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  1. I could see this guy being the flavor of the month. Does he run crisp routes? Will there be any crumbs left over for him after the other guy's feast? Wondering if his father was an athlete, which might make him a chip off the old block.
  2. Nope, dropped without a second thought for me.
  3. Price check on Phillip Lindsey, what's his value in rookie picks?
  4. I had the 1.03 in a draft this week and went Sanders, though it was fairly close. Could easily be Montgomery who ends up the better player down the road, so glad I could clear that up for you...
  5. Went 1.05 in one that started Monday, so kinda sorta close.
  6. Was offered D Thomas and the 3.03 pick for Tyreek Hill. Message in the offer read "Thomas signed by the Pats, Brady is a fan, Hill may go to prison, to work on a chain gang." Read like a poem. Genius.
  7. One of those guys I wonder what he would have been able to do if he'd been able to stay healthy.
  8. Lol, at least he seems to have a sense of humor about it.
  9. I don't think it's that bad in .5 ppr but I'm high on Godwin and Kirk, and think Guice will be awesome.
  10. I'd take Jackson and the 1.10, they'll be a nice WR or TE option there (or a lower end QB).
  11. Seems pretty fair. With your makeup I like it for your team, and the other guy did okay if he believes in Mack.