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  1. First episode of In The Dark was solid. Main character is great on funny and sad levels
  2. If you need one last owner to fill the league I'll do it. If you have enough for a full league I'll pass.
  3. This is fun. Been reading/listening a bit on the accurate science involved in this. Really adds to it imo
  4. I hope the England women’s team gets a pay bump for those pics
  5. Almost got into a fight in London because I told a guy England had a bunch of Dibbly-dobbly bowlers and that I hoped they got stuck on a double Nelson.
  6. Now we’re talking @urbanhack a few weeks ago I had just taken 120mg and within 2-3 min Jrod called me up to go have some drinks. Went and put my big boy pants on and asked the wife to sober drive for me. WHOA, that was a ride
  7. Depends on what you’re doing/mood imo but the best way for me to describe it is “melty”. Heavy edibles for me are for getting couchlocked and watching a movie and getting totally immersed ...I can get lost(in a good way) in a movie. Definitely keep to light edibles in the beginning if you want to be out in public or at parties.
  8. Wow..mckinney with ZERO effort after the failed tackle and his guy scored.
  9. Ready bois @AAABatteries been drinking Amalfi Mules(vodka, lemoncello and and ginger beer)