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  1. Right, their first pick was a second rounder that they moved up for, I believe. I bet they had more pressing needs. Welcome back, btw.
  2. Wonder how much the Chiefs regret their first pick in April?
  3. Number of times watched a Star Wars episode, an Indiana Jones episode, E.T.: 0
  4. Sorry, it's just that I wanted to keep the thread more sanguine/productive, as it's been for the last week plus and not return to the 40 page joust days. Perhaps I read a little more of a "I told you so", "last word", tone than Ref intended, so my bad. Back to topic: I simply can't believe that we can at least entertain the idea of a 2, 4, or 6 game suspension when just a few weeks ago his name was mud and he looked like a goner. Hill owners (and Mahomes owners) rejoice!
  5. Look, I'm a Hill owner who is favorably disposed toward your side of the argument. It's just that the last several days have been blissfully free from the extraneous stuff (maybe since Joe instructed us to keep it football-related?) and now your recent comment stands a chance of reigniting things, which most of us don't want. I enjoy your football-related take on the situation and I hope you'll keep things in that vein going forward.
  6. In light of today's "student loan debt forgiveness" political climate, is the smart move to simply max out student loans and hope for the near inevitable forgiveness of them?
  7. Ref, it would be so cool if you would forgo these kinds of comments in this thread and stick to football.
  8. Slam dunk. You should list anyone who follows this thread as a reference. Best of luck.
  9. You can't necessarily count on starting with a secured credit card, where you put down a cash security deposit equal to your credit limit. Daughter got an offer from Cap One for one of these and so I thought it was a no brainer, with little/no risk for the bank. $250 deposit for a $250 limit. They REJECTED her application saying she had no credit history. Duh. Ticked me off as the only thing on her credit record now is this rejection. Fortunately, she also got a preapproved Discover offer at the same time. She applied, was accepted, and given a $1250 limit. Unsecured.
  10. Maybe get yourself a good Spanish/English dictionary. 😜 But seriously, I have a friend who is a mechanic with lots of experience getting car inspections on both sides of the river (MD and VA) and he says there is no comparison: VA is much, much easier.
  11. Eye opening post for me. Thanks for correcting my mistaken impression about Balt's 2019 D.
  12. Welcome GM. The_Man is aptly named, for sure. He is one of several thread studs that dole out great info here. I'm glad you're determined not to let finances be an impediment to your son's dream. The good news is many of the most selective schools are also the most generous with their need based financial aid. However, to obtain this aid, most of these schools require you to fill out the College Board's CSS (College Scholarship Service) Profile in addition to FAFSA. And, now that I think about it, the non-custodial parent's profile (in addition to the custodial parent's) will probably have to be included. In your case, it might make it tougher to qualify for this aid but it definitely bears investigating.
  13. 100% agree with you on the Titans. Couldn't resist at those posted odds: placed a $25 bet to win $1250 if they win the Super Bowl. Also put down $25 to win $825 on the Falcons, just two years removed from the Bowl with a bolstered OL and returning injured defensive studs.