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  1. This blurb made me laugh. Especially the last sentence, like they go through all that and then don’t be surprised at sub 4.4 lol no kidding.
  2. With Etienne and Hubbard and Harris going back to school, that hurt the rbs at the top and depth. This draft is still awesome in my opinion. There aren’t any Zeke’s but there are about 10 or so prospects that would typically go top 5.
  3. All good points, guys, in terms of falling off a cliff. If I were betting on someone to retain their stats well into their 30s, it would be someone who has the size, speed, durability, and stable offensive environment that Julio has. Maybe I should be looking to acquire him where I can.
  4. Like, what is a WR who finishes top 2 in yards 3 years in a row worth in terms of rookie picks? I don't think Julio is valued anywhere close to that. Certainly the makeup of your team would influence how highly you value him, but he's way undervalued on the trade market in my opinion.
  5. I know we're forward looking, but Julio has finished 2, 1, 2 in receiving yards the last 3 years. I don't see any signs of him not being elite still.
  6. Agree with this. Julio will outperform his trade value.
  7. AZ needs oline help to become an elite offense.
  8. Fair enough. I don’t know what we can glean from existing mph data.
  9. That is my uneducated opinion of course. I would think of it as a way to quantitatively analyze things for the tape watching old school style.
  10. If we’re talking about new speed measurements, I would think different things would be much more important than straight line top speed. Some examples of functional game speed that NFL teams probably are measuring or they should - speed of a rb as they’re turning the corner acceleration from a stand still catch time for a WR to reach 10 yards Time for edge rusher to get 5-7 yards into the backfield anythimg that captures short bursts and real necessary speed with pads on
  11. A healthy Cam would be good for Chicago as long as they work on their online too. So many qbs potentially on the move this year, very bizarre.
  12. They can delay all they want. Everyone knows Watson and Mahomes are studs and Mitch is not good. They screwed up.
  13. Doesn’t make sense given Singletary’s growing role. Bills seem more likely to draft a need to push them over the Pats.