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  1. Doubt it. He got at least 27MM for sitting on a couch for a year.
  2. He comes so much cheaper than similarly drafted rbs that I am tempted around early 2nd. Great tape bad combine deceptively good landing spot.
  3. Yeah probably in mid 2, where would you take him.
  4. In the 2 biggest games of his career, he got 5 and 11 touches. I'd be way too nervous to take him in the 1st round at this time. Maybe if he shows some preseason action.
  5. He could leap Lockett by my guess is Lockett moves into Baldwin’s targets and role and D.K. builds up slowly as Lockett did before him.
  6. Lol that is pretty dumb but it could be true
  7. They should have picked this guy at 3.6
  8. Agree with just win. Qbs like Wilson just don’t ever get traded. 3 1sts is maybe not enough.