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  1. Really digging Jalen Reagor, like Ruggs as well, just not quite as much. This is a deep WR class, great time to have multiple 1st rounders.
  2. 12 team ppr D Waller, 2.08, 3.08 For D Montgomery not involved.
  3. Yeah not much to think about there, just click and smile.
  4. Close but correct I think, wasn't upset about the call, think the refs did a good job overall.
  5. Superflex makes picks a bit more valuable, so I dont think it's that bad as high 1st rounder will bet a great QB prospect.
  6. Looks like no great TEs on paper at least so TE premium may look more like a regular draft until the 2nd round or so.
  7. Some great takes here, nice work. Killed it with your first few!
  8. Agree on this, they seem to be a decent comp, so 12-13mill could be realistic for Anderson.
  9. Would love to see McLaurin reach 1k his rookie year, he's instantly one of my favorite players in the league.
  10. Starting him over Kenny Golladay & Mike Williams. Don't expect anything like last week but hopefully he gets a couple of deep balls.