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  1. I have him 16 or so with top 10 upside, he looks so poised and precise, hard worker, great character guy, there's nothing I don't like.
  2. Surprised at how strong he looked. I don't remember that from last season at all.
  3. Sitting him for Gallup but want him to look great so I can toss him in next week.
  4. Seriously, tough crowd. If yesterday was his floor you're doing fine.
  5. Sitting for Miles Sanders lol, not expecting much.
  6. Trying to trade for him in redraft and dynasty based on his pedestrian numbers yesterday. He looks really good to me.
  7. That's what I'm doing. Nothing on the WW that makes me want to drop him. I know he's got talent, sometimes you just have to wait these things out and hope for the best.
  8. I would suggest it's because this is currently still ongoing and so the recency is thrusting him into the spotlight. We don't know how things will play out in the future. At the time, Vick was public enemy number one, then things settled down a bit, but it takes time and apologies etc. Same with AP.
  9. This could actually be true. Guy looks like a star in the making.
  10. Starting over Robby A for me too. Hope I'm not chasing points but he's shown it two weeks in a row.
  11. I'd think they just go win another Super Bowl like they normally do.
  12. I'm taking the AJ Green side on this, and fairly happily. I see your point, but disagree in dynasty at least.
  13. I'm going to piggyback on this, though I do fear we're going off-topic. When I was in college a guy I knew was accused of rape. People threw rocks through his dorm window, he was beat up at least twice, he was constantly harassed and dropped out of school, but word got back to people in his home town and his parents started getting harassed as well. Their lives became miserable very quickly, and they ended up moving the entire family to a different state to start over. The accuser admitted to the police months later that everything was consensual, but she overheard a couple of her friends talking about her after they saw her go into the bedroom with the guy and she didn't want them to think she was "easy" so she told everyone she was raped. She made it all up. Nothing ended up happening to the girl. The guy's family had to sell their house and start over somewhere else. I have no idea what happened with AB, and you just don't know unless you were there. Lives can be ruined, or at least meaningfully harmed, from an accusation with no proof.
  14. Strange that they haven't said what it is. By Wed you usually have a sense of what the injury is. Maybe a mild MCL sprain?