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  1. Completed two online auctions over the weekend. Saturday's, using ESPN, was gold. Sunday's, using MFL, was a golden turd. Never going near that site again for an auction.
  2. One of the plaintiffs, Chinese for Affirmative Action, reminds me of the black conservatives I see posting on TikTok: so at odds with the opinions of the vast majority of the population they hope to least on the testing issue.
  3. Yes: 1. Little kid 2. Pwned 3. Nobody seriously hurt 4. warning given for the faint of heart Absolutely fits. I vote handsome.
  4. Brother had his bugged over ten years ago by someone who got access to his phone. I imagine the technology is even more sophisticated now. He was alerted because his phone's battery started draining at a much faster rate.
  5. I think it's actually better without him. I like the regulars plus they bring in 2 or 3 outside experts weekly.
  6. Very sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  7. Really, really appreciate all you do for this board. As I'm typing this I notice that nearly half of the freshest postings in the Pool are your handiwork. You make this board, as far as I'm concerned. Seasons may come and go but one thing remains the same: Faust = STUD!
  8. Years ago, my young daughter's elementary school was promoting a Family Fun Night at the school. I asked her what a Family Fun Night was. She said "it's where families go to have fun...and it's at night!" Of course.
  9. My daughter's school is late releasing aid info. Once it does, I will report back as to whether she got anything similar. I did a quick search and it seems that there is an emergency grant available to students under the CARES act but I think the student has to apply for it. If you didn't apply, then I'm guessing that's not what you received but it's just a guess.
  10. My young nephew was trying to get across to his mother that his brother, Cyrus, was hitting him for no reason, unprovoked. He said: "Cyrus is punching me for free!"
  11. It almost seems as if Brady has made a Faustian bargain to retain his youth.