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  1. Leronlimab mentioned again on Fox News about 2min in.
  2. Pretty cool seeing the comet Neowise this morning.
  3. Man, Wöller can’t catch a break in any of these timelines....
  4. Got in NEXCF at $1.85, out at $3 but it kept going.
  5. I hope this part makes it into the 30 for 30.
  6. I dig the generator noise instead of crowd noise.
  7. not trying to derail this thread topic(need a stoner saturday night movie thread?), but here's some I have on my list- Ready Player One Blade Runner 2049 Lucy A Scanner Darkly Alita: Battle Angel Also, How the Universe Works from the Science channel(streaming on hulu) is pretty nice to have on.
  8. Also the context of getting blazed and putting it on for a chill Saturday night.
  9. 16yo Just found out High School Water Polo starts this week(mostly conditioning now). He's pumped and no way I'm stopping him.
  10. Finished our S1 re-watch and will be starting S2 tonight. Pretty happy we re-watched it, totally worth it for a show like this.