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  1. About 8. Six. 3 or 4 However, my kid was a three sport athlete (and captain for all those teams to boot) so it was virtually impossible for her to get away. Therefore, not sure our situation will serve as much of a guide.
  2. That's OK Bri, you're still my (and many others, I'm guessing) go to Titans source and one of the remaining studs on this board. Keep feeding us the great info.
  3. Before the season began, I bet $25 on the Titans to win the Bowl. I don't think I got anywhere near 75-1. Loser.
  4. Sammy Baugh should've been listed at punter as well as at QB.
  5. My oldest league (1992) views the season's total points winner as its champion. That's the name that goes on the trophy. We also have a Super Bowl as well as a weekly winner prize of $25. All of these run through week 17, including the weekly winner, so all teams could win something through the end of the regular season. The prizes are roughly $250 for the Super Bowl winner and $150 for the loser, and $350 for the total points winner with $250 going to second place. The total points winner also gets the WW pot, which can be $350-$450 typically. All drop/adds are $3. This year is going to be nice as the big four prizes will probably be won by four different teams.
  6. It sounds like your wife has gotten a hold of your FBG account. Seriously, though, big time congrats to your son. As for the NHS program administrators, screw 'em. I would advise your son not to even waste his time with them.
  7. I've always liked and respected you Phantom. You seem to be a "cut above" and are probably quite the humanitarian IRL.
  8. Elias is mentioned in that link. Usually they register on Thursdays but maybe the NFL wanted to give we Fitz owners a Christmas present. Hey, work with me here.
  9. It seems to be accurate. Hope that's what you want. And doesn't MFL make the changes at 10 am on Thursdays? If so, then it makes sense that the change hasn't been reflected yet.
  10. So, are these stat corrections complete and can Fitz owners rest easier?
  11. Hi Sig.

    Any chance that first Fitzpatrick TD pass gets re-scored?


  12. The exact play I was concerned about and the reason I started the thread. The four point difference would be enough to change my league's outcome.