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  1. Once again brutis shows he couldn't find his way out of a dark room with a flashlight.Keep proving the point big guy at Gig implying Im wrong here.
  2. I think people misunderstand my position on this. Maybe thats my fault or maybe its that people dont care what my opinon is. Probably both I dont hate gay people at all. I dont wish any harm on them, I have no problem if they were given the same benifits as married people. If I were an athiest I would probably be on your side of this issue but im not. If given the choice I will always vote "no" on gay marriage just for the fact that a "yes" vote imo means "I find this acceptable". So in all good conscience I cant do that. I think people have this perception that I'm driving around town in a pickup truck with my rebel flag in the back window looking for gay people to beat up or harrass. Thats not how it is.
  3. I think Peens has been compared to the Chris Cooper character in "American Beauty" about a dozen times on this board.Whatever helps you guys sleep better at night
  4. :yes:you have to get with the timesI dont hop on "PC" bandwagons, Sorry.
  5. Well, I just checked and my views haven't changed.
  6. My wife likes to watch TLC and there is ALWAYS a gay guy on these shows (I think its the law). My 6 year old asked 3 different times last week "Why does that guy talk funny?" The wife and I laughed.
  7. I'm almost afraid to ask but- just out of curiosity, what happens to me if I attempt to break into Brutis' home in the middle of the night?Attempting to break in and being in my living room with a flashlight are 2 different things. Well, not so much in Oklahoma...You could die doing that.
  8. Dude you blew it!!you had a chance to shoot him...legally too!!
  9. Of course not. They're already trying to assure each other that von Brunns is a lefty. You are talking about 2 murders in 2 months. Why not post every article for ALL the murders that have taken place the past 2 months in this country so we can all try and disect how each of the murderers leaned politically? Wont that be fun.
  10. I'm sure you heard this a lot.Actually no,BANG!
  11. I think you can discover your gayness...My own personal opinion on the subject is that 95-99% of the time, being gay is a genetic "switch" if you will that some people are born with. Traumatic life events of any variety that leave deep emotional scars can trigger this "switch" and literally make your body confused. Some of these life events can be the death of a child or loved one, getting beaten or molested as a child, or simply getting severely picked on growing up. That's my opinion. So yes, I do think they can "turn gay". I think that they can be living with that switch unflipped and then BANG, something flips the switch and they begin to head down that road. That's funny. Same thing I think about when I read crazy conservatives on message boards. Some genetic weakness that gets switched off by trauma.BANG! Thats funny. I had a friend who was gay for about 4 years in her mid 20's. She said she was born that way at the time. She is now married with 2 kids.BANG!!
  12. Step 1: Studs Duds friend request.That dude rejected my friends request, lame :lmao::lmao:Have a shmoke you blouse.Hee Harr Harr
  13. Dont know who that is, should i friend request them so they can get in on the Brutis rejection party?
  14. Step 1: Studs Duds friend request.That dude rejected my friends request, lame