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  1. Don't you just hate it when the "Hot!" indicator shows on the injury thread?
  2. Well, we leave in less than a week and I'm concerned about the demonstrations in Barcelona. I saw that Sagrada Familia was closed today due to the turmoil. Crap. Instead of Madrid and Barcelona, may change plans to head south after Madrid. Thoughts? A more mundane concern: I use a CPAP and I want to make sure I get an adapter that won't fry my machine. Can someone advise? Thanks.
  3. Can't believe he was turned down. Definitely agree that an investigation is in order. Perhaps you can get them to change their minds. I believe my daughter was in three: Art and a Language, in addition to the standard NHS. As I recall, we just added them in with her long list of accomplishments to sort of "overwhelm" the various admissions departments but I don't know that they necessarily stood out more than anything else on her application.
  4. Assuming he behaves himself, where does everyone think he'll be in 2020?
  5. I agree with bigbottom on the legacy question. Don't know where to find the stats but I bet it's easier for a girl to get into an engineering department. You have to re-do the financial aid reporting each year, so your 2021, 2022, and 2023 incomes will impact your aid.
  6. I'm just a spectator now but it's probably a good time to remind those going through this that they changed the SAT midstream on our kids a few years ago amid much hand-wringing and many dire predictions. As I recall, It wasn't near as bad as many feared. Another reminder for those concerned about the impact on the poor: ACT does waive testing fees and test reporting fees based on economic hardship. The waivers are not hard to obtain.
  7. Sounds like my upcoming trip. What do you recommend for Barcelona?
  8. It's very early in the season to be finding out about acceptances, no? What are the timetables and deadlines for A & M?
  9. My wife used to tease/scare our daughter by saying that we were going to move to wherever she chose to go to school, thereby ruining her first chance at freedom. Sounds like your wife is deadly serious about it.
  10. GM, I know the process seems daunting and the price tags astronomical but I'm telling you not to despair. For one thing, most kids are happy with where they end up going to school, even if it wasn't their first choice. My daughter has hundreds of college aged friends, acquaintances, and contacts, and I would say that fewer than 10 are unhappy with where they ended up and several of those 10 have to do with failed romances or roommate problems, which could happen anywhere. For another thing, almost nobody pays the sticker price. My daughter goes to a $70,000+ school and we're paying NOWHERE near that amount. Of course, we're poorer than the average FFA poster but it seems you've got a winning tactic by having your wife claim the kids. By the way, where I live, it's not unheard of for parents to legally divorce so they can save on college. Anyway, buck up and enjoy the ride as best you can and know that you are not alone as there are plenty of guys dispensing great advice in this thread.
  11. You know, if I were your son, I would contact rival schools' coaches to see if they could assist. If his talent has caught their attention, I bet some would be glad to help. As long as it's not in direct recruiting competition with one of their kids, I bet at least a few would be glad to give advice and get in touch with their college contacts for him. In my time watching high school track, I saw many examples of rival coaches encouraging and helping other schools' kids. It's not like most other sports.
  12. Right, it's the high school coach. My experience has been that his high school coach should be taking the lead, pursuing scholarship opportunities for his kids with gusto and pleasure. For one, it's his "kids" and he'd want to look out for them. For another, for selfish reasons, it's a feather in his cap to get an elite athlete at a nice program. He should be plying the contacts he's built up over the years, etc. Anarchy has explained why this coach's situation might be different but still there's no excuse for not returning multiple attempts at communication.
  13. Very disappointing. How many unique talents like this could he have had over the years? What a jerk!