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  1. I agree with this....but in a superflex I am starting Kyle over Josh Allen this week. We'll see what happens long term....
  2. Brees never left the sidelines. I would think if they thought his thumb was broken they would have taken him in for xrays???? They have taped up his thumb pretty well though....but no ice on the thumb
  3. So a question regarding NFL rules....maybe it was already answered and if it was i apologize My understanding is that AB is not officially on the roster for week 1. Does that mean that the Patriots can cut him later this year and he would not be eligible for termination pay? And do we know when his signing bonus is actually paid? Could his signing bonus be slated to be paid week 10, or week 17 etc? And if it is paid later in the season, and he is cut before then, would he still get it? I am wondering if the Patriots built in something to protect themselves/motivate AB
  4. 10 Team PPR 1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Flex 1 D 1 K Same teams throughout Team A gives Keenan Allen and 2.02 Team B gives Joe Mixon Team B gives LeSean McCoy, Julio Jones, 2020 1st (mid to late) Team C gives James Conner, Sterling Shepard 2020 3rd (late) Team D gives 2.03, 2020 1st (early) Team C gives 1.10 2.06 3.06 Team A gives 2.08 Team D gives Courtland Sutton
  5. The Bengals??? The Bengals who have Joe Mixon and don't spend money are going after Bell???
  6. I got the email below 1/19. I am currently willing to give them some more time. In the past I did get notifications from LeagueSafe when i paid my fees, so feel confident the money is there. Hi All, Here's another update on payouts: when we took over operations of Quest, not only did we have to run day to day of all leagues during the season, but we had to figure out the accounting picture of all leagues, as the information shared with us during the transition was not completely comprehensive. This, coupled with the manual nature of LeagueSafe, our need to familiarize ourself with the platform, and some nuances into how LeagueSafe structures the accounting of not just all leagues collectively, but each league individually, has led to the delays in the processing of payouts. We want to make a couple of assurances: 1. This is not a financial issue. The league is in great shape, both in the short and long term. 2. We are working every day with LeagueSafe's team. Basically, it's trying to interpret the previous owner's accounting tendencies to break them down, per league, then re-allocating any excess funds accordingly based on specific designated thresholds for each league. It's extremely manual - both going through each individual league, as well as inputting the winners on LeagueSafe. Fortunately, as we said during our last update, LeagueSafe has been great to work with and together we are working on it. We will say this - we understand the concerns associated with the timing and our ability to process these payouts. Given that we're not only new owners, but new to these systems, we do appreciate your patience and are trying as quickly and diligently as possible. We know you all want to be paid, and we've completed all DataForce leagues and almost half of Quest leagues thus far. While it's been about a month since the season ended, the volume of work associated with "cleaning up" the accounting, plus manually entering in each individual payout per league, but only doing so after our cleaned up accounting matched what LeagueSafe had, has been a long process. Bottom line - we're trying, we're working diligently, and we will get them all done soon. Moving forward for future seasons things will be easier and quicker as the accounting will be structured in a way that makes more sense and more accurately reflects each league. We apologize for any delays, frustrations, or lack of timely updates on this. Know that we are trying, and at the end of the day, our goal is to create a better experience for our owners. But, it starts with work on the back-end to make sure Quest can become stronger than ever, and we're making great progress towards achieving that. Thanks, for your patience, for a great season, and for what will be a great 2019!
  7. Superflex - 1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Superflex, 2 Flex, 1 K, 1 DEF 12 team, 25 Roster, plus 2 IR plus 1 taxi so max of 28 Gave Winston, 4.05 Got Brady 4.08
  8. If you go to the main page, click on "Research" and "All Tools" and search through the page you will see the following "MyFantasyLeague Import Tool - included with your Season Long or All Pro access (coming soon)" So it is supposed to be coming....i hope soon. I play in a decent amount of leagues and don't have the time to manually load the rosters of all teams , scoring rules, draft pick order etc into the Classic Draft Dominator. So i always eagerly await the release of the MFL import every year
  9. 12 team Superflex League: 1 QB 1 RB 3 WR 1 TE 1 Superflex 2 Flex 1 K 1 DEF 25 man roster 1 Taxi squad Team A gave Devin Funchess, Jamison Crowder, 1.9 and 2.9 Team B gave: Davante Adams and Kelvin Benjamin
  10. 10 team PPR 1 QB 2 RB 3 WR 1 TE Gave Allen Robinson, JuJu, 2.7 and 4.7 Got 1.2, 1.8, and 4.2 Note on 4th round swap of picks. We do our rookie draft one round per month.....1st round in May, 2nd Round in June, 3rd Round in July, 4th Round in August....the 4th round occurs towards the end of the first week of training camp so injuries etc can shoot the value of an early 4th way up So roster A Rodgers, C Newton, J Winston L Fournette, 1.2 (Guice), K Hunt, S Perine, M Lynch, M Thomas, K Allen, C Davis, A Thielen, D Westbrook T Kelce Probably will look at a WR with the 1.8 or a trade....depending on who is there
  11. In Superflex? I don't play IDP and i know that will push the value of 2.12 and 3.12 up some, but Brees by a mile. Any consistently starting QB is worth a lot
  12. Lynch (other choice is Perine)...I am favored in my matchup this week so going for what i hope is the higher floor