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  1. All hope is not lost Jets fans, for you still have a semi-competent backup in Trevor Siemian. After his first week playing, you'll probably ask yourself why he's not a starting QB in this league? Though, he will do some things that will absolutely drive you mad. a) He will throw to the check down even if another receiver is open 15 yards down the field. b) On third and five, expect a two yard dump-off, followed by an immediate tackle. Siemian will then shrug his shoulders on his way to the sidelines and say, "Awww shucks." c) He will not improve during the season. Instead, he will stagnate and then regress. Other than these three things, the Jets have a pretty good backup QB on their hands.
  2. In this contest, going against the trend can be very dangerous. If a very popular player goes off, scoring 30 points and you don't have him. Yeah, you're already in a hole.
  3. Here's a couple of articles I found from the archives: As you can tell from the names, these are a blast from the past. Still some reliable information. There was an article with autopick hacks that I can't find. But from what I can remember, if you want to keep picking RBs and WRs instead of Ks and D/STs, then in your rankings do the following: Find all the Ks in the draft list, all of them and move them all to the Do Not Draft list. Then do the same with the D/STs. Then, they can not be drafted. Afterwards, when the draft is concluded, find your expendable players and replace them with a kicker and team D from the waiver wire.
  4. The slipping Aaron Rodgers that threw for 4400 yards on a fractured leg and sprained MCL? Got it. 2014: 16 games 2015: 16 games 2016: 16 games 2018: 16 games yup, missing lots of time, definitely best to put him out to pasture.
  5. Kelly is the most talented of the three by far, but you can't trust him. That's the issue.
  6. Rogers is still in his prime, while Brees is 39 now? Nobody is sure if Brees' arm can last another season. It sure looked like it was losing steam down the stretch last year.
  7. whoah... Colts cut Chad Kelly, is it because of the two game suspension? They would've had to roster three QBs to keep him around. I'm sure somebody is going to pick him up, he lit it up this preseason.
  8. THIS ^^ Week 1 play is always sloppy for the most part. The biggest things to look for is who's healthy and who is being utilized. By week's 3-4, play in general should be quite a bit crisper and we'll truly begin to see who's who and what's what.
  9. I've always found week 9 a difficult bye week to work around. There are three potent offenses on bye that week: Falcons, Rams and the Saints. It does require some very difficult choices, who do you really want from those three teams?
  10. I'm going to guess from the 7-9 to the 9-7 range... 8-8 is a pretty safe guess in general.
  11. My latest iteration... I've found myself doing the bye-week mambo quite a bit in this contest, trying out combinations of players I thought would be fantastic! Only to realize there are too many bye week conflicts. Anyways, in this contest, a small roster is very risk averse. However, with this year's pricing, a larger roster while safer... falls into danger of being mediocre. So, I'm going balls to the wall! It's better to go out in a blaze of glory than to fizzle out! That said... Lots of QB firepower, reasonably priced. Nuff said QB - Carson Wentz - PHI/10 - $19 QB - Ben Roethlisberger - PIT/7 - $14 Chris Carson is a no-brainer and will probably be the most owned RB in the contest this year. I thought about either Breida or Duke Johnson quite a bit, but Houston's OL really scares me. RB - Nick Chubb - CLE/7 - $25 RB - Dalvin Cook - MIN/12 - $24 RB - Chris Carson - SEA/11 - $18 RB - Matt Breida - SF/4 - $9 This is without a doubt the meat and potatoes of my squad. Five receivers that I highly believe in. WR - Davante Adams - GB/11 - $33 WR - Brandin Cooks - LAR/9 - $22 WR - Robby Anderson - NYJ/4 - $17 WR - DeSean Jackson - PHI/10 - $11 WR - Michael Gallup - DAL/8 - $10 OJ Howard could be in for a really big year, and I'm digging the Cousins-Rudolph connection. TE - O.J. Howard - TB/7 - $18 TE - Kyle Rudolph - MIN/12 - $12 Kickers... PK - Josh Lambo - JAX/10 - $4 PK - Jason Sanders - MIA/5 - $3 PK - Daniel Carlson - OAK/6 - $3 Seahawks were big for me last year, gonna ride 'em again, and Jets are a cheap option with lots of upside. TD - Seattle Seahawks - SEA/11 - $5 TD - New York Jets - NYJ/4 - $3
  12. The issue though, Brisset is good enough to get the Colts to 7-9, 8-8? A team will probably have to be drafting in the top five in order to get one of the big three QBs from next year's draft. That or mortgage the future of the franchise to move up that high. Kelly will no doubt be better than any QBs being drafted afterwards.
  13. Brissett clearly has more experience with a full season under his belt. Though, Chad Kelly is clearly the more talented QB on the Colts now. Honestly, I like Kelly more than anyone drafted this year and last year, other than Mayfield. Kelly is the Colts next hope for a franchise QB. Yes, he's a loose cannon... can the Colts trust him enough to give him the keys to the franchise? Here's what really pisses me off... if Kelly doesn't go completely off the rails at a Halloween party, he's Denver's starting QB right now.
  14. I think with this year's pricing, you really need to justify every selection you make. By that, just don't make selections because they sound good. You really should explain to yourself exactly why you're making that pick. Every dollar is valuable this year.