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  1. That's a fair deal, I like your side a little bit better. Have them both as 20somethings at their position.
  2. I have the reverse, but it's very close and preference dependent.
  3. Curious what his number is, but there's a huge difference between real $ and a $1MM flyer offer Seattle gave him.
  4. It’s close though. Early 2020 2nd seems pretty fair.
  5. If so, good for him. Commendable to save the huge money that players can make for a brief time and then not have to play for an amount unsuitable to him. Guessing he’s going to get an offer that’s a little better than Seattle’s sometime soon.
  6. Ingram is still worth buying and shouldn’t cost his likely level of production. Offer late 2.
  7. How are teams going to guard Gallup and Jarwin with attention on Zeke, Cooper and Lamb? Dak gonna eat.
  8. So you’re saying buy Gallup and sell Cooper? Not that I disagree with that logic.
  9. He would have been phenomenal as a pass catching TE, pretty much unguardable.
  10. Thanks for posting and respect your process for valuing youth in these. On that note, why you are so low on (47) Marquise Brown, (53) Diontae Johnson as well as (56) Michael Pittman? The first 2 showed me enough as rookies to value them highly. I see Pittman as very similar to your #5 WR Sutton. For example I would have all 3 in that tier 3 at worst. I’m also leaning towards Reagor as my WR1 in this class. I’m not sure I have seen anyone else as high on him as you and I.
  11. They helped their passing game twice before they picked Taylor.