. PPR start 2-3 RB, 3-4 WR WR: Evans, AR15, Demaryius, G Tate RB: Forte, CMike, Ware, Jamaal, Dwayne Washington