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  1. Yes, got into the ignition switch of my John Deere. At first, I thought some neighborhood kid had hopped on and broken off a little piece of stick in there, pretending it was a key.
  2. This is my story from this morning as well. I have yet to file for 2019 and I filed our 2018 return in Oct. We owe for 2018. After I entered my info and it went through, I logged back in to enter my wife's info and was happy to note that they already had her info and she had the same eligible status as me. We filed jointly.
  3. Several weeks ago, my daughter and I did the road trip down to NC because "Dad, I haven't worn a dress in over three weeks!" Funny story from that weekend: we were loading up our car with her stuff and she met a sorority sister who also happens to be renting in the same apartment complex. This girl is staying in the apartment because it's safer than her home in NYC. She had just begun living together with her boyfriend and she had yet to do a BM while he was in the apartment. Everyday, on the pretense of a mail run, she would go down and use the complex's public bathroom. My daughter and I were back in our apartment when she received a desperate phone call from the girl frantically explaining that the complex had locked the bathroom due to Covid-19 and could she please use my daughter's bathroom. My daughter quickly assented and a crisis was averted. Sisterhood.
  4. I believe he said that they didn't want him traveling through the hospital, possibly infecting others, on his way to see his wife.
  5. Heartbreaking. Can't imagine not being there for my wife. What are their ages?
  7. How is everyone faring, especially the "every 3 weeks" guys?
  8. The now-legendary Faust keeps fighting the good fight in the Pool with his continuous informative postings. Many thanks GB.
  9. I did a Google image search of your avatar and was taken to a Penn State link that lists notable PSU alumni. Third on the list was Jerry Sandusky.
  10. Right, and not a very fit populace, either. Obviously, many factors are involved but I feel that our susceptibility to this thing directly relates to our societal fitness level. Rampaging anti-"fat shamers" deserve at least a small % of the blame. I swear when/if department stores open again, I'm going to take a hammer to one of these "fat" mannequins I see springing up all over the place.
  11. Where did he choose and how close is it to your home?
  12. Considering that USC is at the forefront of the admissions scandal, I bet the University was particularly careful and selective during this admissions cycle. Even more reason to celebrate your stud.
  13. Man, great news to start the day with! Awesome. Congrats.