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  1. I traded him for a '21 2nd round pick and felt happy about it. Agree he doesn't seem to be a long term answer.
  2. Starting to feel okay about Boyd/Higgins, have used them both the last few weeks. Not a no-brainer by any stretch and a bad game by Burrows could sink me, but they've been producing.
  3. Have him in e leagues, starting him in one. Would love to see him blow up.
  4. I'm in 3 dynasty leagues and in all of them I'd say at least half won't even respond to trade offers, they just let them expire without answering. Never understood why someone would do that. Takes a lot of the fun out of the game knowing you have so few potential trade partners.
  5. In redraft I just got him for Gaskin, needed a WR badly with Godwin/M Thomas woes, seems fair enough. In dynasty, he's a fortune I think.
  6. Played against him in 3 leagues today. Didn't go well for me.
  7. Have to in one league unfortunately. Pretty shocked at how abysmal his numbers have been. Drop candidate after tonight maybe.
  8. Sebastian Bach is on XM Deep Tracks doing his top 12 VH songs and Little Dreamer and Light Up the Sky are both on it. He's a huge VH fan.
  9. Love when they start clapping in the middle of the song after Eddie's solo. Great list, so many 'can't go wrong' songs. Genius level talent.
  10. Agree with this, one of their most underrated songs and a winner from start to finish.
  11. Definitely possible. Also, could be Gase factor at play. The list of players who have flourished under his coaching is pretty grim.