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  1. I'm absolutely sold on Ryan. He's proved on numerous occasions that he can get the job done. It looks like people are blaming Atlanta's record on Ryan instead of their defense giving away how many games now? Though, If the Falcons want to part ways with him, there are at least 20 teams that would jump on him in a heartbeat. With that said though, the Falcons have completely quit on Dan Quinn. The players seemed to have given up once eliminated from the playoffs... but, shouldn't they be playing to show other NFL GMs that they belong in the league?
  2. I missed the cut by more than that, but hey, my squad went much further than expected. It perhaps went much further than it deserved to go. The storyline for this year's contest was cheap quarterbacks that way over-performed their value. I benefited from this greatly. It'll be interesting to see what next year's contest will bring us.
  3. Interesting... 203 of the remaining 250 have Mahomes. It's not surprising, but it's still quite telling how one player can have such a big impact on the contest. 186 have CMC. 144 have both Mahomes and CMC. Good luck to those who made it to the promised land, I will not be joining you.
  4. At this point, it looks like I'm in a lot of trouble. So far, it's pedestrian performances from Ryan and Goff. Mahomes is like a prowling lion, ready to tear this contest apart.
  5. If the subscriber contest was like the Highlander... THERE CAN BE ONLY 250!!!
  6. Huge performances from McCaffrey, Smith-Schuster and Sanders have propelled me to 192.55. It looks like my guys are hanging on for another week! 🤪
  7. 15,080. Whoever is still around, has outlasted about 95% of the field. That's nothing to sneeze at, at all. If you stay around another week, or get bounced, hold your head high regardless.
  8. Ryan put in a decent performance while Hooper was adequate. Three games into this week, the conclusion is... my squad has a fighting chance of moving on. It's not dead... not yet anyways.
  9. It would be great if this game was a barn burner. Unfortunately, this game will likely be New Orleans stomping a mudhole on Atlanta.
  10. I survived the Monday Night Massacre by riding the wave of Goff and Hill to safety. Consequently, they are also my only two players on bye this week. Today, I have Matt Ryan, Trey Burton, Austin Hooper, Anthony Miller, and Michael Gallup on deck. At the end of the day it will be known if my squad has a puncher's chance of moving on for one more week. This week is going to require a big performances from Ryan and my TEs which also includes Doyle.
  11. I can't help but think that if/when Carr is traded, he will flourish again. What can you expect from a team in the midst of a fire sale?
  12. Yeah, but a large portion of those stats came in garbage time.
  13. Sell High: Robert Woods (Rams) and Marvin Jones Jr(Detroit). Both of them gave off a week where you will get maybe one to two games like this all season. Unless you have a very deep league, it's likely neither of these two will give many performances worth starting. The problem is, you will never know when to start either. Move on if you can!
  14. This has got to be Brady's last season. At the moment, it seems he has finally hit the proverbial wall.
  15. Wow, another failed Belichick protege. I'm sure nobody could see this coming... The Patriot way is Belichick's game planning and Tom Brady.