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  1. Not challenging your theme, but I would like to point out that schools will waive application fees on financial grounds. Same for testing fees. As a matter of fact, if you are income-eligible to receive an SAT fee waiver, the College Board will offer up to four free college application waivers.
  2. ZERO such restrictions on our GEICO policy. Massive discount with no loopholes. I couldn't believe it. The funny thing is when I priced umbrella policies with them they offered no such discount.
  3. NO. NO. NO. This is not universally the case. You have to check the school's policy. My daughter gets needs based aid from Duke and the school deducted our outside scholarship $ from our expected contribution. Can't imagine Duke is unique in this. As I stated above, my biggest regret about the admissions' process was incorrectly believing what is in your post and not pursuing more outside $. Please don't perpetuate this belief. Sorry to be so strident about it but you've got to CHECK WITH THE SCHOOL.
  4. FAFSA is nothing to fear. Good luck over the next few years.
  5. To second NR, this thread is the greatest resource. If someone here can't answer your question you will be directed to someone who can. Since you mentioned financial aid, let me throw in the one thing I really regret not knowing when I went through the process: some schools will deduct $ you obtain from outside scholarships from the amount you owe as opposed to the school's contribution. My daughter goes to Duke, where she receives a lot of financial aid. I mistakenly thought that any outside $ she brought in would be deducted from Duke's contribution so I really didn't pursue outside scholarships as I should have. Big mistake. Definitely check the policy of the schools that your children are interested in. Oh, and when your kid goes off to school, report this to your auto insurer. If your child's school is far enough away from home (>150 miles in GEICO's case) you will get a massive discount while still having him covered when he's home on breaks and for the summer.
  6. Remind him to ask questions, maybe specifically about the Russian language program.
  7. I am not seeing the usage for Carson today that would justify the very high rankings I'm seeing for him everywhere. I'm actually contemplating using J. Richard instead. Am I off base here? Or Hyde?
  8. This one looks superior to the ones I currently use because it lays flat as opposed to standing straight up. I'm forever re-positioning the ones I have (bought at Home Depot) because someone has knocked them over and not put them back up. In addition, the plastic "stand" at the bottom of the ones I have is too high off the ground so water has to be fairly high to touch the contacts. I end up filing down the stand somewhat which, of course, makes them more vulnerable to the old "knock over." Thanks.
  9. Thanks for chiming in. Unfortunately, no FAs excite me at all. Hogan? I like Davis better, esp. since Wash has been burned by WRs recently. Hopefully, Tenn can drop a bomb on Wash (I have Henry, too) and I'll be able to go the conservative route by sitting Allen and not risking a quick exit by him.
  10. Struggling with my once-dominant WR corps in a standard 10 team league where we start 4 WRs: I've got Antonio, Julio, Keenan, and C. Davis currently going, with Anderson, Foster, and Boyd (out) on the bench. I'm a moderate favorite. Should I put Anderson in for Davis or Allen today or save him as Julio's replacement tomorrow or use both Anderson and Foster?
  11. Between Den & Indy, I like Indy best but I would pick up Dallas and play them. For me, I have to pick 2 from among Philly, NO, Atl, and the Jets. Though Atl got me 34 pts last week (2 pts per sack + yardage thresholds, etc.) I think I'm going Philly (banking on 4 or 5 sacks vs Watson & Houston's OL + a fairly weak rushing attack) and NO, hoping that Ben craps it on the road.
  12. Dr. Jene is pretty optimistic that Allen will go and be effective (padding + "pain control"), with only a slight chance of re-aggravation.
  13. I'm considering both: the Falcons were good enough last week and now have a gift situation. The Jets had six sacks at home last week vs a more mobile QB than Rodgers. And speaking of the Texans' and their porous OL, I'm surprised I'm not hearing anyone talking about Philly's D this week. Philly's front 7 is better than the Jets' ; who knows how many sacks are possible. At home with some momentum...
  14. Imagine getting accepted while pursuing this "strategy" and then waiting four years for the other shoe to drop: being discovered and then potentially kicked out of the school for violating its student code of conduct. Doesn't sound like an enjoyable college experience to me.
  15. Downer but isn't Harvard early acceptance non-binding? Isn't it conceivable that he could attend one of the other schools or is Harvard definitely it for him? By the way, I had to look up both of those acronyms.